Critical Tips for Realtors When Selling a Home in 2024

Real estate is a versatile yet very competitive market. Every realtor’s dream is to make it to the top of the industry. You can achieve this by helping your clients sell their property within the shortest time and at the highest possible price. This will require a bit more commitment and strategic planning. Here are a few tips that you can use to make your sale easier and more successful.

Stage the Home Properly to Attract Buyers


Start by preparing the house to make it more appealing to potential buyers. The first thing that a person notices once they get to a home is the landscape. So, plant fresh flowers, trim the trees, shrubs and mow the lawn. Enhance the entryway by brushing up cobwebs, painting the front doors, hinges, and locks. Add a new doormat, update the house number, and boost the curb appeal to lure in buyers.

Give the house a thorough cleaning. Scrub the floor, clean the faucets, stainless steel appliances, Have polish up the windows and every other surface. Next, declutter the house to maximize the perceived space. Put toiletries and the small kitchen appliances in the cabinets. Request your client to donate any items that they don’t need in the house. Advice the house owner to take down anything that reflects their personality and interest, like family photos, and art decor, to make the house neutral. If a buyer doesn’t like the previous owner’s style, it becomes harder to envision living in that house.

Remember also to improve the furniture flow. Ensure that nothing blocks the entryway so the buyers can comfortably move from one room to another without squeezing in. Keep the furniture facing the room’s focal point, like the fireplace or the television. Also, maximize the house lighting, both natural and artificial. Repaint the walls to give the house a fresh look.

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Use a Professional Photographer

As a realtor, you will need to hire a professional photographer who understands interiors and architecture. Professionals have the right tools to take clear images even in darker areas like the basement. An experienced photographer will also take the pictures at an angle that brings out the home’s best features.

Note that 93% of US home buyers use the internet to search for houses. High-quality images will most likely grab the attention of potential homebuyers. Such photos will also give your website a more professional look.

Taking pictures of all the houses you sell can be quite time-consuming. Hire a professional for the work, so you can spare time to concentrate on other profitable ventures. Home sellers will always go for a real estate agent who uses professional photos since they know the image will showcase their property better and help close sales faster.

Spread the Word About the Listing


You need to market your listing as extensively as you can. Put a sales sign in front of the yard, and send out flyers to let the neighborhood know that the house is on sale. Attend local meetings and inform people of your listing. Post your listing on social media to try and reach the 3.78 billion users. Offer live steam of the house on Facebook or Instagram live.

Remember to update your realtor’s website and include an enticing list description. Experiment with email marketing. Ensure that you send the property image and details to your email list and keep the subject line interesting. Do not forget to use direct mailing for your loyal customers or new prospects. If you need help in generating direct mail for realtors, reach out to Wise Pelican. Host an open house to give potential buyers a physical experience of the house. The more the property attracts attention, the higher the chances of a sale.

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Communicate Effectively

As a Realtor, you will hold several meetings with potential clients. You need to present yourself very professionally. Be prepared for all the questions that the buyers often ask and have the answers ready. During these discussions, avoid making assumptions and only rely on facts, especially when asked about legalities and house documentation.

Expect client’s objections, and your success will depend on how well you handle them. Do not try to skirt difficult conversations. Instead, be transparent, honest, and very clear about the property. If the buyer asks about any legal hassles on the property, ensure that you give them enough information about this.

On the other hand, you need to keep the property seller updated. Your client might begin to feel anxious if they stay for long without hearing from you. Ensure that you give your client feedback after every show and open house. Even when there are no offers, keep in touch with the seller, so they know that you are doing something worth paying for. Also, return all calls and emails within the shortest time possible.

Set a Realistic Price


One of the most important aspects when selling a house is the price. Homeowners tend to overprice their property since they have an emotional connection with it, and it’s the realtor’s job to educate them on the right pricing strategy. Research on the price of similar property in the region to guide you in setting a competitive price. You may also need to hire an appraiser to determine the exact value of the house.

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Never give a seller an unreasonably high price to get a listing. If you price the home too high, most buyers will avoid it, and it might take so long to sell. You will be forced to drop the price when it’s too late. When this happens, the seller will lose, and it will also affect your reputation. A god realtor never uses shortcuts but gets the right value based on price per square footage or other factors. After setting the price, negotiate for the best terms possible.

Thank the Client After Closing Sale

Developing personal relationships with your clients is very important. So, after successfully closing the sale, you need to establish a meaningful relationship with the client. Send the client a special thank you gift or get a postcard with direct mail for realtors to show the client some appreciation. Satisfied clients will refer you to their friends and family and set you up for future business. Should they need to sell the house, they are more likely to contact you again.

The Bottom Line

A realtor’s main role is to represent their client and make the house selling process smooth and quick. When you do your best and cover all the basics outlined above, you will gain a great reputation for your work and attract a loyal customer base.