How to Add Custom Toggles in Android 11’s Power Menu

Android 11 is the latest Android operating system now available on many Android devices. It brings a handful of new features that make the smartphone easier to use. One of the new features is the new power menu, which features intelligent one-touch control. Here’s how to add custom switches to the power menu on Android 11.

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The new Power menu has the possibility to add different switches. However, as this is a new feature, few applications are supported for the new power menu in Android 11. So far, only a few intelligent functions can be added to the switch, such as the control of smart lights, TV, etc. These features can be added because it supports the Google Home application. However, you cannot add other functions.

The new power menu is not very useful for users who do not use smart accessories. But you can make this function useful after following this manual. Yes, here we share with you the method of adding switches that you can actually use.

Adding High Speed Switches to the Network Menu

You can add custom switches using a third party application called Power Menu Controls. The application offers a range of features you can add to the power menu for easier management. In the future, other applications may add support for various functions in the new power menu of Android 11. But for now, you can use this great application for functions such as volume control, brightness control, and so on. Now let’s continue with the steps for adding custom switches to the Android 11 power menu.

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Charging applicationPower menu.

As you know, we use a third party application. You must first download and install the application from the Play Store. It’s available for free, so you’ll need to install the application.

Open the PlayStore on your device and search the commands from the Power menu. Find the BaltiApps application and install it on your Android 11 smartphone. This may take some time, depending on the speed of your Internet access.

Approval for app

After installing the Power Menu Controls application, open it on the device. If you wish, you can skip the tutorials, because we will guide you through the use of the application.

Add a custom key to the power menu on Android 11

The application needs two rights, one to change settings and the other to use applications. You can activate it directly by clicking on the application options. Once the rights have been granted, you will see green check marks next to the required rights.

Switch activation in application

The next step is to immediately activate the switches in the application. Once the application is open, there are some switches available that you can use. Available switches include brightness, music volume, alarm volume, flashlight and many other control functions.

Adding custom circuits to the main menu

To activate the available functions, click on the shift key next to the options. Once you have activated all the desired switches, you can continue.

Adding buttons to the power menu on Android 11

Now here’s the final part, which allows you to add custom switches to Android 11’s power menu.

First press and hold the power button until you reach the power menu. There you will find a button if you have already added one. Otherwise a blank screen is displayed.

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If you have already added multiple switches manually, click Three Points > Add Controls > View Other Applications > Power Menu Shortcuts. And if there are no switches, click Manage Devices > Shortcuts from the power menu.

  • Add a custom key to the power menu on Android 11
  • Adding custom circuits to the main menu

All available controls that you activated in step 3 are displayed. Select all the controls you want to add to the Power menu and click Save.

Add a custom key to the power menu on Android 11

After you have added all your favorite controls, you will return to the home screen. And now, when you open the Power menu on Android 11, you’ll find all your favorite buttons for quick control.

Adding custom circuits to the main menu

The animations in the power menu are cool, just like the iPhone’s control center. You can easily drag and drop each button to control functions such as volume, brightness, media volume and more.

There are currently a total of 11 controls in the food menu management application. And we can get more control later with application updates. We will update the article as the application is checked more in the future.

So the question is how to add custom switches to the power menu on Android 11. And if you have any questions, please let us know in the Responses section below.