How to Leverage Social Media to Acquire New Customers – 2024 Guide

People are using social media daily. Think about the number of times you find yourself scrolling through your social media apps every day. By the first quarter of 2024, about 4.20 billion people were using social media, and this number which accounts for more than 53% of the population, continues to increase every day.

Any Los Angeles digital marketing agency like Digitawise knows that social media is a great, if not the best, marketing platform. However, it is challenging to invest in social media, and it takes a lot of effort and discipline. This post covers some tactics you can use to use social media to improve your business’s ROI.

Post useful content on your social media


Many businesses tend to use useful content on their blog posts or forward to subscribers but forget about their social media platforms. You should utilize your social media to identify yourself as a source of valuable and relevant content to your target audience.

Share your expertise in your posts, and you can attract a wider audience than the one you already have. If you establish yourself as an expert by providing relevant and useful content to consumers, they are more likely to convert into leads and eventually become customers.

Also, you should post your content strategically. Avoid staying quiet for a long time/ posting a lot of content in a single day because consumers may unfollow you. Instead, post content consistently so that your consumers can follow.

Also, avoid topics that can prove to be offensive to some parties. Avoid topics about race, religion, or political affiliations. Some businesses fail on social media due to such controversial content.

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Answer your consumers quickly

Many customers turn to social media to inquire directly about the brand. The customers expect quick responses from the brands. 71% of the Customers who get quick responses from a brand are likely to recommend the brand to someone else. Therefore, you should have some employees who respond to social media inquiries as soon as possible.

It does not matter whether it is positive feedback or a critical review; you should try to respond to them quickly. Quick responses show your audience that you value their views, and the audience feels that they can do business with you.

Make personal connections with your target customers

Social media is a powerful tool that helps people to connect from all over the world. Do not treat people only as target customer beings but keep in mind that they are also human beings. You need to go beyond responding to their inquiries if you want to generate results.

You can DM people who tag you and also respond to customers’ emails. Remember that many people make their purchase decisions based on their emotions. If you make them happy, they are loyal to you, and if you anger them, you lose them.

Using user-generated content (UGC)


Sometimes you can take a break from posting your regular updates but instead encourage your consumers to generate content. The consumer can share content featuring your product with his/her friends, and you can place the content on your account for your audience to see.

UGC can help add credibility to your brand. People are 2.4 times more likely to view content your consumers generate as more authentic than the content you create. When the consumers post the content on their accounts, their friends and family can view the content, and you get more brand exposure.

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Invest in social media ads

The best way to build more followers on your social media is to use social media ads. Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, and other social media forums offer services to allow you to advertise to your target audience.

If you want to generate more conversions, promote free offers instead of paid offers. The social ads’ primary goal should not be getting customers to buy your product/ service but getting more subscribers.

Run contests or giveaways

On average, businesses acquire 34% of new customers by using contests and giveaways. Many people participate in these contests, and within no time at all, you can acquire lots of new subscribers using the contests.

Utilize influencers


There are people on social media who have a considerable number of followers because they have established themselves as sources of credible information. You can reach out to these people to help you showcase your products.

The influencer will be social proof that your product is good. Look for influencers who specialize in the content that relates to the product/service you are selling so you can target an audience that is more likely to convert into leads. Remember that these influencers can affect their followers’ purchasing decisions to some extent, so it is a field worth venturing into and gaining more customers.

Use free offers to build an email list

The main point of marketing is to convert target customers into leads and eventually into a customer. Email is one of the best lead nurturing avenues, and using social media; you can build an email list to reach out to subscribers.

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Again entice customers to register using free offers. You can offer a discount for the first 200 subscribers or tell them it is a way of accessing member-only benefits. Paid offers may not be fruitful as many target consumers may not be ready to commit to buying anything.

Create and participate in social media groups


You can create a community where you interact with your customers and prospects. The group can be the forum where you address customers’ issues and teach people how to use your products. Forming and being active in these groups helps you gain popularity. Target customers can help you promote your product through the group when they share positive reviews about what you offer.

Key Takeaway

Social media is a platform to utilize for marketing products and increasing brand awareness. Ensure you apply tactics that work so that you can get the most out of social media marketing. Use the connective ability of social media to connect with your target audience on a deeper level, know what they need, and provide it.