How to win more jackpots on online slots

Slots are one of the gambling games that attract millions of gamblers around the world. Slot games can be defined as simple and easy to play casino games with different symbols on the reels. But these days, many companies are developing complex slot machines that people find difficult to play. These machines may consist of huge reel-spinning distance, complicated rules, and characteristics that make players confused about winning jackpots. That’s why we bring you tips & tricks for online slots in order just to help you win more jackpots on online slots.

First and foremost: define your budget and only spend what you can afford to lose.

Don’t chase the last bet


Many beginners tend to place a higher bet on their last bet in order just to win back lost money or get even with previous losses. You should know that slot games are random and there is no way to predict results even if you use different betting patterns. So, don’t put too much attention on your last result, it’s irrelevant.

Always play maximum coins per spin


It helps increase winning chances while playing online slots. Just always remember that every time you spin the reels you will have a chance of winning something even a small amount which accumulates over time resulting in big winnings eventually. However, high valued symbols should be landed on each other especially for classic slots games.

Pay attention to pay lines

In order to increase winning chances, you should know which symbols are the highest paid in each machine spin. If there is a symbol placed on 3 or more reels, it will increase your winning chance significantly in addition to high valued symbols landing together in a slot game.

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Take advantage of bonus rounds and free spins

It’s very obvious that every online slots player wants to win some bonuses along with their normal payouts. So, always try to land trigger symbols on the first or last reels for triggering bonus features during the play process. However, free spins are an equally good opportunity for online slots players as they can easily double up their wins if luck favors them with good combinations of symbols.

Always use Autoplay or Stop for each spin


In this way, you can’t control each result of a play session and lots of spins will be done automatically without your interaction. So, always follow the previous tip if you want to get maximum results from online slots.

Check out casinos that offer multiple pay lines games

This is very important especially when you define yourself as a high roller online slot player. So, always try to play with a minimum of 25 pay-lines on any slot machine in order to get better winning chances not only because more lines mean higher bets which lead to bigger jackpots but also due to fact that it allows players to make a combination of more symbols on activated pay lines which rewards more money ultimately.

Play safe

You should always use money management tools when playing online slots for real money in order to maximize your winning chances and minimize losses.

Always use proper money management techniques

Define the total amount of cash that you wish to spend on a particular casino game or slot machine in 24 hours. Then divide it by the number of spins so you will not exceed your daily budget while playing online slots. For example: if your daily budget is $100 then you can play up to 100 spins per day with $1 bets per spin or even 10 spins per day with $10 bet per spin etc…

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Choose the one with the highest return to player (RTP)


Every online slots game has different payouts and winning chances which reflect on their RTP rates. So, always try to play with the one that offers higher RTP. Just check the RTP rate before starting your play session in order not to exceed your budget or trigger winning limits.

Read reviews of the Slots

It’s always good to know the opinions of other gamblers about a particular slot machine which you wish to play. So, it will help you get a better idea of how the slot operates before your start playing it, especially if there are no RTP rates or gameplay videos available. For a good site check out

Always choose casinos for different casino games

Each online casino has different offers and promotions for new and old customers so checking out their catalog is important in order to maximize your winning chances while playing online slots. In addition, you can try multiple casinos simultaneously playing the same games with higher bets on some of these sites just in case that one doesn’t have any winnings from previous play sessions. Always use bonuses! This is very easy because every online casino provides new players with welcome bonuses in form of a deposit match bonus on initial deposits, no deposit bonus for existing players, etc…

Don’t chase losses!


This is probably the most important poker strategy that also applies to online slots. If you played 100 spins without any winnings then go sleep or play another game with a higher chance of winning. However, if you lost your entire bankroll then it’s time to move on to another casino until luck favors you again.

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Always play with free cash if playing for fun

Every online slots player dreams about prize money but it’s always good not to get too excited while playing casino games including online slots, especially when you are testing some new slot machine. So, use practice cash instead of real money because at least this way you can play for hours without having to deposit money when you are tired of playing or if the slot machine doesn’t pay out anything.

That’s it! Follow these tips and hopefully, you will increase your winning chances while playing online slots!