Is It Possible To Beat The Casino In Blackjack?

There is a rise in games of luck in recent years, especially when it comes to the online model. It is not a surprise considering the benefits we can get by playing online. Also, the great thing is that there are so many games that we can choose from, which means that there is something for everyone. If you are interested in playing on some online gambling platform, be sure to check some details. First of all, the site must be secure, with a license, and valid payment processors. Also, check the names of game providers so you can be sure that you are playing on a legit site.

When it comes to the approach, it depends on the game you choose. When it comes to pokies, it is especially great for beginners since most of the websites are offering promo deals when you make the first payment. If you want to read more about the best pokie sites in Australia, visit here.

When it comes to professional players, most of them prefer table games. The reason for that is bigger odds and the ability to use your skills to improve the chances. One of the most popular table games is blackjack. We are going to analyze more about this game and whether there is a chance to secure the win each time you play.

Don’t Try The Counting


This is something that most of us could see in movies. While some people think that it is a myth, the fact is that there is a chance to do this. However, it requires outstanding talent and the ability to remember each outcome and all cards for both you and the dealer.

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On the other hand, using any sort of additional equipment is not allowed, while the casino might decide to ban you even if you manage to do this on your own. On the other side, this is a highly complex process that requires years of experience. Also, it is even more difficult when you play online. Therefore, focus on typical strategies that can help you win more often.

Use the Right Approach

Choosing the right approach is the key. First of all, remain focused on the rules of the game and its probabilities. The best thing is that you will have a nearly 50% chance to win in each turn. The chance of facing a longer winning strike is not that good, but neither is the chance to face a series of losses as well. That is the biggest advantage that you should use in your favor. You can do that by focusing on the amount of money that you are spending in each turn. And you can always practice how to gambling on

Moreover, your budget plays a big role, along with your ability to add more to your balance. Be sure to start with the right amount so you can stay in the game for a longer time. The point is to determine the best starting value. For example, if you want to play with $50, and you are not interested in making another payment, your starting amount should not be higher than $5. It can be lower than that as well, and you will still have a chance to win a lot of money.


You can do that by using a progressive method. In this method, the point is to start with a lower amount, and then increase it every time you lose. Each time you win, you will double the money, and there are no additional fees. The only advantage that dealers have is that you are always the one who is playing first.

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Let’s say that your starting value is $2. If you lose in that turn, your next one will be $4. Losing two games in a row means that the next value will increase to $8. If you win in the third round, you will win $16. That is a $2 profit in these three hands. It might seem small, but if you start with higher amounts and play for a longer time, it can make a huge difference.

Furthermore, the key is to never get too emotional. There is always a chance that you will face a couple more losses as part of the losing strike. If you are in a situation where you are losing more than six or seven times in a row, the biggest mistake is to stop following the progression and make some other choice, whether it is to lower the value or increase it even more.

Also, use your cards in the best possible way. There are many mistakes possible that could lead to failure even though you were supposed to win the following turn. For example, choosing to divide a pair of tens. There is no reason to do that since you are already very close to winning. On the other hand, you should never divide smaller numbers as well, like five or four. The reason is that your chances to get the right cards for both columns won’t be so great.

Moreover, don’t test your luck too much and always have some limits. There are clear rules, and you don’t have to ask for another card if you reached a certain value. On the other side, the dealer must have at least a 17.


Last Words

The only way to get the advantage is to use the right approach and stick to it all the time. Also, make sure to determine the right amount of money where you can play for a longer time without the need to make additional payments and risk getting into financial issues.

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In the end, keep in mind that the house always wins. These are some methods that could improve your chances, but the best you can do is to make them equal to the dealer. The more you play, you will realize that both of you will share the same chances. The point is to use your good cards in the best way and make a profit out of that.