What Is A Live Dealer Casino – 2024 Guide

A live dealer casino allows you to play casino games against a real dealer in real-time. It, therefore, gives you a traditional casino experience from the comfort of your home.

You will be able to place bets in real-time, and your chips or cards are dealt by professional live dealers. Some of the games you will find available in an online casino’s live lobby include Live Blackjack, Live Casino Hold’em, Live Roulette, and Live Baccarat.

This article covers the essential things you need to know about live dealer casinos and the advantages and disadvantages of playing live blackjack online.

How exactly do “live dealer” casinos work?

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Live dealer casinos recreate the way a table game is being played in a traditional casino. When you launch the game, a human dealer will appear on your screen.

You will be able to see the dealer’s moves clearly through the aid of a high-definition camera placed across the dealer. A live chat interface allows you to communicate with the dealer in real-time.

The round starts when you make your virtual wager. After that, the dealer takes each card out of the deck and scans it with software. The deck cards feature microchips that connect to a computer program.

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As the dealer deals the cards, the microchips send information to the program, which will display as actions on your screen.

After the dealer dealt the cards, he/she will ask for your next move (hit, stand, double down, etc.). The player(s) on the table will act, after which the dealer will make the last move and conclude the round.

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Your live dealer blackjack winnings are only guaranteed when you play at legitimate and trusted live casinos like the ones recommended at LegitimateCasino.com.

Advantages of Live Dealer Blackjack

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Games in Real-Time

One of the essential benefits of playing live blackjack is that players will play the game in real-time against a real human dealer.

Live blackjack offers players the opportunity of playing blackjack for real money in a realistic setting. They will be able to follow the game and observe how the dealer is dealing cards.

This feature doubles the thrill and excitement of playing games at an online casino.

Casino Promotions

Fun is not only what you get when you play at a live dealer casino; you also receive regular bonuses.

Online casinos offer bonuses and promotions to their players who try their live dealer games for money. Players also benefit from a wide range of bonuses available at the online casino like sign-up bonuses, cashback bonuses, etc.

These promotions give you more funds to play live dealer games and win real money at the casino.

Instant Access to Dedicated Live Table Games

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You don’t have to wait to enjoy your favorite live dealer game at an online casino. You can play anytime and anywhere.

Unlike land-based casinos with opening and closing periods, live casinos are available 24/7 and often feature variations with high seat limits.

Although some live table games have a limited number of seats, it doesn’t stop you from playing. You can bet behind players at the table or opt for another live dealer game.

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Disadvantages of Live Dealer Blackjack

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A live dealer blackjack game is slower than traditional online blackjack since the process isn’t fully automatic and random like the latter.

The leading cause of the delay is the interaction and moves that occur during a live dealer game.

Since it is being broadcasted in a live feed, any lag in your WiFi signal or internet connection can frustrate your gameplay.

However, if you have a solid and fast internet connection, you will enjoy playing live dealer blackjack.


Sometimes live dealer casino tables get filled with players, and you will have to wait your turn before placing a bet.

One great thing is that most live casinos have a restriction on their betting rounds time, so waiting can be a matter of a few minutes.

Betting limits

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Live blackjack variations often feature higher minimum stakes than standard blackjack. This is because of the high costs of operating and maintaining a live casino studio.

This is why you will rarely see a live blackjack game for free and more reason why fun alone shouldn’t be your sole focus of playing this game.

It is advisable to have more funds and understand a game’s rules before playing the live option at a live dealer casino. With the fun and the unique experience a live casino offers, the high bets are understandable.

The tech behind the games

To ensure that you get the utmost experience playing live dealer games, casino operators use sophisticated technology.

One of them is the OCR (optimal camera recognition) that converts data into an electronic format displayed on your screen as actions like dealing of cards.

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How does the dealer know they have blackjack? This is made possible through the Game Control Unit (GCU) that encodes game details and gives dealers virtual assistance.

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Lastly, a digital studio helps transmit live dealer games effectively through the aid of a live feed, HD cameras, and chat interface.


Live dealer casinos appear to be better than regular online casinos because of their excellent benefits, like the ability to play against real dealers in real-time and instant access to live games.

Players will also be able to claim several bonuses and promotions. However, you should be aware of the cons of a live casino before playing its options for real money. It is also essential to play live dealer blackjack at only legitimate and trusted live casinos.