How Can You Recycle Your Old Iphone?

Most of the time, when our phones get old, we usually think of disposing of them. But do you know that you can make money from it? Yes, you heard it right. People are making money from their damaged phones by selling them online. Keep on reading this article to get some more information about it.

If I talk about my personal experience, I usually sell my phone at reasonable prices to get it recycled. The site mentioned above offers the best deals when it comes to selling used iPhones. As per some rules and regulations, you must only dispose of the iPhone in such a way that does not have any impact on the environment.

However, disposing of is not the only solution you have to get rid of your used smartphones or iPhones. You can get it recycled and do something good for the environment as well. Let us have a look at some of the merits of recycling your mobiles.



  • Protects the environment: We all know that batteries contain toxic elements like lead, cadmium, mercury, etc. These materials are hazardous for human beings as well as the environment. According to various studies, if one battery gets leaked, it can contaminate approximately 600,000 liters of water. These toxic materials can even reduce the fertility of the soil. With the help of recycling, you will save the environment from these issues and use these materials.
  • Recycling helps in energy conservation: Various research has been conducted and concluded that you can get enough power to charge a laptop for up to 40 hours by recycling only one battery. Well, this sounds great. So think if we can recycle vast amounts of mobiles, it can power around millions of houses per year.
  • Helps you earn money: Another benefit of getting your phones recycled is that you can also make some money from them. There are many recycling companies available nowadays that offer you the best deals. So by selling your mobile to a company to get it recycled can bring you money and save the environment.
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You need to carefully follow some steps before you dispose of your iPhone or give it to get recycled. These steps are necessary to protect your personal information and data.

  • First of all, unpair your iPhone from the apple watch. This is to make sure that data existing in your watch is safely backed up in the iPhone. Make sure that every important file or data is backed up. By doing this, you can easily have it accessible even through your new mobile phone or any other device.
  • Signing out from all your accounts, such as iTunes, iCloud, etc., is essential to disconnect any link between your information and the iPhone.

Once you have followed the above steps, now you have to delete all your content from your mobile. You have no personal information left on your iPhone, and it is good to go for the recycling process now.



Disposing your iPhone is not something you should do with it when it gets old or damaged. To get it recycled is the best option you can opt to get rid of your mobile in a better way. Do you know where you can sell your iPhone? If no, then scroll down to read more about it.

The very first place that comes to our mind to sell iPhones is the local Apple stores. The store will provide you credits for your next purchase or any gift voucher, depending upon them. Else, if they are not providing any credits because of its eligibility, then they will recycle your iPhone for free.

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No matter what condition your mobile phone is, you can always earn something from it in return. If your nearby Apple store doesn’t give your credits, try visiting their online store. Their online customer care services can guide you with the recycling procedure for all Apple products. You can go through their official website to get their emails or contact information.

Remember, the iPhone is a brand that can always be turned into cash. You can find many companies online, and offline that wish to purchase old iPhones at reasonable rates. However, for getting the best price for your mobile, you may have to do some research.

To get the price according to your will, you have to visit a lot of websites online. Online companies usually offer costs based on the condition of your phones. So, try to keep your expectations according to the state of your iPhone.


Getting your used and old mobiles recycled will help you earn some bucks and help you save the environment. But make sure to have a backup of all the data and personal information before you give it to the recycling process. So, whenever you think of purchasing a new phone, try to recycle your old one to make this world an even better place.