How To Fix Showbox ‘Cannot Play Video’ and ‘Server Not Available’ On Android

Some streaming applications stream programs and movies online from legitimate sources, while others stream illegal movies. And Showbox is one of the streaming applications that offers pirated movies and TV shows.

Although it became popular after its initial release, it was removed from the Google Play Store due to rule violations.

However, you can still install the application on your Android phone using the APK file (which you can get from a third-party website).

You may be looking for a link to install the Showbox application, but we do not provide links or resources due to the legitimacy of the application. Another reason is that most websites offering APK files contain viruses (or malware) that can damage your Android software.

Although we provide resources to help people who have difficulty using the Showbox application.

The most common problems that occur after installing the Showbox application on your Android device are the following: Can’t play the video or the server.

In this article, you will learn how to troubleshoot problems that occur when using the Showbox application.

Fears: Your internet browsing is fully visible and accessible to Internet Service Providers (ISPs). These companies may legally sell your personal information (or data) to third parties.

When you use uTorrent to download and share data, it becomes necessary to make a backup.

We recommend connecting to a VPN in these scenarios. A VPN encrypts your internet connection and changes your IP address so that internet service providers cannot identify your activities.

Why doesn’t the showcase work?

Before we look for and fix problems in the application, we need to know whether your Showbox application is working or not.

If your Showbox application is already running, you don’t have to think about it… so you can move on to the next section.

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But if you don’t have access to the Showbox application, read on!

There can be many reasons why Showbox does not work as a stable application. Nonetheless, we have discovered a number of reasons why you have such problems.

  • The server’s down: If the servers are down or unavailable, the Showbox application will not work properly on your device. This situation may arise due to the non-functioning of internal servers.
  • Corrupt cover-up: Applications store information from the Android cache and often access this information when needed. The application crashes if the cache data is corrupted.
  • Depreciated application : Showbox is an application that gets regular updates from developers to fix problems. Therefore, you should check and update your application to make sure it is working properly.
  • Corrupt application files : As mentioned earlier, the Showbox application cannot be downloaded from the Play Store, so you will have to install it from a third party. In most cases, the installation files containing the user data are corrupted, in which case the application will not run on your device.
  • Access denied: Several countries have blocked the use of Showbox, so your ISP will block requests from the backend. In this case, you need to run a VPN on your device.


How do I troubleshoot Showbox on Android?

As mentioned earlier, there are several reasons why your Showbox application may not work.

But have you ever wondered about the problems that occur when watching videos on Showbox?

In this chapter, we discuss these problems and how you can solve them.

But first, let’s look at a solution that works mainly for common problems reported by Showbox users.

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Restart your phone

Whether it’s an inbox error or something else, in many cases the problem can be solved by simply restarting the phone.

Restarting the phone takes less than five minutes and can solve many problems such as configuration issues and memory errors.

If this doesn’t correct the errors, keep reading!

Showbox cannot play the video Error

If you are a user who has just started using Showbox, you must have encountered the error that Video cannot be played.

This error occurs because Showbox supports multiple video file formats, but relies on a single video player to play the content.

For example, if you have installed a player that does not support the file you want to play, you will get an error message such as Unable to play video.

To solve this problem, install another video player that supports the selected file format.

MX Player is one of the best video players on the market, supporting a wide range of video file formats and working seamlessly with Showbox.

If you are still experiencing problems after downloading MX Player, we recommend installing VLC Player, another popular video player among Android users.

You’re probably thinking: How do I integrate downloaded video players into Showbox?

You don’t have to integrate it, because when you install a new video player, Showbox detects it automatically.

Pay attention: Download and install the video player and then restart your Android device. When you open the Showbox application, you can view the option to stream movies through the installed video player.

Showbox Server not available Error

The next common error is that the server is unavailable. Many Showbox users have reported encountering an error because the application cannot find the server on the network.

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But that’s not true! The server availability error is due to a problem in the cache of your Showbox application.

Follow the steps below to correct this error:

Step one: Close the application first and, if possible, force it to exit via the phone settings.

Step two: Go to Settings > Application Manager and select the Showbox application.

Step three: Select Memory, and then press Clear Data.

Step four: When the process is complete, click Clear Cache.

Step Five: Open the Showbox application again.

Now you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows seamlessly in the Showbox application.

If you are not satisfied with clearing the cache, you should try updating or reinstalling the application. Sometimes updates are displayed in the notification bar, otherwise you need to update the application manually.


Showbox has an intuitive interface that works incredibly well compared to other streaming applications. You can watch the latest and most popular movies, TV shows and series and access a variety of other content.

In this article, we have discussed some mistakes when using Showbox, although you will encounter these problems from time to time.

We only approve content from legitimate sources. So if you try to stream videos from pirate sites, we are not responsible for that.

Have you ever encountered the errors Cannot Play Video and Server Not Available? How did you solve the problem? Let us know in the comment section below.

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