How To Pack And Move Electronics In A Safe Way?

Electronic devices can be fragile, and you have to be careful while packing electronic gadgets and equipment. Electronic devices are usually expensive, and you must take complete care and ensure their safety while packing and moving them to a new place.

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In this article, we will get insights into how to pack and move electronics in a safe way.

1. Follow the user manual

Every electronic device comes with a user manual that contains information about the product. These user manuals also provide instructions for packing and storing the product. If you have stored the user manual safely, then you can look for packing instructions that will help you to understand the parts of the electronic device, and you will be able to easily separate them so you can pack the device into different smaller parts.

2. Use original boxes of electronics

You must always store original boxes of electronic devices for situations like these. It’s easier and better to pack electronic products in their original boxes. Some manufacturers provide dedicated space in original boxes that will help you to quickly fit different parts in their original space, and also, it’s much safer than packing them in an oversized box. If you don’t have original boxes, then better buy packing boxes that almost fit with the electronic device.

3. Essential packing materials

Once you are ready with the packing boxes, now arrange for packing materials that will help you in the safe packing of your electronic product. These packing materials include newspapers, wrapping plastic, packing tape, scissors, markers to label different boxes, and a few other packing materials based on the size and weight of the product. You will find most of the packing materials in nearby stationary stores.

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4. Use colored stickers for cables


Cables and wires are essential parts of electronic devices, and you have to put them back in the same plug while you unpack everything after reaching the new place. It’s different from recognizing which wire fits which place.

To save the hassle later, you can use colored stickers for each cable and mark them accordingly, so you remember which cable goes where. Sometimes you can easily figure it out by looking at the size and shape of the plug. Devices like computers contain a lot of wires and cables that connect with the CPU and monitor.

5. Cushioning your electronics

Electronic devices are fragile, especially LCDs, Computer screens, etc. These devices must be well protected while packing, so even if they are mishandled by the shipping company, they will still be safe and reach your new place without any damage.

While packing, you can keep newspapers or old clothes at the bottom and top to ensure the product doesn’t move much and makes it safe while moving. Surround your electronic device with bubble wrap to provide extra support and safety.

6. Valuable items with your electronic devices

Before packing your electronic devices, you must ensure that you don’t pack any valuable parts along with the device. This lowers the risk of theft and reduces unwanted attention.

Pack small parts or main parts of your electronic devices in a different unmarked box so that it is difficult to know what’s inside the box and you can get back your products safely. Also, ensure that the shipping company is reputable, trusted, and doesn’t have a record of misplacing your luggage.

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7. Use packing tape


Once you have put your electronics into their respective boxes and properly cushioned them, now it’s time to finally seal the boxes with packing tape. Don’t use stationery tape.

Packing tapes look different than the regular ones. They are wide and strong and stick firmly with the box. Use these packing tapes to seal all the openings on the box. If you are left out with extra tape, use it to double coat the packaging box for added safety. It will make it difficult to cut open the box.

8. Make inventory list

Once you pack all your boxes, it’s your responsibility to make an inventory list of all the electronic devices you have packed in all the boxes. This will help you to confirm if you have received all your boxes back and no equipment is missing inside the boxes.

If you are missing any box from your inventory list, then reach out to your shipping company or call their customer care service to file a complaint about missing boxes. Also, ensure that none of your products are damaged while shipping.

9. Add tracker to your electronic devices

If your electronic devices are too costly, it’s recommended to place a tracker inside every box so you can easily track the location of your package and easily recover it if it gets misplaced or stolen.

You can buy GPS tracking devices and monitor the location through your smartphone application. These GPS trackers are not much expensive as compared to the price of your electronics.

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10. Consider getting an insurance


To pack and move your electronic devices in a safe way, it is always a better option to get temporary insurance that will cover your products right from packing till it reaches the new place. It’s better to be safe than sorry and regret later for your wrong decision. This isn’t compulsory. If you trust your shipping company, then you can exclude getting insurance.

The Bottom-line

Packing and moving electronic devices can be overwhelming, especially if they are very expensive. Single damage can cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars. Hence, if you are planning to move to a new place, you must ensure that you take all necessary steps to pack and move electronics with complete safety. Follow these steps to move and pack your electronics in a safe way.

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