7 Important Reasons Why Mold Remediation and Removal Requires an Expert

Mold growth in homes or businesses can occur any time of the year, but is especially common during summer months. It is spread by tiny microscopic spores that need moisture and the right temperatures to grow. The first thing to know about it is that it is a health hazard and can be destructive to your property. The other important fact to keep in mind is that mold inspection and removal is best done by professional remediation experts.

Suppose you notice you have mold growing inside your home, such as in a bathroom or kitchen where there tends to be more moisture which promotes the growth of mildew. You might want to first try to clean it off, however that is no guarantee it will stop it from coming back or spreading to other areas. Also without proper training and equipment you will not be able to positively identify whether it is harmful mold or harmless mildew. In that case, it is best to enlist the help of a professional removal company that understands how to handle mold growth without risking exposure or further contamination of your home and possessions. Therefore, here are 7 important reasons you should hire professional companies for mold remediation and removal.

1. Helps Fix Your Mold Problem Permanently

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If you want to eliminate the root cause of the problem in your premises, a professional restoration company like Birchall Restoration gets the job done the right way. Even though you may know you have mold issues, only highly trained professionals can determine if your home is safe for you to return – or not. A professional remediation and restoration company will be able to permanently fix your mold problem and remove items that they cannot save to prevent more contamination.

Using professional remediation services will ensure that the removal and restoration of the damaged area is done safely and properly. They will eliminate the root cause of contamination, so you don’t have to worry about the problem reoccurring in the future and also protect members of your household from exposure to the mold while it is being removed. Hence, it is worth the peace of mind to have your mold removal done by certified professionals.

2. Professionals Are Certified and Follow IICRC Standards

Certified restoration companies are certified by IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). They adhere to industry standards for inspection and remediation. Professionals will be able to mitigate health risks and ensure that your property is clear of mold and restored as quickly as possible. If your mold damage is covered by homeowners or property insurance, it is almost certain that your insurance company will require a professional inspection and testing to confirm that the mold is hazardous according to IICRC Standards. Once confirmed and then approved by the insurance company, they can provide an estimate for what it will take for complete remediation of the problem so that all of your restoration costs are covered by your insurance.

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IICRC standards cover all aspects of mold testing, inspection, and remediation process. The IICRC sets quality control measures in place so you can be confident about hiring a professional for dry-out and removal services. Professionals also carry insurance liability coverage in the event something goes wrong during the cleanup so you are not responsible for any additional costs or damages. Receiving services from a reliable company certified by IICRC instills confidence that your restoration project will be done based on the highest standards in the industry.

3. Professionals Will Leave Your Property Intact- Without Looking Vandalized!

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The last thing you want is to hire an amateur or unprofessional company to remove it from your home so you can make sure it is restored to its original condition. After all, removing the mold is just one part of the job, the other part is to restore the area so it doesn’t look like someone tore up your property and then left. It is important to find a professional company for both remediation as well as restoring your property back to the way it was before the damage took place.

Restoring your property to its original state is one of the main reasons to select a professional company to handle your removal project. Everything will be as good as new once they are through removing mold and restoring your property from it and water damage to your floors, walls, cabinetry, and more!

4. Professional Have Right Equipment to Handle Mold Safely and Efficiently

When it comes to handling mold remediation, there are many different reasons why you should hire a professional restoration company. One reason is that these professionals have the training and experience for handling it safely and efficiently. In addition, they have all of the necessary equipment to eradicate mold and remove it from your property. If you try to do so yourself, you could end up making matters worse by spreading mold into your home or accidentally inhaling harmful spores without having the proper protection.

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Professional removal services also have access to advanced techniques that can help them detect hidden mold and remove it before it spreads. Furthermore, professionals use environmentally safe products and methods to effectively eradicate and remove it. They will know the latest techniques and chemicals that are effective as well as safe for remediation. In short, hiring a professional who specializes in treating mold will not only get rid of the mold more quickly but also guarantee your safety while doing so.

5. Saves You from Spending More in The Long Run

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Another reason for hiring a professional restoration company for mold remediation and removal is to save you from spending more money on your property. Professional restoration companies have advanced equipment that can clean up your home effectively without causing additional damage to your property.

If you try to clean up or remove mold on your own or hire an amateur, there is a higher chance of it costing you more to fix any damage your property incurs due to poor service and improper techniques. The problem with doing it yourself is the high likelihood of using the wrong equipment or cleaning products to remove mold effectively. Hence, it is likely it will return and worse yet spread to other areas which will make the repair even more costly.

However, when you hire a professional restoration company for mold remediation and removal services, they provide customized services depending on what caused your problem in the first place. Hence, they can find out how best to eliminate it the first time around so it doesn’t get worse or return in the future.

6. Provides Guaranteed Results

Working with a professional restoration company for mold remediation and removal ensures you receive guaranteed results. Using professional restoration services are important because it helps remove all the mold and also fix what caused it to form. Effective removal is critical because if there are still traces of mold that remains in your property after the removal, there is a high chance that it will spread back again to your property.

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Professional restoration companies for mold remediation and removal pride themselves in leaving no trace of their work behind them. Hence, you can feel confident knowing your home or office is safe from harm once they have left. On top of being qualified professionals with years of experience, professional restoration companies provide guaranteed results that you should never take lightly.

If you don’t see results, you shouldn’t pay for service! It’s as simple as that. You can only get such guarantees from a professional restoration and cleaning company specializing in remediation and removal services.

7. Their Services Are On Time, On Budget, and On-Target

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When you hire professionals to handle this, you don’t have to worry about lost time from work or unexpected costs. Mold removal professionals have the necessary training, qualifications, and experience doing their jobs to be on time, on budget, and on-target every time. Remediation and removal experts will bring all of their equipment with them and can complete any task in the least time possible so you won’t waste your time dealing with the problem.

Additionally, a professional restoration and cleaning company will offer emergency services outside regular business hours, making it convenient for you when considering other commitments like school or work. Convenience and customer satisfaction are what they bring to your premises. They’ll schedule appointments at a convenient time for you because they understand the impact and inconvenience their work can have on your life. Their goal is to provide quality work within your budget and time requirements.


Mold growth can cause your property to lose value or even make it uninhabitable. A professional restoration company has years of experience in removing it. Secondly, they have high-tech equipment that can detect any mold lurking in other areas of your home. Also, they will follow protocols to ensure they remove all traces of it. Lastly, you don’t want to risk spreading it, mildew or fungus from one area of your home to another through improper cleaning methods. The only way to guarantee removal is by hiring a professional restoration company. Any sign that mold has spread to your home or office necessitates calling in professionals with specialized equipment and training for reliable remediation services. You can contact a restoration company for a professional complete mold restoration and cleaning service at affordable rates.