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MilesWeb Web Hosting Review: A Look at their Details, Pricing and Features

You probably have two reasons for being here and reading this,

On the one hand, you want a website for your blog, for your business or you want to start your own business as a web developer and you are looking for a proven, reliable and easy-to-use Pocket solution as a hosting partner for you. Second: Your former partners or hosting providers let you down by not keeping their word when you needed it most.

If any of the above applies to you, relax and let me help you make an informed decision by sharing with you my experience with MilesWeb, a hosting partner that has always been there for me when I’ve had problems with my web space journey so far.

Like everyone else, I first fell for the big names and flashy TV ads for the essential elements of my website because I was new to the field. But, as they say, you learn a lot from the journey. The same thing happened to me, my journey with drastic mistakes, security holes and expensive realities taught me a lot and led me to the name MilesWeb, which I can now boast as a reliable and valuable hosting partner.


An independent hosting provider based in India and definitely one of the best in the industry. MilesWeb was officially launched in 2012 and offers complete web hosting services such as domain registration, website creation, SSL certificate and easy domain transfer. The company offers more than 70 hosting packages, including shared hosting, VPS (virtual private server) hosting, Windows hosting, WordPress hosting, AWS-managed cloud, panel hosting and dedicated servers.

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Underneath all this, MilesWeb has divided all hosting options into different plans according to our budget and needs.

MilesWeb hosting features and available plans:

With Tyro, Swift and Turbo options, MilesWeb has something for everyone. For starters, Tyro is a mixture of standard features and limited niches. For example, they offer a free domain that no one else has on a basic plan. However, the Swift and Turbo rates are real eye-catchers for most customers.

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The essentials that the company offers at no extra cost is an easy to use website builder, interactive cPanel (control panel), 1-click application installer, SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, free website registration and how could you forget to mention 24/7 support with responsive emails and instant live chat response.

You only have to look at their price table to understand the price-performance ratio.

MilesWeb rate card:

Don’t you understand the language?

You don’t have to worry if the words above in the email or in the chart are new to you, I’m just going to elaborate for you so it’s a complete journey for you to make a decision.

Free space:

Yes, I realize this is not a big deal, but what I mean is that you can register a new domain for your business or just move an existing domain for free. For the new domain, they offer a .shop with their Tyro and 2 free domains (a .com with an .online) or a free domain (.in or .shop) with their Swift and Turbo plans.

Well secured e-mail accounts

With access to the three web clients RoundCube, Horde and SquirrelMail, you’ll have quick and easy access to unlimited email.

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SSD space:

Many people may think why not hard drives, SSDs offer much better performance than traditional hard drives and improve the overall performance of your website.

Free SSL Certificate:

MilesWeb offers a free SSL certificate to secure your website and protect it from hackers. It also improves your ranking among other sites of the same kind and advertising as a trust factor for your visitors.

Simple and free website builder :

This website maker makes your life easier when designing and developing your website with simple drag and drop features.

Control panel (cPanel) with 1-Click installer (Softaculous):

cPanel is a good friend of the website owner. This allows daily tasks such as managing and creating FTP accounts, email accounts and managing the necessary database to be done quickly and easily. It also comes with the Softaculous software that allows you to install your favorite applications with one click.

Single data centre selection procedure

If you have multiple MilesWeb data centers, you can choose a data center near your target for faster download speeds.

Latest MySQL version:

In addition to the most popular scripting language, PHP, you will benefit from an up-to-date database management system with MySQL.

Migration of free sites:

A very practical procedure to migrate your website to MilesWeb at any time without paying a penny more.

Customer feedback:

Because not only I, but also others have the same opinion about MilesWeb. 24 hour support and free access to a knowledge base provide solutions to any problems a website owner may encounter or could encounter.


What else can a website owner or developer ask for? When you get the best offers compared to others, look for a reliable hosting partner that solves your requests within the agreed time frame and with a single registration created specifically for each need with maximum transparency, go for it and make a smart move with MilesWeb.

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