Why Do People Like Gambling

Gambling lives in absolutely everyone, it just manifests itself differently. Many centuries ago, our ancestors were happy to pass the time in gambling games “for fun”, for example, they loved craps and backgammon. After the advent of cards, there was a real revolution in the world of gambling, they have won millions of hearts and have become a favorite pastime of many gamblers.

Whatever the game, it is still a gamble, even if no one bets, one still wants to win. By the way, in Europe during the Middle Ages, people played for money even in chess. This, of course, caused resentment among the church authorities, who have repeatedly tried to ban the game, calling it “the hellish abomination”.

It turns out that the gambling addicted people long ago. Modern man plays in special institutions – casinos or online gambling clubs. However, long time ago, there was a certain culture about where to gamble as well. Plebeians did it in cheap pubs, often breaking the rules and arranging fights. The representatives of the higher society, in turn, guaranteed honesty with their family estate while playing, and played there, although they could sometimes go to a nice salon for this purpose as well.

Nowadays, casinos have become a kind of guarantee that the game will be fair, and each participant has the same conditions for the game. Like a kind of bastion of democracy. Anyone has the right to come to the casino to test how lucky he is in a particular game. Nowadays you can even play gambling online – you just need to visit this site.

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However, democracy, of course, is not the purpose of the player in a casino. Such institutions are visited for the sole purpose of having fun and, if possible, to get rich. Is it realistic to perform the second point? Let’s find out!

Popular online gambling sites

Is it real to win at casino?

Gambling establishments, as the statistics show, never go into deficit. So, it is very likely that you, as a beginner, lose, but you should never disregard such a factor as luck. Sometimes it can smile on someone from the crowd of visitors and bring a huge win just in one bet.

With professional players the situation is slightly different. They do not rely on chance, and for years to hone their skills and improve their talents. The vast majority of casino visitors lose, only a few become professionals, but if a person managed to do so, he can make gambling as a main source of his income and a ticket to a better life. You do not believe me? Then take a look at what prize money is received at tournaments by top poker players.

Professional players are not liked in the casinos, which is not surprising. Nevertheless, they deserve the respect of the owners and the staff of such institutions, because these players do not break the rules and achieve everything with their own wits and strategies. Some professional players are even given special dossiers, and some are even forbidden to visit gambling establishments to ensure their financial security from such skilled players. The very existence of such players proves that it is real to beat the casino, albeit difficult. These guys inspire other players with their achievements.

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What about online gambling?

Virtual casinos seem much more democratic compared to their land-based counterparts. It is almost impossible to ban someone from playing on the internet. Even if an account is blocked for some reason, you can create a new one in a couple of minutes. And in most cases, a visitor to online casinos generally remains anonymous. But that’s not all. Online gambling sites also cannot control the player in the process. He may use any additional resources: tips from third parties, programs that make statistical calculations, mathematical models, various systems, etc. The presence of such “assistants” can dramatically change the playing situation not in favor of the casino. Nevertheless, the virtual institutions of this kind are now very numerous and their number is increasing, it means that business is profitable and online casinos are not so easy to beat as it may seem on the first glance.

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Playing in order to win

The advertising of any casino says that in a matter of minutes any customer can become a truly rich man. Theoretically, of course, this possibility exists, but in practice to get all of these benefits are associated with very low chances. However, this does not stop anyone, and customers are stubbornly going to the gaming halls for a quick enrichment. Optimism of such clients can only be envied. If they have decided – they will not be stopped by anything. They do not pay attention to the fact that the institution compared to the client has a clear mathematical superiority, they have already forgotten that within the walls of the club has already been lost a lot of money by other players. Their minds are fully occupied with the anticipation of getting a solid winnings. In fact, strange as it may seem, many people actually see participation in the casino as a way to get rich and make extra money – and that’s the main answer to why people like gambling. It’s our nature to grab the opportunity of fast enrichment. However, for the smaller percentage of the players – it’s the game itself and feelings it provides.

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If you’ve mastered a good strategy that gives you a positive result at any rate (such as card counting in blackjack), don’t attract the attention of casino staff with big bets and frequent winnings.

If you’re not among the elite, be prepared for the fact that you often leave the casino empty-handed, even without the money you’ve come to gamble with.

A few final tips

  1. Give preference to more difficult games, because in simple ones there is no room for skill. Luck usually determines the winner.
  2. Avoid playing directly against the casino (roulette). Playing against another live person is much easier (blackjack, poker, etc.). Place medium size bets.
  3. Keep your emotions under control.