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Kimcartoon is a site that broadcasts old and current cartoons for free, such as Tom and Jerry, Swat Kat, Teen Titans, American Dragon, Power Rangers, G.I. Joe and many others.

You’re tired of paying various subscriptions, you can’t find your favorite cartoon on a streaming site, you want to fill up on cartoons from the 90s, there’s a platform that offers all these services and more for free. This platform is the official website of kimkartoon. I used the site and it works perfectly.

However, as Kim’s cartoons gained popularity among cartoon viewers, many clone sites sprang up claiming to be real. Note that these sites generally have only one purpose, to spread malware and viruses.

At the bottom of this article, I have provided the link to the original kimcartoon tv website as well as the apk links to download the kimcartoon application.

Features of Kimkartoon

Free website : This is a free cartoon site with 5 seconds of DDOS protection. You don’t have to pay or add your card details to view the content at any given time.

You don’t have to register: Unlike most free cartoon sites, you don’t need to register to use kimcartoon services, it doesn’t ask you any personal information as you have the option to enable cookies and reload or not, it’s easy to use, just open kimcartoon ac URL> click on search option> enter the name of your favorite cartoon> press enter> open the cartoon> choose the image quality, sit back and enjoy.

Quick download : I tested the speed of the site and it was one of the fastest in its category. It also has radiation protection. The content loads quickly and without unnecessary buffering, even while scrolling through each genre, which takes you to the desired cartoon, where I found many suitable choices that saved me from aimlessly scrolling and waiting for the page to load.

Video in HD quality: While watching cartoons doesn’t necessarily require high-quality graphics or HD quality, the experience of watching a cartoon in HD only gets better, whether you’re watching older or newer cartoons. It’s pretty soothing to the eyes to see content in HD, and that’s exactly what this latest free cartoon portal does.

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Billing is possible: You can watch your favorite cartoons anytime, anywhere, but you must have a fast internet connection to download the content. The kimcartoon download option is available in normal HD 240p and 1080p. If you have a download limited to 240p.

Cartoon genres: You will be surprised by the different genres of cartoons if you don’t watch cartoons often, this site is an absolute treat for all cartoon lovers, especially for those who are big fans of cartoons, you can find comedy, romance, motivation, sports and many other genres of cartoons in kimkarton.

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Tips for using the kimkarton

Use incognito mode: Make sure you check your browser before accessing kimcartoon.to. Please enable cookies. It’s more of a quick trick to solve problems. If you’re in a hurry or just want to watch a single small cartoon or episode or browse a website for cartoon suggestions, use your browser’s incognito mode. Incognito mode doesn’t save your story. So you don’t have to worry about malware or viruses being downloaded onto your device because the history is automatically cleared. It also avoids the manual process of cleaning the search history.

Hide your IP address: I can tell you that this is by far the safest and most effective way to protect your device from malware, viruses or potential threats. You don’t need to be a software expert to understand this, just use a VPN and it will do the rest for you. Choosing a good VPN is very important because you are entrusting it with important and sensitive data. I’ve tested most VPNs and found NordVPN to be the best by far. It’s fast, easy to use, with frequent updates, fewer bugs, faster downloads and an affordable price. I’ve stuck with NordVPN as my VPN of choice for over 6 months now, if you want to try it, I’ve linked it below.

Install ad blockers : This service is available as an extension of the service in the VPN. However, if you don’t want to use a VPN, it’s best to install an adblocker extension. Although it doesn’t give you the various benefits of a VPN, if you want to browse websites that show various pop-ups redirecting you to another site. Adblocker does not allow these pages.

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Kimkartoon URL tab: The above tips can also be used in general, this particular tip is specifically for Kim box users. Once you are on the original website, don’t forget to bookmark it so you can use the same URL next time instead of scouring the internet for duplicates of Kim boxes.

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Steps to download kimkartoon on android

Step one: Download the apk Kimcartoon application with this apk file to your android device.

Step two:  Go to Menu>Settings>Requests and Notifications>Special Access Request>Unknown Request>KimCarton Request

Step three: Open and watch free movies and series

Steps to download kimkartoon to iPhone/iPad/iOS

Step one: Download Kimcartoon App apk to your Apple device from this link.

Step two:  Settings>>General Settings>Profile and Devices>Unknown Application>>KimCartoon

Step three: Open the app and watch your favorite movies and shows.

Steps to download kimkartoon on a MAC or PC

First step is to download Android emulator on your MAC or PC. If you don’t know which Android emulator to download, I made a list of the best Android emulators to download

Step one: Download the kimcartoon application to your MAC or PC using this apk file.

Step two: Run the file on your MAC or PC and install it.

Step three: Open the file with the android emulator.

Step four: Open the application on your Android emulator and watch an unlimited number of films and series

Steps to download the cartoon on Firestick/FireTV

Step one: Download the Kimcartoon apk application from the Fire TV browser.

Step two: On the Fire TV, select Configuration > Device Settings > Developer Settings > Unknown Application > Kimcartoon.

Step three: Open the Kimcartoon application and watch movies and TV shows.

***Note: Geekymint or its authors have no intention of promoting the use of the kim cartoon, this article is for educational purposes only***.

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Kimkarton Technical data

Scope of the request :                                17 MB

Availability: The third-party application is not available on the PlayStore or AppStore.

Accessibility :                           Access to the world

Download : More than 100,000 downloads

Advertising:                        Yes, kimcarton is displaying

Content quality: 240p, 480p, 720p and 1080p in HD quality

Question – Is Kim’s cardboard art safe?

I checked Kimcarton’s site for malware and possible viruses and found none, while the site of various online ads works perfectly. In the above article, I gave advice on how to avoid suffering from pop-ups and ad redirects.

Question – Is it safe to download the kim cartoon?

A- Before downloading a third-party application to your device, check all application specifications and permissions. I’ve used kimcartoon and found no malware or glitches like some users of free animation streaming apps.

Question – Where can I watch old cartoons like Swat Kats, Ed Edd and Eddy, etc.?

A-Kimcartoon is one of the best, if not the best, free cartoon feed that offers users almost all cartoons, old and new.

Question – Is it safe to download cartoons from kimcarts?

A- It is not recommended to download content from third party applications or illegal content websites in general, but you will not be arrested or fined for this. Using a VPN to hide your IP address is another way to prevent your location or browsing history from being made public.

Question – How can I watch the latest cartoons that are not broadcast in my country?

A- Open a new incognito tab in your Chrome browser, open the kimcartoon website or download the kimcartoon apk application and enjoy watching the latest cartoons for free.

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