What Should Your Next Nail Kit Look Like?

Nail care keeps nails healthy and strong, and you don’t necessarily have to go to a salon to enjoy a manicured look. If you want to keep your nails looking shiny and manicured – you can build an at-home manicure kit that will work magic. What should your next nail kit look like? Here are the answers.

Nail kit checklist

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When you build a nail kit, there are a few must-have items, and a few items that you don’t have to have, but it’s nice to have them around. On the list of must-have items are:

1. Nail trimmer/scissors

Trimming your nails is an important part of a healthy nail routine. Trimming your nails regularly will prevent cracks, ridges, and it will keep your nails strong. To get the best results, you should have nail trimmers or scissors that you can comfortably use. A short to medium length of nails is best, and you should keep a trimming routine to get to the desired length.

2. Nail filer

A filer is a must in a manicure kit. A professional-grade filer keeps nails shaped and trimmed.

When you file your nails, you should only go in one direction. Moving the filer back and forth causes cracks and damages the nails.

3. Nail buffer

Another essential manicure tool for your nail kit is the buffer. The buffer is used to buff the top layer of the nails and prep them for nail polish. The buffer also removes stains and residual nail polish and dirt, so you should have one in your kit.

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A buffer for home use should be in a 120/180/240 grit; these are less abrasive than buffers that are used in nail salons. The lower grit buffers are abrasive and were designed to remove adhesives and gel nail polish.

4. Medical grade alcohol

Alcohol is used to remove nail extract and to clean the nails from oil and dirt. After you buff and file your nails, you should rub your fingernails with a 90% alcohol pad, or a cotton pad damped with alcohol. Clean the entire surface of the nails to remove dirt and debris, and only then apply nail polish or nail care products.

5. Cuticle conditioner

Cuticles protect the nail, and they need some TLC with a quality cuticle conditioner. Given the fact that your nails grow through the cuticles, you should use a product that contains vitamins, minerals, and oils that nourish the cuticle. You should apply a cuticle care product from time to time to get healthy and strong nails.

Optional nail care products

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Once you have the mandatory manicure products in your home kit, you can add a few optional tools:

1. Cuticle pusher

A cuticle pusher helps give the nail a more aesthetic appearance by pushing back the cuticles. It also cleans dead skin cells from nails. When using a cuticle pusher, you should be careful to not hurt the cuticles, as it can lead to infections. That is why the pusher is optional and not mandatory.

2. Top-coat and base coat

A top coat and a base coat are very handy when applying nail polish. They help the nail polish stay in place while shielding the nails from the chemicals that are found in traditional nail polish. If you like applying polish at home, you should use a base coat and a base coat. It’s not a must, but it will give you better results.

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3. Nail brush

You have probably seen nail brushes being used in nail salons. These handy little tools clean the nails, and they should be used after you wash or soak your nails in soap water. Afterward, you should brush away and clean the nails. Most people brush too hard, so you should opt for the alcohol-soaked pads to clean the nails and prevent nail cracks and ridges.

4. Cuticle nipper

Nipping the cuticles enlarges the nail surface, and makes them look more aesthetic. Using cuticle nippers should be accurate to prevent cuts, bleeding, and infection. This is another optional manicure tool to have at home, but it’s best to get your cuticle nipped by a professional nail technician.

The best nail care tools

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Going to the nail salon is not always optional. That is why you should have a few manicure tools at home that you can use on your own. To enjoy healthy, shiny, and strong nails, the TrySprig company has developed a unique nail care kit for home use.

The kits include a professional-grade nail filer, a four-sided nail buffer, replacement strips for the buffer, and a Best-in-Class cuticle conditioner. The nail tools has gained popularity thanks to its quick results.

To give the nails what they need, the all-natural cuticle conditioner contains a potent mixture of Vitamin E, Vitamin A, minerals, and natural oils that nourish the nails. After use, the conditioner gives the nails a shine that provides a glossy nail polish appearance.

The unique product strengthens the nails and helps fix a myriad of problems, such as fungal infections, brittle nails, cracked nails, and more. To complete the experience, the  kit includes a quality buffer and filer that help keep the nails trimmed and buffed.

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An at-home nail care kit is a must. Caring for your nails will keep them strong, and it will prevent infections and nail damage. There are a few tools that every home kit should include, and there are also a few items that you can skip. To get the best results, choose quality tools and your nails will thank you.