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Top 7 steering wheels for iRacing

iRacing is definitely one of the best racing simulators you can play on the PC right now. The multiplayer community is amazing and the game supports almost any hardware you can get.

However, the most important piece of equipment you need for racing simulations is as serious as iRacing – a set of steering wheels and pedals. In this article, we look at the 7 best steering wheels that money can buy.

iRacing officially supports all the bikes on this list. For more options, visit the iRacing wheel page.

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Manufacturer: Logitech. Price: $500

The G293 is Logitech’s newest and largest steering wheel. This is a 2024 update to the already popular G29, a steering wheel that is probably the easiest for anyone starting a career in racing simulation.

Logitech gives you feedback on the power of the two motors called Trueforce, a set of buttons and a rotary encoder. The wheel also supports a gear lever, which can be purchased as an option. There is also a built-in quick start feature to help you get out of the box quickly.

Not all games support Trueforce and Dual Clutch Asset (iRacing), which the G923 has, but you still get a great steering wheel that lets you feel the car.

You can buy the Logitech G923 here.

Manufacturer: Logitech. Price: $299

The G923’s predecessor, the G29, is still a solid wheel to buy if you’re looking for a splash of color on your wheel and aren’t afraid to forgo Trueforce force feedback and dual-clutch assist.

It will also save you about $200. On the day of the sale, it could sell for half the price of G923. The wheel is available in two versions, the G29, which is compatible with PC and Playstation, has more controls and is the more popular of the two.

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The other is the G923, which is the Xbox/PC version. Both bikes are identical except the G29 has more color and a rotary encoder.

The bikes also share pedals with the G923. Logitech pedals aren’t great, but they do the job.

You can get the Logitech G29/G920 here.

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Manufacturer: Trustee. Price: $199.

The T150 RS is probably the most affordable power feedback wheel around, and it shows. The bike is all plastic, with rubber grips on each side, and the pedals are just crap.

But if you’re on a budget, the bike itself isn’t bad at all. You can also keep the steering wheel and improve your pedals for nearly all models in Thrustmaster’s superb range. The wheel is also compatible with the TH8A switch.

The force feedback is a bit smoother, and the wheel is driven by a belt, so there is some internal friction as well. But for the money, you get a bike that tells you everything from the track to the screen, and that’s ultimately all you need.

You can get your Thrustmaster T150 RS here.

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Manufacturer: Thrustmaster Price: $450

The older brother of the T150, the T300, offers more in every way. The wheel is bigger, better built, has more buttons, a little more force feedback, and pedals that aren’t garbage.

The T300 is also available in the Pro version, which has an updated pedal set that is significantly better than the standard pedals and slightly better than the Logitech pedals.

But the best thing about the T300 is that it is equipped with a quick-change system. This means you can change the wheels whenever you want. Feel like an F1 driver behind the wheel of a GT3 car? No problem, change direction and you’re good to go.

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Today, you can do all sorts of disciplines with one wheel, but the ability to change wheels is just the icing on the cake. It is practical and can be very useful on the road.

You can get your hands on the Thrustmaster T300 here.

Manufacturer: Thrustmaster Price: $499

Another Thrustmaster wheel is TX and one of the best they have to offer. The wheel is the right size and is equipped with a dual belt force feedback system that allows you to get the most out of the car without the wheel wobbling anywhere.

The pedals that come with the steering wheel are actually pretty good, and although they are potentiometer based, you can use them even at the highest level of the racing simulator if you want to.

The wheel is detachable again, which means it’s compatible with the rest of the Thrustmaster ecosystem, including the other rims and the TH8A derailleur.

You can get Thrustmaster TX here.

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Manufacturer: Fanatec. Price: $699.95

Fanatec’s CSL Elite series is considered the crème de la crème of racing simulators, and CSL Elite is no exception.

You get an F1 approved steering wheel with the most perfect belt force feedback you’ve ever experienced. The pedals are made of aluminium and are individually adjustable.

If desired, you can even remove the bottom plate of the foot pedal and mount it individually on the drill stand. An optional strain gauge is also available, which can withstand pedal pressures up to 90 kg.

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You can get CSL Elite here

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Manufacturer: Fanatec. Price: $2000

The Podium F1 is a direct drive wheel that, as the name suggests, has an F1 rim. Being in the direct drive category, the wheels and pedals are often separate unless you buy a combo, and that’s exactly the case with the F1 Podium.

The wheelbase is plug-and-play, meaning you don’t have to worry about building a direct drive system, and the wheel itself is officially homologated by Formula 1. There is a nice little screen on the wheel well that allows you to see all the information you want.

Remember, direct drive wheels are a significant investment. Not only are you investing in an expensive engine, but you also need a cockpit to mount the engine yourself. In this case, you should also think about buying pedals.

Direct energy feedback from the wheels is the best you can get in a racing simulator, and the same goes for Podium F1. However, the force feedback is so strong that you could hurt yourself if you’re not careful.

You can buy the F1 stage of Fanatech here.

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