How To Include Video In Your Own Digital Marketing Strategy

Most of us, whether we’re in marketing or not, know that video is an essential part of every successful marketing strategy. TV commercials have always been one of the most popular methods of video marketing, but with new mediums and marketing methods, marketers have found a new way to incorporate video into a marketing strategy – especially a digital marketing strategy.

However, not everyone is a professional marketer, and not everyone has the necessary knowledge to incorporate video into their digital marketing strategy. Therefore, we thought we might extend a helping hand. Sounds good? Okay, let’s begin then!

Start With Research

You can’t just blindly publish a video and hope that it goes viral. That’s just not how it works. Before you even start filmin

g the video – you need to do some research. Ask yourself this – who are you targeting? What are your goals? What is the message that you’re trying to get across? Which marketing channels are you planning on using? All of these questions need to be answered before you do anything.

Let us give you an example of why this is important. Let’s say you’re selling fishing equipment. That means that your target audience are fishermen – most commonly men over the age of 30. So, how do you approach this? Do you film a funny video and post it on TikTok? No. Of course, not. How many middle-aged men that fish use TikTok? Not many, as far as we know.

So, even if you made the best promotional video of all time – it probably wouldn’t yield any significant results. That is why you should always start with research and work from there.

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Stay Consistent With Your Branding


Even though diversity and new ideas are a great way to keep your video content fresh and interesting, you still have to make sure to stay consistent with your brand and your message. Despite what we might think – we love monotony. There are only so many surprises we can take. And, when it comes to branding – the monotonous, the better.

Now, that doesn’t mean you should be boring. On the contrary – you should be as interesting as possible. However, what you also must do is stay consistent. Even if you use several marketing channels, it wouldn’t be wise to switch things up. Your message and branding must remain the same at all times. That is what allows viewers to really buy into your story. If it’s all over the place, it won’t look like you’re creative and you’re exploring your options – it’ll look like you don’t know what you’re doing.

Don’t Over or Underspend

Unless you’re a videographer by any chance, you’re going to need professional help if you want to include video in your digital marketing strategy. However, what you’ll also need is to know just how much you should spend on this campaign.

According to, most people believe that if they pay more, they’re going to get a better video. Well, that’s not necessarily true. Price isn’t the sole denominator of quality. There are a lot of other factors you should consider. But then again, not spending enough might lead to even worse results.

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The key is to stay in the middle. Check multiple offers and find out an average asking price for the video you’re considering, and look for something along those lines.

Properly Optimize Your Video


As we’ve said in the beginning, it is not just about uploading a video on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. A video should be properly optimized for the platform it goes on. That means you might need to shoot a video a certain way if you want it to feel and look good wherever you post it. Or, you just might need to shoot multiple videos.

If you are not sure what do we mean by platform optimization – here’s what it is. The metrics and analytics for each platform are different from the other one. Also, the audiences are not the same. For example, a 10-minute long video could do wonderful on YouTube, but if you think for a second that the same format will work on TikTok or Instagram – think again.

Nobody wants to spend 10 minutes watching a video on Instagram or TikTok. For those platforms, you’ll need something hard-hitting, short, and straight to the point. The same thing applies to Facebook, so keep that in mind.

Benefits Of Adding Video To Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Now that we’ve covered how to incorporate videos into your marketing strategy let’s briefly go over why you should do it. Here are some benefits you are sure to enjoy.

Video Is The Most Consumed Content Out Of All


In today’s day and age, most people spend several hours each day watching videos. Whether it’s YouTube or TV shows, we consume video content like our lives depend on it, and that alone is a great reason to tap into video marketing. In the end, it all boils down to potential.

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Ability To Market Through Different Channels

As we mentioned earlier, you can stream your videos on multiple platforms at once. This will not only allow you to reach more people, but it will also allow you to tap into different audiences – provided that your product or services can benefit from diversifying your audience.

Picture Tells A Thousand Words, But Video Tells A Million


The written word is great. Pictures, too. But, neither of them will do as much for your marketing campaign as videos will. Just take a look at Instagram – nobody’s posting pictures anymore. It’s all about Reels nowadays. You can get so much more from a video than you can from any other content.

Also, people are lazy nowadays. Nobody wants to read your long caption or scroll through 10 images just to get a full picture of what you’re trying to say. A 20-second long video, though? They’ll eat it right up.


As you can see, including a video in your digital marketing strategy isn’t too hard. But, there are still some steps you have to follow. We hope that we have made those steps pretty clear for you. Take care.