10 of the best torrent sites for software in 2024 (Working&Safe) –

By now, the entire BitTorrent community would have heard the news that BitTorrent has reduced the number of torrent downloads. Many users were already looking for the best torrent sites to access their favorite content in 2024. In this article you will discover the running torrent sites from which you can download the software for free.

If you’re looking for more information on torrents, we have a basic BitTorrent guide where you can learn general terminology and how torrents work. To be well-equipped to safely download torrents, you’ll need a few extra tools that you can get for free for this list of the best torrent clients.

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Exclusion of liability : We do not encourage the downloading of copyrighted content. The following list is only intended to provide information about the legal content of torrent sites.

To compile this list of the most popular torrent sites, we used their Alexa ranking and studied their characteristics. It is not surprising that the TPB maintains its rating at the highest level. We’ve also captured the pros and cons of the most visited torrent sites to help you choose the best one. To save you time, we have also listed the statuses of these sites, so that you can only check the running torrent sites.

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Torrent website Grade Alexa Booth
Pirate Bay 301 Working
YTS 328 Working
1337x 411 Working
Rarbg 819 Working
Limiter 2648 Working
IPTV 2698 Working
KickAssTorrents (mirror) 2828 Working
MagnetDL 5117 Working
Zoo 6400 Working
Torrentz2 15728 Working

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Top 10 mountain basins in 2024

1. Pirate Bay

Alexa Grade: 301

Pirate golf

Pirate Bay or TPB will remain number one on the list of the best torrent locations in 2024.

Thepiratebay is one of the few torrent sites still functioning on their original domain. KickAss Torrentz was probably the only competitor of ThePirateBay, but since this complete destruction of TPB is probably the undisputed leader of Torrentz.

TPB has a reputation for delivering a diverse collection of torrents including games, television shows, movies, audio books, software, songs, anime and more. TBP has a simple access interface that allows you to easily access the torrent index. The VIP/reliable website for downloaders icon allows safer downloading for users.

One of the main reasons why the TPB is the best torrent site is the relatively faster download due to the extensive seed list. ThePirateBay may be blocked by a seller in certain regions or countries. It doesn’t matter,

You can always access any torrent site and enjoy a secure torrent thanks to a good VPN service.

The functions of the TPB?

  • One of the longest and most famous torrents.
  • VIP badge
  • Reliable mirror options

2. TSG

Alexa Grade: 328

Torrent YTS

YTS is a website suitable for users who are only looking for downloads from Filmtorrent. Due to unforeseen problems, the landfill was relocated to a new estate, which resulted in a clear decline in Alexa’s rating. Last autumn’s site has nothing to do with the original YTS/YIFY group, which was forced to cease operations in 2018. The website is as impressive as ever and has reached the heights of popularity thanks to a huge list of rated film theatres.

YTS has a refreshing aspect compared to other torrent indexing sites because the home page is a simple search page where you can find all content. YTS has a fair share of illegal content, but its simplicity makes it an indirect competitor to all popular streaming services.

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Users can easily find links to the torrents by requesting content or exchanging comments directly with the site’s developers. To access the most interesting features of the site, you can register.

Why use YTS?

  • Efficient search filter with sorting capabilities and interactive filters
  • Complete parts of the torrent in fragments , Clean layout

3. 1337x.-

Alexa Grade: 411

1337x Authorized persons

The 1337x has the look and feel of a premium torrent site. If we look at the website, we see that the developers of the 1337x have invested a lot of time and effort in developing everything from the homepage to the index page. All contents of the stream are correctly positioned and aligned.

1337X is a trusted torrent site that houses torrents of different categories. On the main page of the site there is a floating trend section that lists the most popular torrents of the day and the best torrents of the week.  Users will find more good torrents to download in the top 100 torrent lists for different 1337X categories.

Why use 1337x?

  • A simple look and feel for your advertising page
  • The best way to find old watercourses

4. Raw materials in

Alexa Grade: 819

Users have received mixed reviews about the vintage Rarbg.to. But when it comes to serving your purpose, there is no better website than Rarbg.to. With just a few clicks, you can efficiently find healthy torrent files for leeches. However, the website contains several pop-ups. Be careful when clicking on the links on the site to avoid being redirected to the advertising page.

From the point of view of Alexa Rank, Rarbg has lost several positions, but generally it maintains its place among the best torrent sites currently active on the internet.

In addition to providing categories of torrent downloads ranging from software, movies, games, anime, music to e-books. Users can also watch trailers of the latest movies and TV series on Rarbg. The user is not accustomed to viewing trailers on the site of the torrent, but it can still be useful to plan the next download of the torrent.

You can find the most downloaded files on Rarbg by consulting the 10 most important files on the torrent site in all categories.

Why use Rarbg?

  • Offers quality-driven flows
  • The blog section where you can get the latest news from the entertainment industry

5. limeto. info

Alexa Grade: 2648

Best alternative to the limiting currents of Pirate Bay 3. cc

It’s the sixth. Year after year Limtorrents has reached the top 10 of torrent sites on the internet. This search engine contains torrents in different categories, such as anime, TV series, software, movies, games, applications and e-books.

Compared to other search engines, torrent is easy to find here, another reason why LimeTorrents is one of the best torrent sites, as its content is updated almost daily. The torrents website has several pages where you can find useful information such as updated lists of the top 100 torrents, trends based on relevance, new torrents, old torrents and the latest torrents that you can download from the free website.

You can also communicate with users, give your opinion, download torrents and add torrents to your favorites by creating an account on Limetorrent.

Why use Limetorrents.info

  • Most references are checked using star symbols.
  •  The list of the 100 best and 100 new torrents is updated daily.


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Alexa Grade: 2698

While visiting major torrent sites such as Kickass Torrents, you may have noticed that most of the verified torrent content is published by the CEEA publishing group. The fast-growing torrent provider launched its offline website EZTV.ag, which achieved an impressive top-1000 ranking with Alexa.

EZTV offers torrent content from different categories, but the torrents from the TV show are the most downloaded content on this torrent site.

The website of the torrent has a common homepage where you can find links to the torrent and other information in tabular form.

The advantage of ETUCO is that users can save their favorite torrents on the site themselves by creating a personal account.

Why use EAWT?

  • Informative countdown
  • Fast loading of the torrent site with a clean user interface

FCTV has a countdown list that allows users to be notified of upcoming torrent downloads so that they can view the latest shows as soon as they are released. The contents of the pre-installed torrent can be found within minutes in the Calendar section.

7. Pinch plate (mirror)

Alexa Grade: 2828

Torrent sites for software

As the best alternative to an outdated CAT, this site has been elevated to one of the best wildlife parks of 2024 due to its untapped potential.

The mirror domain of the KickAss workstream has the same layout and user interface settings as the original website. You will find above the most important torrents, the most popular torrents and the options of a torrent catalogue. The site has a keyword cloud function that informs you about frequent searches on the site.

When it comes to downloading torrents, KickAsstorrents has a lot of seeds and leeches, so you can download torrents faster and with a minimum of delay. The site attracts many users because it offers both magnetic links and torrent files.

Why use KickAssTorrents?

  • A responsive user interface
  • No pop-up or redirection of ads

8. MagnetDL

Alexa Grade: 5117

Torrent MagnetDL website

MagnetDL is the newest torrent site on the internet. The fact that this site is already one of the best torrent sites says a lot about the authority of the site. Inspired by traditional torrent search engines such as UTorrent, this website works with a classic and old-fashioned interface. In terms of free torrent downloads, MagnetDL is a very effective website.

Like all other major torrent sites, MagnetDL’s homepage also features trendy torrent categories and a search bar at the top. After consulting the torrents, you will find each link on the website well aligned with the content of the corresponding torrent.

Why use MagnetDL?

  • Quick and easy loading
  • Recommended site for magnetic torrent links

9. Zoo

Alexa Grade: 9764

Just like MagnetDL, our next choice will be the new player among the best torrent sites in 2024. Zooqle is a relatively new name in the BitTorrent ecosystem, but its impressive download capabilities make it a direct competitor to any leading torrent site. In addition to speed, the increasing number of rivers has also contributed to the rise of meteorites in the zoo.

The website has a clean and simple interface that makes navigation on the platform easier for users. The abolition of ostentatious advertising is another refreshing pleasure for all torrents. Most of the content of Zooqle’s torrents consists of TV programme and film torrents. However, the torrent site also offers hosts with a variety of torrents, including anime, games, e-books, software, and much more.

Zooqle works best on iOS, Windows, Android and Mac devices.

Why use the zoo?

  • Different categories and subcategories
  • The publicity won’t come.
  • Cake list with important information
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10. Pantographs2

Alexa Grade: 15728

search engine torrentz2

If you’re interested, yes, Torrent2.eu is a torrent search engine. In this torrent search guide you will find more information about the subject and about torrent systems such as torrent2.eu.

As you may know, one of the most widely used Torrentz sites does not currently exist. Torrent2.eu mimics all the features of torrentz and helps you find proven torrents available on other torrent sites. The fact that you can find a downloadable link faster than any other website convinced us to rank Torrentz2 among the best torrent sites in 2024.

In addition to using the torrent search box, you can also visit the MyTorrentz website section, where you can use the tag option to find proven torrents for different categories.

Why use Torrentz2?

  • Meta-motor for searching torrents with torrents from more than 100 sites.
  • It’s easy to avoid being blocked via a .oni address.
  • Available work mirror pages

Is downloading torrents illegal?

Most major torrent sites such as the BitTorrent network, torrent clients, and other torrent search engines offer proven torrent clients to protect their reputation. Just make sure the stream has a legal identity and you can leave. However, there are several hosts of known torrent sites that advertise copyrighted torrent content without permission. These websites are the subject of disputes with law enforcement agencies. In short, as long as you avoid piracy, you don’t have to worry about the lawfulness of the stream.

How to safely load torrents?

You can use all major torrent sites to download your favorite content. However, your activity can be tracked because you are not anonymous when downloading files from the BitTorrent network. For example, the P2P file sharing network is fully decentralized, and if someone wants to track user activity in the torrent, they can do so with basic technical knowledge or with the help of a vendor. Our specialists strongly recommend using the VPN service to hide your IP address when downloading torrents.

Important place

Many VPN services offer special support for sharing P2P files. See our top 10 VPN services list. We often recommend using VPN services such as Private Internet Access or VPN North to unlock torrent sites and hide IP.

Does the use of BitTorrent decrease?

The decline in the popularity of landfills is mainly due to pressure from law enforcement and legal disputes. Users of the original BitTorrent network can remember how the torrent giants ExtraTorrents and KickAss disappeared completely after problems with the law. This increasing legal pressure on torrents has increased the demand for VPN services to unblock torrent sites.

Another factor in the decline of torrent film downloads is the trend of increasing downloads of streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. You will also find tons of free streaming movie sites on the Internet to entertain you for free.

For those of you who still prefer to download torrents, you can visit these sites with 100% legal torrent content.

Do not be fooled by the forgers of.

For users who still click on pages claiming to be the original version of IsoHunt and Extratorrent and IsoHunt torrent sites, just go to the imitation page. Two nature reserves have completely disappeared.  You can also find cloned pages for KickAss torrents on the Internet. Be careful before you press a url.

Tell us about your favorite torrent site you use.