6 Things to Know Before Using Online Casino Welcome Bonuses & Promotions

Online gambling has reached its peak popularity during the COVID19 crisis – everyone’s been able to enjoy their favorite casino games from the comfort of their homes.

In this highly-competitive industry, casinos have to offer high bonuses to players in order to stay relevant on the market and bring new customers to their business. It’s something every new player should take advantage of – as long as they do it smartly.

Here we’ll tell you everything you need to know to make the best out of online casino welcome bonuses and promotions, so keep on reading to learn more!

1. Every bonus has a set of rules you should examine first.

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Casino bonuses may give you more money to gamble with, but that doesn’t mean they’re completely risk-free. Let’s say you deposit $100 in an online casino that offers a 100% bonus for newcomers – you’ll have $200 of betting money. However, if you end up unlucky and go on a losing streak, you won’t be making a profit – it could be quite the opposite. It’s a rare scenario, but something that you should still be aware of before you start signing up to different online casinos.

Similarly, not all casinos will give you a 100% bonus on your initial deposit. Some may give you much more, while others will lower the percentage. Sometimes, the bonus will be too high to be realistic – those casinos should be avoided at all costs.

Lastly, some sites will have wagering requirements – something that might prevent you from withdrawing your winnings right away. Make sure you’ve done your research so you know what to expect.

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2. Bonuses and promotions shouldn’t be abused.

While we’ve said you should take advantage of everything that the casino offers, it doesn’t mean you should abuse the bonuses and try to put the casino at a disadvantage. Behavior that’s not acceptable by the casino’s internal rules and regulations will be noticed sooner than you may think. Respect the house and play by their rules – otherwise, you might never see your winnings in cash.

As we’ve already mentioned before, every casino has strict rules on how they regulate their bonuses and promotions. This kind of information should be available on the website for everyone to see. Don’t like the terms? Find another casino that offers something that suits you instead! Do not try to „cheat the system“ – it would all come back to bite you eventually.

3. Choose the right casino.

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Not all online casinos deserve your attention and money. There are many fraudulent gambling websites that prey on novice players like yourself – they offer unrealistic welcome bonuses and promotions, while never intending to pay you the money you’ve won.

Look for licensed casinos such as www.n1casino.com to ensure you don’t get scammed. There would be nothing more disappointing than starting your online gambling journey in a fraudulent casino. You deserve to have your winnings paid out to you.

Either way, research is your best friend when searching for an online casino. Look out for any negative reviews and experiences, and examine their websites carefully. No matter how high the bonuses are, if you’re not able to profit out of them, it will all amount to nothing.

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4. Different games have different wagering requirements.

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Depending on the games you prefer to play in the casino, you’ll be able to use your bonus differently. Slots usually have the best wagering requirements (or none at all), which allows you to maximize your profits with ease.

Now, we’re not saying you should stop playing what you love just to get the most out of welcome promotions at casinos – but if you’re serious about making it a real side-income, it’s something you might want to consider as well.

Again, read the rules and requirements on every game they offer to ensure you’re playing the right games. It will make your gambling experience much more enjoyable, as you’ll be able to win more. Knowing all the facts is crucial, especially if you’re trying to become a professional gambler later down the road.

5. Take advantage of free spins and no-deposit bonuses.

No-deposit bonuses are an excellent way to try your luck in a new casino without taking any risks or investing money. This option is not as common as those bonuses that require a deposit to be made, but many casinos still offer it to new players. It’s something you should really take advantage of, as it bears no risk and provides you with a chance to win big.

Of course, as we’ve already mentioned, you’ll still need to choose the casino carefully before you share your credit card information with the website. Doing the necessary research is key to staying safe and protecting your money while gambling online!

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6. Understand the benefits of casino bonuses.

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There are simply no drawbacks to casino welcome bonuses and promotions – it’s a way to risk less and (potentially) win more. You were going to risk the deposit money anyways, and the bonus gives you more to gamble with.

Naturally, this means you shouldn’t gamble just because a bonus seems appealing to you. Do not go over the amount you would’ve deposited if there were no bonuses available. Responsible gambling is something everyone should adhere to, especially when they’re new to the industry. Knowing the risks and never gambling more than you can afford to lose is of the utmost importance if you plan on making profits in the casino.

The bottom line.

All in all, casino bonuses and promotions are an excellent way to increase your chances of winning in a casino. It’s something everyone should have in mind when they’re joining an online casino for the first time in their life.

Here we’ve examined the most important facts about these features to help you start your online gambling journey in the best way possible.

We hope you’ve found our article useful and we wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors.