Martingale Strategy – Play Smart at Online Casinos With This Blackjack Basic Strategy!

Blackjack is and always will be an exciting card game no matter it’s offline or online blackjack, but it can become even more fun if you start applying a blackjack basic strategy. You might want to try the Martingale strategy. But what kind of strategy is it? How does it work? What are your advantages? These and other questions will all be answered when you read this post.

Take the time to learn the Martingale strategy so that you know what to expect when you start using it yourself. At an online casino, you’ll get the chance to practice first. You’d better take advantage of this opportunity because it will help you understand the consequences of certain actions.

Make sure you check out the advantages of using this Martingale strategy in a game of Blackjack online and how it works in this article. However, if you still want more information about playing blackjack online after reading, you can check out and read all about it here.

Known blackjack basic strategy: Martingale strategy


The game of Blackjack is very popular, but when you start looking at strategies it will also be notified that the Martingale strategy is the most popular.

It is a strategy that you can also know from roulette. At an online casino, therefore, there are many players who use the Martingale strategy. But before you make that choice, it’s good to know more about it. A strategy can only be applied when you know the rules of blackjack and then know what the strategy can do for playing blackjack online.

Therefore, many players are very surprised by applying the strategy at online casinos and they can have a great time when they apply this game option.

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How Martingale works on Blackjack

It is said that the Martingale strategy is a negative progression system. This means that you increase your bet when you have lost. After you lose, you double your bet. Suppose you have placed a bet of $10 and you have lost, then your next bet will be an amount of $20.

Did you lose again? Then the bet is doubled again and you play with $40. You continue like this until you win and then you start again with your initial bet, in this case $10. It is an exciting strategy and if you suddenly win again, you have won your loss back.

But you have to keep in mind that you don’t always win. Blackjack is a game of chance and you always have the option to win or lose. Therefore, make sure you think about that and always keep it in mind when you make a bet and apply the Martingale strategy.

What are the Advantages of the Martingale Strategy?


There are a number of advantages to the Martingale strategy:

  • Easy to learn

It’s a strategy that you often understand after reading the rules of the game. You also have the chance to practice at the online casino of your choice, so you can learn the Martingale strategy and immediately know what it can do for you during a game. By practicing 2 or 3 times, you’ll already have a good idea of how it works and that’s a good grip during your game.

  • Suitable for novice and experienced players

This is because the Martingale strategy is easy to learn. It also remains a fun strategy to apply, every game round is different and therefore brings the necessary excitement when you start gambling here.

  • You determine your own initial bet

This way you can keep an eye on how much money you have to bet. By starting with lower amounts you can also make sure that if you lose, you don’t have to bet very high amounts.

  • Easy to quit

It is a strategy where you can easily quit without losing too much money in the process.

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What are the Risks of the Martingale Strategy?


There are also risks when you use the Martingale strategy:

  • High stake

Your stake is too high and you lose often, then it costs you a lot of money. It may be that it’s all against you and then the stakes can still add up quite high all in all.

  • Easy to lose focus

You keep focusing to win back your loss, you lose focus on the game. Don’t take advantage of that, but pay attention to the game and don’t just focus on your losses. Winning back is no use because then gambling has become a must and the fun is gone.

Using the blackjack basic strategy: the Martingale?

For many players, the Martingale strategy is highly recommended. This is because it is a strategy that you can easily learn and it is also not that risky. We’ll explain it to you using an example. Suppose you place a bet of $2.50 and you then lose, then you place a bet of $5.

If you then lose again you place a bet of $10. Do you lose again? Then you place a bet of $20. But you will have lost $37.50 in total ($2.50 + $5 + $10 + $20).

Practicing this blackjack basic strategy


To get a good idea of whether the Martingale strategy is for you, you can practice it first. The casino gives you virtual credit so you can learn the strategy and see if it’s profitable for you. This way you will also get to know the gaming environment.

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You’ll have plenty of time to get acquainted with the Martingale strategy at your leisure, so you can see if it’s interesting to you and then possibly play Blackjack online for money. By practicing you can get an insight into how fast profits can be made, even with lower amounts.

Applying Martingale strategy for money at Blackjack online

You could also apply the Martingale strategy for money on the Blackjack online. To do so, you’d better practice first and when you master the rules of the game you can play with your own money. You’ll soon find out how much luck the strategy brings you.

It can be different every game round, but above all try to enjoy the game. Don’t just put the focus on the profits that can be made. Do you apply the Martingale strategy? Then you’ll have a nice grip and you’ll know every round what amount to bet. Stick to that and who knows what the Martingale strategy can bring you. Playing blackjack online for money can be done at all online casinos you can find on our website. Most casinos even support iDeal as a payment method. Also, at these online casinos, you can directly take advantage of exclusive bonuses.