Tips From The World Of Fishing

On this occasion, I would like to talk about a more relaxed variant (because I am vacationing with my family), which involves fishing from the shore or a smaller boat near the beach. For serious fishing, further from the coast and on the open sea, it takes time and a solid boat or, even better – a yacht. It is best to know someone who lives at sea and engages in sport fishing so that he can take you with him. Since most of our anglers spend a short time at sea, they mostly opt for a more relaxed variant of fishing from the shore and mostly on live baits. Cheating during the hot summer months is quite complicated because you have to go far from the beach or fish at a greater depth in the early morning hours.

So, it is most often fished on a float or depth method, which depends on the type of fish we are fishing and the terrain on which we are fishing (depending on whether it is a sandy beach or tufa and reefs). The float is most often used to catch mullets, beeches, asparagus, and other fish along the coast. For mullet, of course, the best bait is bread, and our scallops go best there. This fishing is quite similar to river scallop fishing, which means good and quality equipment and a lot of skill in catching fish because all fish from the sea are fierce fighters with every piece. Heavier than 500 grams, you will have a lot of trouble getting the catch out of the water. For canters, beeches, perks, kanji, snakes, asparagus, around, škarmovi, storage, and many other species, the best baits from the sea are various shrimps, prawns (shrimps), sea snails, pieces of fish, shellfish, and course shorter squid, which are undoubtedly the most commonly used and the universal bait at sea. Some fish are also dangerous and should not be touched with your hands if they are on a hook. I am thinking of grouper, both plain and red, which has three spines on the side and should be carefully removed from the buckle not to sting you. Some other hazardous animals like the sea spider, so a dose of caution is not out of the question, especially for those who are hunting at sea for the first time.

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As mentioned above, recreational and straightforward methods should be used in summer fishing conditions. So slowly, in the shade with a cold beer, choose a fishing technique for the day, so if that doesn’t work, then try another method, and if that doesn’t work, watch where the dolphins swim, because there are no better fishermen in the sea than them. They always know where the fish is. At sea, you have a lot of opportunities to try different fishing techniques, so choose what suits you best, and there will surely be good memories for that – relax and enjoy

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A beginner’s guide on how and how to fish

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Want to go fishing and don’t know how to get started? Fishing may seem complicated to beginners, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With a bit of essential equipment, fishing permits, and tips in this guide, you’ll be able to catch some fish this weekend.

This guide explicitly covers classic fishing, which uses a rod with a reel and bait to attract fish. For new anglers, this is one of the easiest ways to go fishing with minimal investment.

Fly fishing, sea fishing, ice lake fishing, and other types of fishing that use different equipment are options that might interest you.

Fishing as a sport remains one of the most popular forms of outdoor recreation. The problems of the modern fisherman have remained the same as every fisher before, where to find the fish and how it is easiest to catch.

As a beginner in fishing, you need to understand wind, weather, and water currents.


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Whether you are hunting for food or recreational purposes, you must apply for a permit before fishing. This is a legal obligation in most states when fishing in public waters.

To save, buy an annual permit because it saves time and money.

In any case, it is not a big problem because fishing is a relaxing sport, which means that you will probably go fishing every other week. Therefore, it would be good to have a valid permit with you at all times.

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The first beginnings of fishing

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Ever since humans began collecting food, living things in water have been considered possible food sources. Nets and dams, often woven from reeds and placed in streams, were both methods used to collect large numbers of fish that could then be classified into edible and undesirable fish.

One of the earliest tools of man is the first form of a fishhook: a piece of wood, bone, or stone 2.5 cm that was pointed at both ends and fastened in the middle.

With the advent of copper and bronze, the hook was one of the first tools made of metal. The theme was attached to a handmade rope made of animal or plant material that had enough strength to catch fish. The practice of tying a string to a long stick or a branch of a tree enabled fishing from the shore or stone and even over the vegetation that borders the water.