Top 6 Reasons Why You Need A Custom Ecommerce Website

When it comes to selling products or offering services, getting visitors, and online authority, professionalism says it all. If you were walking down Main Street in your city and saw a shop where the owners drew an advertisement above the door using felt-tip pens and pencils, would you come in? Yes, only if you have no other choice. The same goes for websites: the first impression counts.

What the first impression of the website leaves you with is the most important factor for further success.  An online sales site is more than just the digital face of your store. It is also a gateway to all your inventory, invoicing, and payment systems. A fast website, supplied with all the necessary information, leaves the impression of professionalism, efficiency, and reliability. If your site loads slowly, potential customers can easily think that the quality of service you provide is just as bad.

Why does professional website design cost so much?


Let’s put it this way – you can buy a T-shirt for $ 10, and you can buy another one, seemingly similar to the first one for $ 50. Your first thought can be that you have saved $ 40 by buying this cheaper one, but you will soon realize what the catch is. Of course, in quality. It’s the same with creating websites.

A quality website must follow certain guidelines. In addition, the web developer himself has certain costs that he has to cover, costs such as taxes, bookkeeping services, payment of rent, auxiliary workers, equipment needed for the job, and so on. Each company charges differently and runs their business differently. And for a simple reason: the value of the product is relatively easy to calculate and quantify. The price justifies the service if the company guarantees that what it charges and delivers.

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It is also important to note that being a good web designer does not mean having good equipment (a good computer and all programs). The foundation is to have a good “eye”! When this foundation is reached then everything can be built around it.

We have already mentioned that the loading speed of the site is very important. Surveys of online user behavior show that almost half of them expect the site to load in 2-3 seconds. Otherwise, they leave the site and look for others. Webx60 claims that every extra second of loading leads to less satisfied customers, less profit, and fewer site visits. Now you see why it is crucial to have a well-done website, right? Okay, you’ve decided it’s better and to pay more to get what you want. Now, let’s see why a custom eCommerce website is actually needed.

Access to a larger market

If you have a boutique in the city center, there is a possibility that you will do well if you develop a good business strategy and thus attract potential customers who are residents of that city or casual tourists. What is a big advantage of online sales is that there is no mileage that will prevent you from selling a particular product. We are witnessing that goods travel from one end of the world to the other every day and that they are much simpler and more convenient than before. Online shopping has been of great importance especially in the last year since the COVID-19 pandemic took over almost all countries of the world. Then why not attend to your customers who sit comfortably in an armchair and give them an opportunity to order something from your site? We believe that the money invested in its production will pay off very quickly.

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Accessibility to clients


We have already said everything about this in the previous paragraph. Today you will be able to order a product from China to America for postage, which is nothing more expensive than sending a greeting card to a neighboring city.

Save money

Did you know that online casinos offer better payouts than land ones? Yes, this is true because they don’t pay rent for space, workers, equipment, and everything else. Well, it’s the same with online stores. Since they are spared these costs, this leaves them enough room to lower prices a bit and thus attract customers, or to simply make more money.

Good marketing


Internet presence is constant online marketing. There are many marketing advertising strategies, and the best part is that they are all proven effective, it is up to you to choose the one that you consider the most appropriate. There are free forms of advertising, so if you already have a site that represents your company, you can advertise your site for online sales. Also, if you have a Facebook profile for a company or Facebook page, you can advertise an online store through it.

Ease of use

Some enjoy all-day shopping, especially women, but since we live a very hectic life today, we all aim to save time. The best thing about online shopping is the simple visibility of the product with a detailed description. Also, thanks to many filters, the customer can find what he wants in a very short time.

Payment methods


Online stores today offer a variety of payment methods, and this makes it much easier for goods to travel from the store to the customer. By enabling different payment methods on your web shop, you reduce the possibility of canceling your purchase. That is why the implementation of various payment systems such as cash on delivery, payment cards, via PayPal, or via iPay system is a very important functionality. You need to choose those processors and payment systems that best suit your target audience.

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Final thoughts

As we can see, online shopping has many advantages and there are only some of them. For this reason, you must have a good website. Since you are saving your money on renting workspace, workers, and many other things, it leaves you enough to invest in a well-developed eCommerce website that will bring nothing but earnings to you!