How Do You Make an Exhibition Stall Attractive?

Exhibition stalls are a great way to spread awareness of our firm and try to reach new customers or partners. The issue is that they will usually be lined up with a dozen other exhibition stalls all striving for the same result. This situation makes it harder to stand out and get the engagement we expect. For this reason, improving our stall’s attractiveness is key. We need to make it engaging, interesting, and entertaining. To fulfill this we recommend you try out some of the below suggestions.



The conventions our exhibition stall is located in will usually look like a sprawling maze of stalls and people that reaches far. This can make it very exhausting to visit such conventions and most people won’t pack refreshments for, what they assumed, was a short stroll through stalls. This is why you should offer some at your stall. Snacks are a great way to entice people to take a peek at your stall. Any snacks will do but some recommendations are caramels, jelly beans, hard mints, nuts, and other small bites. These items also replenish some of the person’s energy, making them more aware of your presentation while they snack away.

Branded gifts

One of the best ways for customers to remember you is to give them something that has your company’s name or logo on it. These gifts can be as simple as pens or notebooks, something that is commonly used and often presented in more populated places such as offices. Some people make hobbies out of collecting these as well so you are likely to attract them. These gifts can also be useful during a convention to some, offering them out can both help people while giving you more traffic on your stall.

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It’s always good to liven up the place with some music. The long treks through convention centers can be cluttered with the noise of the crowd and present a less enjoyable experience so it helps to cover up that sound and make it fun. Pick something that isn’t too overwhelming, boasting a simple melody. It could even be a jingle from your commercials but be careful as constantly replaying a 10-second loop can get grating to both passerby and people at the exhibition stalls. If you want you can pick out a whole playlist that fits the situation, one that can either cover the duration of the whole convention or at least part of it so that it doesn’t wear itself out. Live music is another option but that should be approached depending on the situation.

Branded decorations

The best part about exhibition stalls is that all the time you spent designing logos, taglines, and identity for your business finally comes to fruition in the form of decorations. Streamers, balloons, wallpapers, posters, color-coded stalls, and many more options to represent your company spark through. The power of aesthetics is very much welcome during crowded conventions. It also makes you harder to miss. However, make sure it’s still apparent what your business is otherwise people may be unsure about its purpose. This can be done through some decorations that are reminiscent of your industry. For example, a private clinic would put up a foam syringe or wrap a bandaid around a stall. For more specialized designs check out They offer impressive stand designs that you can consult them on for free, or order a whole stand from them if you don’t have the time to work on it.

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Samples and demonstrations


The free trials of your company’s product are among the best ways to attract more people to your stand. The exhibition stalls are meant to represent your company so why not represent it with the demonstration of its capabilities? These can be as simple as platters of cookies from your bakery or a showcase of the latest device your company has created. Regardless, make sure to keep it approachable and have somebody well-versed in the product who can offer more information. This is the most direct way of making a good impression on the people attending the convention so make sure everything is as good as possible.

One on one talks about the company

Information on your company is always good to have especially if it includes a responsive employee who can answer any of the questions the approaching people may ask. Think of one on one talks as information booths of sorts. The benefits are that they showcase that your staff is highly knowledgeable of the job they do as well as proving they are ready to engage with customers at any moment. These are very important parts of any business as it immediately improves the image of your brand.



Hours of walking will leave people properly exhausted and even though you’ve already offered snacks they need a quick pick me up. This is best achieved through coffee. You can either have a full jug at the ready or a coffee machine as part of your booth. Either way, the spike of caffeine will make them more aware of their surroundings. With them already being next to your booth they will likely stick around until finishing the coffee, not wanting to risk getting it spilled on themselves in the crowd. It’s also a nice gesture that shows the friendliness of your business so it’s worth integrating into your exhibition stall.

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TV screen

If you aren’t sure the point of your company and its strong points are brought across through design alone consider putting up a TV screen. It can showcase the adverts of your brand while also accommodating demonstrations of its capabilities. The added benefit is the ability to just turn on something entertaining enough to attract people near a booth. From there you can probably find a link to engage in a conversation with them. Overall, a simple and fruitful addition.


The exhibition stalls are our chance to show ourselves to the world so they should never be squandered. Even with the above tips, there are plenty other ideas that could be incorporated into these exhibition stall. There are also industry-specific quirks you could employ so make sure to always stay on the hunt for new ways to enhance your experience. Find out what you like and what you feel represents the brand best and suggest it to those responsible for the creation of the stall. Engage those working the stall with the people to create even more traction and keep the stall consistently busy.