Technologies That Have Improved Digital Entertainment

We live in a technological age, meaning our preferred means of entertainment have also changed. Past generations enjoyed themselves playing marbles, cards, board games or games like cops and robbers. However, as technology has progressively evolved and gradually been incorporated into our society, the ways in which we have fun have also changed.

It all started with the irruption of cell phones and consoles into the technological market. Cell phones were equipped with video games regarded today as classics such as Snake or even Tetris. We must remember the impact of consoles like Nintendo with its Gameboy and Mario Bros or the PlayStation with its library of games and some multiplayer. Technology has been progressively evolving and improving. Nowadays, technology is the main tool for entertainment, with technological products aimed at all audiences. This makes it a very attractive source of enjoyment for both young people and adults.

So, technology is more than consoles, video games or cell phones. Today, streaming platforms like Kindle or Virtual Reality effectively belong to the world of entertainment. The horizon has broadened, partly thanks to the arrival of the Internet. Moreover, its evolution has opened many doors and windows.

If we had to classify three technological advances that have contributed the most to the development of current hobbies, we would undoubtedly mention streaming services, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality. These three technologies have revolutionized the world in all aspects, not just in the entertainment sector. They have effectively changed lives, although some people dispute whether it’s for better or worse, as certain people claim that it has caused them to develop a certain addiction to technology. However, many state that this technology helps people train their cognitive abilities and thinking skills.

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How streaming has revolutionized entertainment


Streaming allows content to be distributed over the Internet. Platforms like Netflix, HBO and Prime are all streaming services that offer movies, series and documentaries. You can watch anything anytime, so long as you’re connected to the Internet and don’t need to download anything. Now, you watch it on streaming and when you close the tab, that’s it, there is no file taking up space on your computer’s storage.

In the same way, streaming is not only audiovisual content. Podcasts, live casinos and even live broadcasts on social networks also make use of streaming. For example, you can find thousands online to play the latest sector mentioned but always look for the safest online casinos like VegasSlotsOnline. This kind of websites offers a wide variety of games from top casino classic games, such as dice, to new games, such as video slots. In the case of opting for any of the deposits or promotions, this last is the best game. Video Slots offer more than the classic 3 – 5 reels and bonus to play anywhere from your mobile.

Virtual Reality and entertainment


Virtual Reality has revolutionized the video game industry. Video game developers have created and used this new technology to launch truly immersive video game experiences, as they can make the player enter the game thanks to Virtual Reality glasses. A true revolution is already consolidated in the market. The technology behind Virtual Reality has helped open a new world, a new form of entertainment that has already attracted many players. One of the first video games that inserted this kind of entertainment was VR Spiderman. In it, players could jump and web-swinging from building to building in New York as if they were Spiderman without moving from the sofa.

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Artificial Intelligence in the entertainment world


Artificial Intelligence, known as AI, was one of the first technological advances to break into entertainment, as playing against the machine is playing against a basic Artificial Intelligence program. For example, playing chess or a soccer game against the console, you’re actually playing against an Artificial Intelligence with certain parameters that decide what moves to make.

However, it has also made it easier for Streaming and Internet platform services to recommend what you like. They help you not waste time in a sense because, thanks to the algorithms developed, it offers you what you are most likely looking for. Similarly, customer service is faster thanks to Artificial Intelligence, which has programs that offer pre-programmed answers and solutions to basic questions about problems that may arise.

Augmented Reality


Six years ago, gamers around the world could see a change in video games. Pokemon Go hit the market and all the creatures that were once cartoons could be seen on the mobile. The player enjoyed a unique and creative experience until this moment. This kind of new form of entertainment had, and still has, the purpose of integrating various virtual aspects into our world. Thus, providing an interactive experience with augmented reality, all the Pokemon were “on the loose” in our world. Who could have imagined that Pikachu would be in a shopping mall? We will see if this form of entertainment improves and offers us new possibilities in the future.



For the time being, they have not arrived. However, it is expected and has been for quite a few years now that this type of technology will reach video games. What we saw in a galaxy far, far away, when a small robot hid a big secret, could become a reality, playing video games where the 5 senses are present. If this type of technology were to be used, players could live a much more real adventure in first person. The hologram would surpass virtual reality in all aspects. It has already been heard that maybe Pokemon Go! could be lived as if you had your pet Pokemon in front of you and not through a mobile phone.

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In the end, technology advances and companies try to take advantage of technological advances to improve their products and services. From now on, entertainment will go hand in hand with technology because that is what the public demands. It is only necessary to see how entertainment has been evolving. It certainly is a law of life that whenever technology advances, the world evolves along with it.