Remote not Working | How to pair your Roku Remote

The Roku remote is a very simple remote with as few buttons as possible to keep the experience fun. First, let’s look at the buttons on the remote. Look at the picture to identify all the buttons on the Roku remote.

We also need to know what kind of remote control we have. Roku has three types of remotes.


  1. Red infrared line of sight Single Roku remote control: These remotes are used with the simplest Roku players, like the Roku Express.
  2. Roku Wifi Direct Voice Remote Control : These remotes are equipped with infrared (to control the power and volume of the television) and Wifi. They’re also called Anywhere Points because they can control the Roku player without pointing it directly, with all data sent to the Roku via WiFi. The Roku Voice remote is also the most compatible and works with all current models on the market. However, it does not offer a personal hearing.
  3. Wifi Direct Enhanced voice remote control Enhanced voice remote control : These are high-quality remotes that are compatible with a number of high-end Roku devices. They allow us to control the Roku player with our voice. Personal listening is also possible on these consoles.

Now let’s try to figure out what might have happened to the remote. It’s pretty simple, because with a remote, not much can go wrong. In fact, there are only two problems that can arise.

  1. The batteries in the remote control are dead.
  2. The remote somehow resets itself or doesn’t pair with the current Roku.
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The easiest way to solve remote control problems is to take out the batteries, wait a minute and then put them back in. The light on the Roku remote should blink. If the light does not blink, the batteries are dead. Try replacing the batteries with new ones. If that would make the remote work, that would be great. However, the batteries may have been in poor condition for a long time. In this case, the light on the remote control will blink continuously. Then you have to go to remote pairing with Roku.

To pair with a Roku remote control

  • To pair a new Roku remote, flip the remote over and remove the battery cover. Here there is a purple or black button next to the batteries, as shown in this picture.

  • Insert a new set of batteries into the remote control.
  • Point the remote at the TV and hold for 30 seconds or until you see the remote’s image on the screen and a circle next to it that slowly fills up.
  • Rests on the battery cover
  • Your Roku remote is now paired.

For pairing an old remote or an existing remote that no longer works.


  1. Remove the battery cover from the Roku remote.
  2. Remove the batteries from the Roku remote control.
  3. Unplug the power cord from the Roku player.
  4. Wait 30 seconds.
  5. Plug the power cord into the Roku drive and wait for the startup screen to appear.
  6. Insert a new set of batteries into the remote control.
  7. The light on the remote control should start blinking.
  8. Point the remote control at the TV.
  9. Press and hold the Paring button on the Roku remote for 30 seconds. The display shows an image of the remote control with an adjacent circle to indicate the pairing progress.
  10. Wait until the circle is completely filled.
  11. Replace the battery cover.
  12. Your Roku remote is now paired.
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Message: Some people may experience problems if there are multiple Roku players in the same house or building. In this situation, Roku Wifi Direct remotes can be placed on another Roku that can listen to the same Wifi channel. To avoid this situation, it is recommended that you disconnect the power cords from all other Roku players in the house before trying to plug in your Roku remote.

Roku remote does not work. No coupling key

Some people find themselves in a situation where their Roku remote doesn’t work and they can’t see the pairing button on the back of the Roku. Nearly 90% of those will be people who bought fake Roku remotes from sites like Amazon, etc. Many third-party remote controls are available on these sites, but they don’t always work. If you’ve lost your Roku remote, you’ll need to buy the original on If you buy a remote, check which remote you need, and make sure the remote is compatible with your Roku.

The remaining 10% are people with older Roku players, like the Roku HD, that didn’t come with a pairing button. There is only one practical solution to this situation. Do yourself a favor and buy a new Roku. The prices are very low at the moment. Just buy the end result, it will always be better than what you are trying to fix. Let’s be a little more practical.

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