Ways The Blockchain And AI Pair Up

The world is changing every day, and that’s because we all strive to live in a better and more functional world. The world is changing thanks to each of us because each of us contributes in our own specific way, and especially each of us contributes through the sharing and use of new technological solutions. Technology is the science that is most credited for the changes and progress of the world, and proof of this can be found in almost every field, and especially in terms of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, which are considered to be one of the greatest achievements of technology. , but also the teams that work on it in general.

If you are interested in tech news in any way, you have probably heard the terms “Blockchain” and “AI” used a lot lately. Artificial Intelligence is used by almost all industries in tech today, including social media, stock trading, and gaming. The Blockchain was once seen as just a place to mint cryptocurrency. It’s quickly developing into a highly-used technology with a multitude of uses, including the metaverse. This part of the technology is constantly talked about, as evidenced by the daily news about cryptocurrencies and everything related to the world of cryptocurrency especially about buying, selling and trading with them in general as much as you can find out if you click here, what is often also associated with AI lately, which we mentioned above.
Anyone with any common sense could see that these two technologies are on a collision course to be merged to help create new solutions and products. What are some of the ways that the Blockchain and AI are going to merge? Let’s start with the following six companies that are working to make that happen right now.

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Six Companies Looking to Merge the Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

1. Bext360

Source: crunchbase.com

This Denver-based company used artificial intelligence to guide supply chain management and investment across a variety of different commodities. This includes coffee, timber, minerals, and more. The company then uses the Blockchain to securely store the information for its clients to use. The AI technology is created to ensure that coffee is ethically sourced. It can also help predict weather patterns and crop yields. This company shows us how technology, and especially AI and blockchain, can be of great importance to companies, their development and functioning, which is of great importance to them.

2. BurstIQ

Source: alexablockchain.com

This is another Denver company, which works great and perfectly builds its story of growth and development which it proudly presents to everyone. This one helps clients create a health wallet to help guide a client’s health, something that is really useful and that is timely and fully recognized and accepted by potential customers who decide on this product or service. You can now store your medical records on the Blockchain, making them secure and easier to access by a variety of healthcare providers thus the processes in question will run smoothly and much easier than it was before. One of the main functions of the company is to help combat the opioid crisis. However, what is offered to the users is of great importance and all this is made possible thanks to the big smart brains and of course, the technology based on Blockchain and AI, something that is very advanced and that is useful.

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3. Figure

Source: ai-techpark.com

This is a tech company based in San Francisco that helps with the home loan process. It was established by former a SoFi fund manager and is intended to give people a variety of access points to the real estate market. We know how important it is for everyone to get their home, and today it is facilitated with the help of technology, but also with the help of the solutions offered by companies like this. This company is proof that the benefits offered by technology such as AI and Blockchain should be used to the maximum.

4. Cyware

Source: cyware.com

One of the most important things for technology companies right now is Cybersecurity. Cyber security is something to look out for because any company can easily be compromised, especially those dealing with IT and programming. This is where Cyware is merging AI and the Blockchain. They use the technology the quell current attacks and to help prevent future cyber attacks no matter where they are coming from. The company also gives clients a real-time reading of their cybersecurity results.

5. Verisart

Source: tokeny.pl

The art world is vulnerable to a variety of fraud and other crimes. Verisart realized that they can help with this issue by verifying works of art on their Blockchain that can be stamped by the original artists, eliminating the chance of fakes being sold. It is a problem that they have seen and faced by many people, but still found a way to solve it with the help of new technologies like these. The company is based in London but also has an American office in Los Angeles and works with an excellent professional team.

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Users of the MOBS platform can now post and sell their smartphone videos after they are stamped on the Blockchain. This is great for news companies that want to get interesting footage or other companies that may want to source found footage off of the internet. The contract created when a video is minted on the Blockchain will then create revenue each time it is used.

These six companies are just a glimpse into how tech companies are using the Blockchain and AI to help protect works of art, store information, and create new platforms all over the internet and the metaverse. This is just the beginning. Even most experts don’t know where this is going to go. It envisions even greater advances in technologies such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence that will help many other companies solve real-life problems, the solutions of which are needed and of particular importance to the functioning of all of us. That is why we will wait to see the positives that this progress brings.