Fun Textures for an Elegant and Luxurious Space

Textures add dimension to the interior design of your home. Bold statements bring out a luxurious and sophisticated look in your space. Ideally, every homeowner should be open-minded when it comes to incorporating fun textures. You have the freedom to opt for minimalist or drastic designs.

Some of the textures you can incorporate for a more contemporary look include:

Natural Stone Finishes

Natural stone is gaining popularity as the number one choice for wall cladding, countertops, tiles, and fireplaces. Stone finishes come in a wide array of colors, designs, and patterns. Thus they match effortlessly with any interior or exterior décor.

According to experts natural stone does not fade or destroyed by harsh weather elements; typically, the stone becomes more beautiful as it ages. It creates vibrancy in your space which is not possible to achieve with other types of traditional or modern finishes.

Each stone has its characteristics making the finishes unique. When applied to your wall, floors, or countertops, the stones enhance the curb appeal of your luxury home. Some of the modern natural stone finishes prevalent in the market include:

1. Bianco Maremma


Bianco Maremma is a distinctive Italian stone with a charming and luxurious look. You can either opt for a honed, polished, sandblasted or sanded finish for your home. The rock is moisture and corrosion resistant, making it aesthetically appealing for any space.

It is ideal for adding textures on countertops, windows, or wall cladding. Beyond offering high-end properties such as durability, the stones bring a spice of tangible value to your space. The Italian stone also brings a fantastic personality to your living room.

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Working with a qualified designer helps to bring out the elegant finishes of the unique stone. Over the years, stone has proven to be the most luxurious yet resilient type of architectural element to incorporate in traditional and modern homes. Since Bianco Maremma resists high temperatures and water seepage, it is pretty valuable for bathrooms and kitchens.

2. Montemerano Classico


The ancient and classic stone is classified as a type of travertine. It brings warmth and a wow factor to your architectural elements. Despite the stone being traditional, it remains vibrant and versatile in any space. The distinct lines in this rock make it peculiar and add an ancient beauty to your luxurious home.

Montemerano Classico is a low-budget stone finishes for your floors, countertops, and walls. The ancient characteristics of the rock significantly increase the aesthetic appeal of your home. However, the rock is not entirely resistant to harsh weather elements, and you might require adding a sealer to the stone finishes.

The rock comes in a myriad of styles, shades, designs, and colors. Depending on your home’s existing interior and exterior décor, you can choose a stone characteristic that rhymes with your taste and preference.

Indoor Gardens


One way to add vibrance and style to your home is the addition of natural elements. Indoor gardens help you reconnect with the outdoor environment. You can be able to arrange your indoor gardens with elegant, stylish designs.

In addition to selecting the ideal space, it is intrinsic to have a good arrangement for your plants. Ensure the area is free from clutter and has sufficient room to breathe. You can choose similar pots and plants for a more visually stimulating effect. Planting the plants in old canisters or ancient handmade pots brings out a vintage look in your home.

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Another great design to consider is a hanging setup for your plants. Ideally, the plants and adding a stylish décor to your interior and bring a fresh breath of air in your home. If you use elegant pots you will add fun texture in your space in an intelligent manner.

Add Rugs


Rugs add tactility and a luxurious feel on the floor. However, remember a carpet can either make or break the interior design of a room. Since the rug defines your space, ensure you acquire the right size and color. The rug needs to be large enough so that it fits perfectly under the legs of your sofa in the living room.

In selecting the shape of the rug, consider the shape of your room. For a rectangular room, a rectangular rug will work better than a round rug. Also, select a color that matches your floor and existing furnishings.

Add Wall-Hangings


Adding beautiful wall hangings helps in defining your space in a different dimension. The wall hangings such as art pieces can transform a bland wall cladding into something attractive and charming. You can personalize your wall hangings options to achieve a more customized look for your home.

Wall hangings have distinctive crispness, which is defined by their finishes. If you select a patterned finish with bright colors, it can act as a focal point in your space. The unique art pieces will positively influence the aesthetic appeal of your home in a tremendous manner.

Art pieces come in a myriad of color shades you can choose from in the market. It can sometimes be overwhelming to select the appropriate color shade for the interior of your home. However, you can select a color shade that matches your home and your personalized color option.

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The wall hangings also provide a soft surface which is beneficial in absorbing noise. Consequently, if you select multifunctional wall coverings, they will insulate your home and provide extra warmth, especially during cold winters.

Lastly, old wall coverings can bring traditional history and help remember the old vintage days. It’s something to consider adding to your luxury home. The rich history adds something artistic and beautifies your home.

Key Takeaway

Texture adds a dramatic impact to the interior of your home. Thus it would be best if you made a very conscious decision when adding texture to your home. The right choice can help add inviting interiors to your home. Antiques, rugs, indoor gardens, wall-covering, and natural stone finishes add admirable character to your home. Ensure you hire an experienced interior designer who will add the fun textures in a balanced manner and bring out a sophisticated look in your home.