10 Things to Know When Choosing a Window Replacement Company in Ontario

When it comes to window replacement, it is important to choose the right company to do this work. Whether you want to improve the energy efficiency of your home or simply make minor repairs, the choice of an experienced contractor can be crucial to achieving your goals. They know exactly what a reliable contractor should be and are willing to share their knowledge with you. To help you make the right decision, we have approached a leading Ontario window replacement company – https://vinyllight.ca/.

In this article, we will look at 10 key points to consider when choosing a contractor to ensure the successful replacement of all your window designs.

1. Brand Reputation

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Checking the reputation of a window replacement company is vital because it gives an idea of their level of knowledge and reliability.

The longer the contractor is in the market, the better it will be for potential customers of its services. Brands that have been working for many years value their reputation. This means that the company will do its best to realize your order as well as possible.

The Vinyl Light Windows and Doors company has been known in the Canadian market since 2007. During these 16 years, the installer has done its utmost to ensure a high percentage of customer satisfaction. It should be noted that the brand is successful, and customers trust it. In 2024 only Vinyl Light installed 1593 new windows.

2. Reviews

This is another good way to check the contractor and get a lot of information about what to expect from the cooperation.

Where to look for reviews?

  1. On specialized sites that publish ratings of companies;
  2. On the feedback platforms;
  3. On the website of the brand, you are interested in.
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After all, you can always ask the company for references.

Contact the customers of a chosen brand and ask them the following questions:

  1. How satisfied are they with the cooperation?
  2. How quickly was their order realized?
  3. What are their impressions of the quality of the products?
  4. Did they have to carry out warranty repairs?

3. Warranty

A good warranty will protect your investment in case of any defects or problems with new window systems.

Here are a few points to consider when discussing warranty issues with the company:

  1. Duration: Different installers offer different warranty periods. Make sure you understand the duration of the offered guarantee and what it covers.
  2. Transferability: If you plan to sell your home in the future, it is important to know whether the guarantee can be transferred to new homeowners.

4. Region

The priority should be given to the installers that are located in Ontario:

  1. They will not spend much time traveling to you, so they can pay more attention to your project;
  2. You, as a client, will also have no problems visiting the office of the brand you are interested in. There you can discuss all the details of the project; make sure you are on the same page with the contractor; and see the demonstration samples of the products.

5. Material

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The material you choose directly affects the strength, usability, reliability, energy efficiency, and cost of your windows.

Wood is the oldest type of raw material used for the manufacture of window structures. Such windows have a classic traditional look that will decorate any home.

But wood has its downsides. This material belongs to the category of short-lived: it can swell and deform from prolonged contact with moisture, and crack from constant exposure to the sun. In addition, wood is quite expensive: from $700 per window.

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If you prefer the wood-like texture of the window systems but would like to find something more durable, you should pay attention to fiberglass products. Such products are stronger than natural wood. The cost of such window systems is $350 per unit.

In addition to fiberglass and wood, products from 100% primary unprocessed vinyl – uNPVC, are in great demand. The Vinyl Light company prefers to work with this material.

The brand notes the following advantages of this raw material:

  1. Versatility: suitable for the production of different window models;
  2. Reliability: The material does not deform, swell, rot, or crack. Vinyl is resistant to various types of damage;
  3. Energy efficiency: your home will always be comfortable for life;
  4. Cost: starting price of such products – from $220.

6. Safety

Your chosen company must give priority to the safety of its employees and customers throughout the installation process. This means that they must be properly trained and certified, and use the equipment necessary to ensure safety at work.

In addition, the company must have liability insurance and employee compensation for any accidents or injuries that may occur during installation.

To verify the contractor for these items, you can request confirmation of insurance and certificates, as well as any security protocols that the brand has.

7. Energy efficiency

Energy-saving windows can reduce heating and cooling costs, making them a reasonable investment in the long term.

When looking for a window replacement company, be sure to ask about their energy-saving capabilities. Look for low-emission windows that keep the house warm in the winter months and cool in the summer.

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8. Model Range

Casement windows are the most popular window system model that fits most modern architectural styles.

In addition to this option, depending on your needs and room features you can install: basement, awning, fixed casement, single or double sliders, single or double hung, shaped, bay, bow and other models.

If you want to get any exclusive products, make sure that your chosen manufacturer can realize this order.

It will also be useful to check the possibility to equip the chosen model with the necessary fittings and decoration: mini blinds, more convenient and reliable handles, the safest locks, etc.

9. Terms

Request the project timeline and make sure that you and your chosen contractor are satisfied with it.

Project implementation time may increase:

  • in high season;
  • when the company executes many other orders in parallel;
  • when specific fittings, supplied on request, are needed to produce your windows.

 10. Agreement

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Specify the terms of your cooperation in the contract. This includes the cost of the project, the timing of its implementation, the model chosen and fittings, as well as quality assurance.

Ask the contractor to provide the contract and all other documents in paper form. Before signing any documents, make sure that you understand everything and that you are satisfied with all the terms of cooperation.

Now you know how to find and check the company you plan to entrust your home repair. Take advantage of these Vinyl Light recommendations – and you will get the result you hoped for!

You can also contact the representatives of Vinyl Light, they are ready to implement a project of any level of complexity, so you will definitely be satisfied with the cooperation!