How to enhance Client’s In-Store Experience Using Multiple Digital Signage Technologies

Is it true that physical stores are almost vanishing? With advancements in technology, most people think that the survival of physical stores is limited. However, that is not the exact scenario as most people prefer to visit stores physically. This is because a retail shop offers customers the chance to touch and feel the products before deciding to buy.

As much as the clients can physically see and maybe touch the products employing the latest technology is essential. For example, you can give tech-savvy clients in brick-and-mortar stores a chance to examine products on Transparent Touchscreen Displays. Below is a list of interactive and exciting retail technologies and why you should have them in your retail store. Here we go;

NFC/ RFID Tagged Smart Products


NFC is an abbreviation for Near Field Commission, an information-sharing technology that depends on Radio-Frequency Identification Technology (RFID). Employing such technology in your store will transform most of your services into modern and intelligent gadgets, which will, in turn, stimulate matters of screens in your retail store.
For enhanced resolution shows, you can mount touch screens on store walls or the shelves. NFC transponders can label objects making them easily accessible to the internet. Through such technology, most goods can communicate through the internet.

Touchscreen Tables with Object Recognition

This is a technological advancement from the typical cashier barcode system. In this case, items are identified with unique marker chips, distinguishing them from millions of products in-store. It works by placing the products on the touchscreen and then triggered. The screen then displays the videos, photos, and specs of the product and related ones.

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When setting up these screens, as a retailer, you can configure them with a wide range of apps that cover the expectations and needs of customers. For example, there are unique apps that can compare two products simultaneously.

XXL Touchscreens with Multi-User Technology


With substantial video wall touchscreens, most Multi-user apps on different touchscreens can deliver excellent results. They capture the attention of viewers from a distance because they perfectly display high-resolution information.

You can also include touchscreens on tables or flattened walls that allow clients to interact with them while standing or sitting. Specialized touchscreen tablets allow different shoppers to engage from several perspectives and include more specs like payment methods.

Customizable Apps for Large-Scale Touchscreens

Most clients love a gadget with a native user experience. For instance, most individuals using mobile phones prefer over-optimized software in mobile apps. Mobile apps created for touchscreen displays offer a fantastic and unique customer experience.

To achieve this, as a retailer, you should commit resources and develop touchscreen-friendly mobile apps. An ideal app should be able to deliver excellent services in video walls.

Facial Recognition as an Analytics Tool


Analytic and data tools are currently vital because they provide a deep insight into how clients interact with products. On this aspect, online businesses are some steps ahead while physical retail stores are lagging behind. This scenario is so because brick-and-mortar stores lack data.

Fortunately, physical retail stores have a reason to smile with touchscreens now available to provide the much-needed data. Such screens can let you know what products clients often look for, and the amount of time they interact with the products. Combining facial recognition equipment with touchscreen information enables you to have more detailed information on how clients interact with your products.

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Using facial recognition equipment enables you to track new and older clients. You can understand how long a new client takes interacting with your products. From this information, you can judge the adjustments that you need to make. Additionally, the touchscreen technology can capture several demographics of your client like feelings, age, and gender.

Smartphone Integration for Multi-Channel Marketing

You can save money through touchscreen technologies that you commit to operating system software developments.

Perks of Touchscreen Technologies in a Retail Store


A physical retail store having touchscreen technologies can enjoy several perks from these systems. You can get reliable touchscreen devices from and enjoy the exclusive benefits. This is a one-stop-shop developing innovative software. By choosing eyefactive, you get the following;

  • Customer satisfaction: clients are satisfied and happy when they have easy access to relevant information. They even become happier when more information is available about a specific product of their interest.
  • Memorization of Brand Attributes: with interactive retail technologies, clients get a fantastic experience interacting with a brand. This helps clients to recall a product description better than when reading through the contents on ordinary labels.
  • Reinforces the Learning process: clients can learn more about products through these technologies at their speed. The client, therefore, had a chance of interacting more with products of their choice.


The retail digital technologies covered above offer clients relevant information for enjoyable shopping experiences. They also provide great insights into client and product interactions. With such technologies, physical retail stores can attract more clients to their stores.

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These technologies can also enhance the chances of getting repeat clients. As a retailer, you will also get insights into what clients expect and make necessary adjustments to meet their needs. To favorably compete and even do better than online businesses, you have to fix these technologies in your store.