What does your Smartphone Ringtone Say About You?

The tech revolution has shaped the way we live our daily lives, so it is hard to imagine a modern lifestyle without a peculiar relationship to all those little gadgets that we use daily. Unquestionably, mobile phones are considered a standard, even though some gizmos provide more features than others. Having the opportunity to have one by your side no matter what speaks a lot about your personality, whether you are aware of it or not. The most common form of personalization of a smartphone implies setting a specific ringtone. Therefore, if answering what does your smartphone ringtone say about you intrigues you, we suggest you consult the rows below.

You are Your Handyman

Source: techradar.com

Recording one’s ringtone speaks a lot about the personality of an individual, even though it might not seem such at the first glance. A ringtone sends a message about a smartphone’s user, and if it promotes something from the experience they shared with their friends and family, it hints they are a friendly and faithful person.

Alternatively, using a recording of a comical situation might suggest you have a sense of humor and are not afraid to show it. One way or another, using custom recordings mean you do not care about trends, moreover, it speaks about your ingenuity.

Movie Soundtracks

We dare to say this one is a bit tricky to analyze. Not only because there are various songs related to different movies, but also because we could fit in the ones who use the TV series themes as their ringtones in this section.

Naturally, the type of soundtrack should hint at what you are like. For instance, an aggressive tune implies readiness to act quickly regardless of potential dangers you might face, while a romantic melody might hint at your gentle character.

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One way or another, the individuals who prefer using popular sounds as their ringtones seek the attention of the similarly minded people around them. They connect to others without talking, and can easily establish friendships by focusing on what they have in common with those around them, rather than minding the differences.

Silent Mode

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If your phone is either on silent or vibration mode all the time, then you probably enjoy keeping your privacy for your eyes and ears only. Besides that, a person who avoids being publicly disturbed might be the one who enjoys the moment, rather than transitioning from one state of mind to another every time someone tries to reach out to them.

On the other hand, going for the silent mode might hint that you have a secret. We do not say that it is always the case, but avoiding getting your sound on while you participate in joint ventures with your closest ones reflects a good strategy not to attract unwanted attention when unnecessary.

Trendy Sounds

If you know what’s cooking, then you tend to go with the flow, so why would not you use the song you just heard as your new ringtone? People who follow trends are often looked at free-spirited and company-loving individuals. According to ZoneRingtones.com, they are the ones you want to hang out with since they are always full of positive energy and will not condemn you no matter what your idea of having fun might be.

They enjoy hanging out, going to parties, and spending their time like there is no tomorrow. On the other hand, a person with a pop ringtone might not be the ideal interlocutor when it comes to discussing serious subjects, such as the meaning of life and similar topics. Jokes aside, we all have someone special we can talk to about the aforementioned, regardless of what their ringtone might sound.

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Disrespecting Sounds

Source: popsci.com

If you want to offend someone, you might want to put a disrespecting sound to alarm not solely yourself, but also others around you. While it might appear funny to a majority of individuals, it actually speaks negatively about their characters.

Aggression should not be treated with additional force, otherwise, it would produce only more damage to the person in question. Now, if we reverse the equation, we can conclude that they have been hurt in the past and have no other means of handling the situation other than expressing their dissatisfaction the way they do.

Thus, they indirectly speak about their insecurities by using offensive ringtones to make another feel insecure or hurt. Sounds bad, right?

All-Time Favorites

Evergreen music is the type that suits all, but not everybody decides to use all-time-favorites as their ringtones. Still, the ones who do indirectly share intel about their personality with the ones who happen to hear their phones ringing.

When younger generations using evergreen hits as smartphone ringtones are concerned, the practice says an overwhelming majority of them are more mature than they are expected to be at a specific age.

On the other hand, when mamas and papas are in question, we reckon their choice of music hints about loving what they do and how they do it. In other words, they are satisfied with their lives and have nothing against sharing their positive thoughts with those around them no matter where they are.

Built-In Ringtones

Source: makeuseof.com

There are two types of people who use built-in ringtones. The initial group encompasses individuals who enjoy using branded goods and focus on the materialistic. In a nutshell, they keep the initial tune not because they would not enjoy something different, but because they relate the sound with the brand they use.

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When others who fail to change the factory ringtone are concerned, we should emphasize they are simply focused on something else in their lives and care not about how their phone should sound like. They consider that the purpose of a ringing tune is to raise an alarm, so if it does the trick, they do not want to change it. Let’s say these guys are practical, even though some would act similarly out of laziness.

Hopefully, the aforementioned clues and hints to what peculiar ringtones say about their owners will assist you with adjusting yours to potentially specific wants and needs. Make sure you always like your ringtone and stay faithful to what you genuinely enjoy, rather than listening to what others might feel about you based on how your phone rings. If a person’s character could be detailly analyzed solely by listening to their ring note, we would all be in deep trouble, thus, relax!