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Instant messaging applications were first introduced in 1996, when ICQ (I Seek You) gained attention as the first live instant messaging service. The higher throughput, combined with additional customization, has made them more user-friendly.

A person or organization relies on its messaging application to communicate. Messaging applications must take into account aspects of communication, user privacy and security to ensure usability and ease of use.

Kasapp, Signal and Telegram understood many of those details. Sometimes applications have similar functions and are different at the same time.

Because our lives are so intertwined with messaging applications, user security and privacy become important aspects to protect. Therefore, the recent change in the policy of Whatsapp has created uncertainty among the users. Whatsapp recently agreed to share user data with parent company Facebook.

With this in mind, users should consider alternatives like Signal or Telegram, which offer better security and privacy features and options. In this article, we will compare Whatsapp, Signal and Telegram applications.

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Whatsapp was originally founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Ian Koum. The duo has already worked at Yahoo!

Facebook acquired Whatsapp in 2014 for $19.1 billion, giving it access to information about Facebook products. Facebook’s revenue model consists of selling ads on social media and other applications.

With advertising as its financial engine, Facebook is generating a new model that will bring Whatsapp into the revenue stream.

In February 2024, Whatsapp passed the 2 billion active users mark, making it Facebook’s second largest property.

Ads leading to Whatsapp for more companies pay a fixed price for using the feature.

The telegram was launched in 2013 by two brothers, Nikolai and Pavel Durov. To date, the Pavel Durov application has been funded mainly by donations, grants and private funds.

In a recent blog post, Paul stated that Telegram’s goal is to generate revenue by 2024. To quote him: We will do this in accordance with our values and the commitments we have made over the past seven years.

In its current version, the application plans to generate revenue by adding special paid features for energy users or businesses.

Moxie Marlinspike, an American cryptographer, initially developed Signal in 2015 under the auspices of the Open Whisper System. In February 2018, the application was transferred to the Signal Foundation.

The Signal Foundation is a non-profit organization based in California, USA. Brian Acton, co-founder of Whatsapp, supported him and helped set up the foundation just over a year after he left Whatsapp and Facebook. They are also supported by the Press Freedom Foundation.

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User safety and privacy are probably the most important issues when it comes to a secure instant messaging platform. Most email applications use at least some form of encryption to protect your data from prying eyes.

Encryption uses algorithms to encrypt data at the source and decrypt it with a key at the receiving end. Instant messaging applications use different types of encryption to regulate the security of user data.

Although the service can use the most advanced encryption methods, it is the application’s moderators who decide what data is encrypted. Whatsapp and Signal use the same E2E encryption protocol. The telegram uses the partially open MTProto protocol to implement the encryption.

The table at the end of the chapter summarizes each safety feature of the application.

WhatsApp E2E encryption

Whatsapp and Signal offer the most popular E2E encryption model. E2E works in such a way that only the sender and the receiver can see the shared content.

In November 2014, Open Whisper Systems partnered with Whatsapp to integrate the Signal protocol into the application so that it would be fully encrypted by April 2016.

All messages on Whatsapp remain encrypted on E2E, but Whatsapp does not encrypt your metadata or online backups. This creates a loophole through which user data can be read from the outside.

Metadata is a summary of basic information about the data. It contains information such as the time and place of a particular message.

Whatsapp also offers two-factor authentication (2FA) and fingerprint scanning to unlock messages.

Signal protocol

Signal’s main motivation was to provide users with the most secure means of communication possible. The signaling protocol uses E2E encryption to transfer information regardless of the type of file shared. Это, безусловно, одно из самых обмена безопасных приложений для обмена сообщениями на даный.

We are all aware of the importance of the двухфакторную аутентификацию, and we are all aware of the need for an independent, independent and democratic judiciary.

Функция Запечатанного отправителя сигнала позволят маскировать метаданные своих сообщений. Это не позволяет самому приложению узнать какую-либо характеристику текста. The election campaign is currently in progress.

Кроме того, исходный код является открым рецензируемым, а это означает, что Сигнала мере и, как все больше обманывают код, чтобы со временем более безопасным.


MTProto – это с частично открытым исходным кодом, который компания Телеграма шифрования данных протокол. Он расшифровывает отправить и заново шифрует данные пользователя пользователя на уровне сервера, перед тем как их получателю. Телеграма теоретически теоретически может контролировать все содержимое, которым она делится.

Тем не менее, функция Secret Chat в приложении использует более безопасную опцию E2E, которая опять же является закрытой проприетарной. Как показывают факты, безопасность Телеграммы не может быть проверена на безопасность.

Телеграма не имет двухфакторной аутентификации, но имет встроенную функцию блокировки пароля отпечатка пальца.

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Функция безопасности ВатсАпп Сигнал Телеграмма
Encryption method Signal Protocol (E2E) Signal protocol
Type of encryption Open Source Open Source Partially open source
Encryption of metadata
Two-factor authentication
Password protection Fingerprints Fingerprints Integrated/

User security and data protection go hand in hand. Insecurity makes access to user data much more difficult. This will affect access to the application’s user data.

Data collection practices

One way to prevent unintentional leaks of sensitive information is to limit the sharing of customer data with applications. However, Whatsapp collects a lot of user data. Attributes shared with Whatsapp after installation :

  • Device Information
  • Advertising data
  • Purchase History
  • Large site
  • Email address
  • Contacts
  • Performance and diagnostic data
  • User Content

Without E2E metadata encryption or online backup, all of the above information can be viewed or disclosed by interested parties.

Telegram’s privacy policy only allows Telegram to collect the following user information:

  • Contact details
  • Phone
  • user ID

Your telephone number is the only information that the Signal collects from you. Given the extent of Whatsapp’s control over data collection, recent changes to its privacy policy cannot be overlooked.

Sharing data with Facebook is not new. It began sharing user information and metadata with Facebook after a major update to its privacy policy in August 2016.

You will then have had one month to withdraw from these settings; you can check whether you have made this decision by using the retrieve account information function in the settings.

The new statement is only used to clarify the exact parameters that were communicated to the parent company, which is now part of the company :

  • Name and profile picture
  • IP address
  • State of charge of the battery
  • Signal strength
  • Browser and application version
  • Identifiers specific to Facebook products.
  • Information about the internet provider and connection.
  • Device performance information that applies only to Facebook products.

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Each messaging application contains a number of distinctive features that can be further exploited. The scope of a function varies according to the application. Kasapp, Signal and Telegram share some of them.

Nevertheless, there are some crucial features that improve the application and benefit the user.

The table at the end of the chapter illustrates the aforementioned similarities and contrasts that reflect the capabilities of these applications.


WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram allow you to share media, files, contact and location information. The distinguishing feature is the transmission size limit for these files, which is as follows:

  • WhatsApp: 16 MB for media, 100 MB for documents and files.
  • Signal: Images are limited to 8 MB, other media and documents are limited to 100 MB.
  • Telegram: The maximum size of each file is 2 GB.

Voice and video calls

Whatsapp and Signal have full voice and video communication capabilities. Telegram’s voice and video services are still in the beta phase and are expected to launch soon. Users can make voice or video calls with up to 5 people via the signal.

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Group discussions

Group chats remain an uncoordinated feature in all three applications. Each of them gives support to the group discussions as follows.

  • WhatsApp: Supports up to 256 participants.
  • Signal: Focus groups with up to 1000 participants.
  • Telegram: It can accommodate up to 200,000 subscribers.

The telegram has separate channels that can be used to establish a chat with a single host.

Missing messages

Disappearance messages can be used to send confidential information with the three requests. Messages can disappear between 5 seconds and 7 days on the signal.

Browser access

Whatsapp and Telegram are accessible through a browser, unlike Signal, which has its own client. To access the browser, your phone must be connected to the Internet.

The Signal desktop client is independent of the phone application. However, it only works when connected to your phone’s signal.

Cloud fuse

Whatsapp and Signal support smartphone backups. However, Signal does not offer cloud backup like Whatsapp. Telegram, on the other hand, uses cloud storage instead of backup storage.

Applications for Windows and MacOS

There are special applications for all Windows applications. Whatsapp does not have an application on the macOS platform.

Characteristics WhatsApp Signal Telegram
File and media sharing
Communication of location and contact information
Voice and video calls Beta version
Group discussions Up to 256 members Up to 1000 participants Up to 200,000 participants
Bots and broadcast channels
Missing messages
Browser access Only with a phone connected to the internet.
Applications for MacOS and Windows Windows application only
Backup in the Cloud Free on iCloud or Google Drive

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