5 Tips for When an Online Bookmaker Refuses to Payout – 2024 Guide

Thanks to advanced technology, the lives of people have become more comfortable. We can now do many things without any need to get out of our room. However, entertainment is not the only reason why people are using the Internet. They are also trying to find the best possible online method to improve their financial stability.

Online betting is a mix of profitability and entertainment. It allows people to enjoy their free time even more and potentially earn additional money. Unfortunately, things are not going to go in the right direction always.

There is one common mistake that all betting beginners make. They usually do not research the betting site where they plan to deposit their money. More precisely, they get inspired by some amazing offers, and they believe there is no need to continue researching.

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The worst scenario they could experience is finding an online bookmaker that refuses to pay out their money. In those cases, people get upset and nervous. Instead of that, people should focus on finding a solution to their problem. Fortunately, there are a couple of things they can do whenever something like that happens.

1. Before Everything – Try Not to Make a Mistake

Becoming a successful bettor is a long process. Everything starts with a good selection of online bookmakers. There are many of them, and they all look the same or almost identical. Realizing the difference between most professional ones and low-quality ones is a challenging process because of that reason.

You should primarily remain objective. Some amazing offers that look unrealistic should not attract you. Despite that, Google can be your best friend. Check out the news and see whether a betting site you plan to pick has a bad reputation or not.

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Additionally, you should check the reviews that some other professionals share with a worldwide audience. There are many websites like top-kladionica.com where you can get familiar with the features of different online bookmakers.

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Still, if you haven’t done this on time, things become complex. You will have to go through a couple of stages and try to get your money in that way. Let’s find them out!

It’s Sometimes Your Fault

Many professional betting sites require verification from the customers. In that way, they want to ensure everything around betting is legit and legal. However, people sometimes do not deliver the necessary personal data properly. For instance, the quality of their photo is not good. Despite that, it may happen that you haven’t attached some documents or certificates that can confirm your identity.

The good news is that you can check out whether that is the problem or not easily. You only need to contact customer support and check if you need to provide some other documents.

2. Connect with Customer Support

We will continue in the same manner. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the casino is a scam if you can’t withdraw your money. There may be a problem with the algorithm they are using. For instance, it may happen the system recognizes you as a scam. In that case, you will need to contact customer support.

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However, the way how you communicate with them matters the most. We understand you are frustrated, but tough words are not going to help a lot. Provide all the details about your account and clearly explain the problem you have. In many cases, you will get your money after the customer support realizes you truly are a victim of a system issue.

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3. Check Out the Rules of Betting Site

This is something you should do before even depositing the money. However, the problem is, most people do not do that. Before you even contact customer support, check out the rules of the casino. You may see there that connecting with support will be useless.

The reason why we say this is simple. Some casinos highlight the rule that they have the right not to pay out the winning reward without any explanation. That is the sign the betting site you decided on is not legit.

4. Complain Authorized Gambling Commissions

Every penny you earn at betting sites is yours and no one has the right to take it from you. It doesn’t matter if you want to withdraw $5 or $5000. If the betting website refuses to payout, you should complain to authorized gambling commissions.

If the betting site you decided on is legit, there has to be a license that allows them to work. In most cases, these licenses usually come from the United Kingdom, Malta, Curacao, Isle of Man, etc. Before you do that, tell the customer support which plans you have. These casinos usually do not want to risk the license that allows them to work. However, do that only when you are 100% sure you are right. If they refuse to give you money even after that, do that!

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We can’t guarantee you will get your money soon. Yet, you will manage to help hundreds of other players that will potentially become a victim of a scam.

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But, How to Properly Make a Complaint to a Gambling Commission?

The entire process is easier than you think. First of all, you need to find the “real” email address of the gambling authority. In most cases, you will manage to do that on their official websites. Despite that, make screenshots of your balance, emails you exchanged with customer support, etc. All these proofs will help you confirm that you are right.

5. Share Your Experience with Others

Don’t keep the problem you experienced a secret. Some people feel uncomfortable sharing their stories because they are afraid other people will judge them. For instance, they don’t want to look dumb because they didn’t recognize scammers. You can click here to learn more about good services and safe sites.

Scammers are true professionals, and they know how to confuse people. That especially counts when we talk about beginners. Join different betting communities on social media and share your story with others. You can also provide screenshots that will confirm your story is correct. There is a big chance you will save money of many people.