Check What Google Knows About You

Today, Google knows more about you than your boyfriend or girlfriend because it’s almost impossible to bypass Google when using the internet and your smartphone.

You and I use the services and products offered by Google, such as. B.

  • Google Maps for navigation
  • Google AdMob and AdSense to monetize applications and web content.
  • YouTube to watch video content
  • Google Wizard
  • Google Photos
  • Platform
  • Google Mail

this list is endless, Google makes quality software and we can’t deny it.

For example, to create useful products and series, Google needs a lot of data, and this data is collected from users who, like us, use database services.

This data is also used to display personalized advertising,

Simply put, personalized ads are ads for products and services that Google thinks you’ll find interesting.

In this article, we’ll find out what Google knows about you and how you can control its data collection.

Checking Google ad settings

Under Google Ad Settings, when personal ads are enabled, you can see what Google thinks of you,

In order to provide you with relevant ads, Google creates a profile based on the information you provided when creating your account and the information gathered from your actions,

Here in my Google Ads Profile

All this information is collected for the purpose of personalized advertising, so you don’t have to see ads you’re not interested in and so advertisers can target people who are interested in their product.

Monitoring Google Account Activity Page

Here is your complete history

  • Whatever you were looking for, with your voice or typewriter,
  • Websites you have visited
  • The applications you use on your device
  • Search and watch videos on YouTube
  • The advertisements you have clicked on
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Basically, everything you’ve done while signed in to your Google account is tracked and recorded.

You can selectively disable most things.

Audit history of site

The history of the place is pretty scary if you can’t remember when you turned it on,

You will find here all the places you have visited

As long as it only shows the places you’ve visited, that’s fine, but it records the detailed data it can get from you, for example.

  • Places you have visited
  • There are routes to visit this place
  • When photos are taken and uploaded to Google Photos, they also appear in your location history.

If I go to the georeferenced story, you can use all my days in the routine and the pictures I took that day.

These blue bars at the top indicate the level of activity that day in the history of the region.

You can delete the history of a single day or of the entire site with a single click.

To delete site history for a single day, first download the site history for a specific day and then click Delete next to the date,

To delete the entire history of the site, click on the delete icon in the bottom right corner of the page.

Album Archive

Previously, Album Archive was used to upload photos from Google Plus, but now you can use Album Archive to view all photos stored in an album in your Google account.

The album library contains photos associated with your Google account.

  • From Blogger.
  • Profile photo
  • Albums created in Google Photos
  • Pictures published on Google Maps.
  • Automatic backups
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When you open the autobackup folder, you can see the photos in the album of the day with the date they were downloaded.

Control of activities

A place to control the following actions for tracking and deletion of tracked data.

Check all your activity pages to see how much data is being tracked about you and decide what should be tracked or not.

Some users may want to change the site’s history or disable web and application activity, whichever is most convenient for you.

I find web applications too scary because they track almost everything you do when you’re logged into your Gmail account, like

  • Websites you have visited
  • The advertisements you have clicked on
  • You have performed an audio/text search
  • Each page of the game shop application that you visit
  • Search in a Google application, for example B. Gmail, Playstore and Google News.
  • Notifications sent by the Google application and Google Wizard (yes, notifications such as course notifications).
  • and counting the numbers

Google Dashboard

With Google Dashboard, you can take a look at the Google products you use and get information about them, for example. B.

  • How many contacts are stored in Google Contacts
  • Total number of Gmail calls broken down by total emails sent, drafts, junk mail.
  • Apps with access to your Google Account
  • Total installed base of applications for Android
  • Google Photos and Albums in general

Google Dashboard also provides a direct link to the services. So if you want to know more about a product or service, you can jump straight from the dashboard.

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Google Takeout

If you plan to stop using Google’s services or switch from one account to another, you can always transfer all your data from Google.

Google allows you to select the services you want to pull data from and the available format in which the data can be exported.

Depending on the size of the data, it will take some time to prepare the data for download.

Google Takeout lists all Google products that contain information about you. It’s an easy way to check how many Google products you’ve contacted.

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