Can You Present Your Invention Idea on YouTube?

If you came up with a really good invention idea, there are a few tasks that you’ll need to go through to make it a reality, learn who is interested in it, as well as learn how you could generate a profit from your idea. One of the techniques that you could opt for is to present your invention idea on YouTube.

However, if you never had to do such a task before, you might be wondering – what things should I do to successfully present my invention idea to people by using YouTube? Luckily, the article below will shed some light on the tasks you’ll have to do, so without further ado, let’s take a closer look:

1. Before Anything Else, Protect Your Idea!


Before you opt to do anything else from this list, the first, and most important step that you’ll need to take is to protect your idea. After all, you’ll be presenting it to a vast audience, hence, it’s only natural that you protect and preserve your claims of application by patenting your idea.

It’ll require you to submit documents to the Patent Office in your area, and if you want to ensure that everything is properly drafted and submitted, you might want to opt for the help of professional organizations such as InventHelp. Once you submit your application, you can slowly start creating a plan of how you’ll present your idea.

2. You’ll Need a Prototype or Model

You cannot really present your invention if you don’t have anything to show to your audience, which is why you’ll need a prototype or model. By doing so, you’ll be capable of making different alterations in your design, you could plan the production process, and more importantly, you’ll ensure that it’s actually useful and functional.

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Besides this, once you have your model/prototype, you’ll be capable of demonstrating how it works, which implies that individuals will understand what problems it could solve easier and they’ll also learn what advantages they could gain from it. Once you obtain your model, you could move on to the next task.

3. You Must Determine Your Niche


When you send the patent application and when you obtain the prototype, you’ll need to determine what your niche actually is. To define what your niche is, you could take a look at some organizations that sell similar goods to your patent. The info you’ll require can be found on their website, content, as well as publications that they made.

By obtaining this info, you’ll be capable of defining your targeted audience – and potential exchange – and you’ll also be able to create different customer profiles where you’ll learn things such as their sex, income, age, as well as shopping habits. When you’re finished, your next step will be to build a profile on YouTube.

4. Create Your YouTube Profile

If you have a YouTube profile, you can skip to the next paragraph, but, if you don’t have one, you may want to read this step to the end. Creating a YouTube profile is very easy, but, there are some other elements that you’ll need to do. For starters, you’ll need to ensure that it’s totally branded. What does this mean you should do?

Well, it means that you’ll need to create a logo and motto, and you’ll have to present it on your profile picture. Next, you’ll additionally want to ensure that you fill in all the necessary information since your viewers will desire to learn more about you. The videos you post must also have suitable descriptions, so, ensure that you compose informative, yet interesting descriptions of your videos.

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When talking about the content you’ll produce, you must remember that people love high-quality and informative videos, hence, when you’re working on the videos, you should remember that it’s absolutely beneficial to the users that’ll be viewing them. By doing so, you could guarantee that your niche views the content until the end.

5. Additional Social Media Accounts Are Important Too


Besides using YouTube, you might also want to create pages or accounts on additional social media sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Why do you have to do this? Well, if you go through this process, your audience will be capable of finding you quickly and without any difficulties.

Additionally, this is something that can help you with promoting your innovation even further. For instance, you could put the links to your social media accounts under your video on YouTube, which means that people could simply click on them and they’ll be directed to another platform where they can learn more about your idea and where they can follow your organization.

6. You’ll Have to Establish a Website

Yes, you’ll require social media accounts/pages, however, you’ll also require a website. After all, individuals always want to read more about the individuals behind a new innovation and company, so, to provide your niche audience with the information they need, you must establish a website.

Keep in mind, you’ll need to display information like the purpose of your patent, the characteristics it has, the advantages it can bring to people, as well as what do you offer to individuals that are thinking about investing in your idea. Again, you could post the website link in the description under your video, meaning that individuals could easily be redirected to your site.

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7. Create Your Content


Once you’re done with all the aforementioned tasks, you can start making your content. Before you make a video, you should ensure that you practice your presentation, that you know what you’ll be talking about, and you could work with your family members and friends to determine what explanations you might need to add to your videos.

You must, I repeat, you must demonstrate how it functions, explain every step of operating or using your patent, and more importantly, don’t forget to tell your niche audience how they could profit from your invention. All of these things are extremely important, so, guarantee that you do them right, especially since they could easily make or break your idea.


It is completely possible for you to present your invention idea on YouTube, in fact, it’s very beneficial for you to choose this since you may attract potential investors. Nonetheless, if you wish to ensure that you do it properly and that you present your patent to your niche in a fitting manner, you should follow all of the things we mentioned in the list above.

Hence, now that you have learned of all the tasks you’ll need to go through, you really shouldn’t waste any more of your time. Instead, you might want to return to the beginning of this list, and begin with the first tip we mentioned – which is finding an organization that’ll assist you with protecting your idea!