How Technology Is Helping People Work from Home – 2024 Guide

The emergence of the coronavirus pandemic in 2024 affected countries in the whole world. Canada was hard hit, which led to the government banning physical gatherings, hence advocating for people to stay at home and work. This made the world a remote village.

Most companies and cooperates had to downgrade and limit the number of employees going to the physical offices. Working from home is undeniably the new normal. On the other hand, technology has kept improving in favor of both the employer and the employees.

This has led to improved ways of working and ensuring that work is done effectively. Companies and cooperates have had to invest in modern forms of technology to ensure optimum productivity. according to the lesson we derived from our interaction with Kevin Cochran, here is how technology has helped people work from home:

Improved Cloud Communication

Technology has made it easy for players in companies and institutions to communicate without physical interactions effectively. Various forms of cloud communication include:

1. Email

The use of email has now become popular with working from home mode. Employers can send emails to their employees concerning work issues. On the other hand, employees are also able to communicate with the clients directly via email. Every department can access their mails which makes workflow smooth

2. Phones

The improvement of technology has made it easy for companies to provide phone numbers to their employees for official purposes only. These phones can have the ability to record all calls and texts for reference purposes. There also exists software that ensures the safety of the conversations by providing end to end encryption where all calls can be encrypted

3. Video Conferencing

Working from home has now been fully accepted by most institutions. Successful running of business requires employers’ employees and clients to meet regularly to ensure smooth workflow. Technology has now made it easy for these parties to meet online via video conferencing software and applications. Zoom and Skype have proven to be great tools in ensuring people hold remote video meetings. Though it may have its challenges, video conferencing is a great tool that helps people work from home

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Improved Employee Monitoring


Working from home may be ineffective if not well monitored. We are all made different as not everyone can work under zero supervision. When working in the office, you may have a supervisor who keeps the pressure on you to perfume, unlike working from home where you are all by yourself. Thus, the importance of tracking software. The technology market offers numerous software to monitor how employees work. This software mainly provides the following services:

1. Activity Monitor

This mainly monitors what the employees do with the company’s computers or mobile phones. This includes their emails, browsing history, working hours, and phone call conversations. All this is tracked in real-time, which makes the employees more cautious and professional in doing business. To do that you can use a workflow software. You can access it here.

2. GPS Tracking

Though not frequently used, there are GPS tracking software and applications that track the employee’s location in real-time. It is an important security measure to safeguard the employee as an asset of the company

3. Time Monitor

This helps to monitor the work hours of employees. It helps in the computation of general time spent working and overtime

Improved Data Security


Technology has played a major role in improving data security in platforms such as those that offer online gambling products to Canadians and allow people to pay in casinos.

Players want not only a fast website but also assurance that when they pay by card in a casino on platforms featured; their security is not compromised. Companies have now put in place improved security measures to curb cybercrime. This includes:

  • Installation of the best antivirus software
  • Installation of Firewall security systems
  • Multi-factor authentication before login
  • Facial Recognition Software to access classified material
  • Secure file transfer for compliance-protected data and high-volume data
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Installing anti-virus software across business-related devices is crucial as installing firewall to your business systems. Because of the increasing threats and vulnerabilities of cyberattacks in work-from-home settings, employees should also have a more advanced knowledge on protecting their credentials through cybersecurity training.
Companies should find ways to secure user credentials too, such as implementing multi-factor authentication before logging in business systems and considering utilizing facial recognition software when accessing classified materials. You can speak to a cybersecurity expert or company that offers different solutions that can apply to your business.
A work-from-home setup can compromise sensitive personal data and business data. If your business embraces remote or hybrid operations or work setting, it’s a good idea to use managed file transfer (MFT), a technology platform using administrative controls, automation capabilities, and support for security protocols to help your employees securely share data. Learn more about MFT at

Improved Human Resource Management


Technology has played a major role in improving working from home in the new normal era by ensuring efficient human resource management. You are now able to apply to work for a company in any country regardless of the distance.

The selection panel can take you through an interview remotely using a video conferencing application and, if qualified, be employed. This means that you do not have to travel and relocate to a new city or state just because you are employed. Provided you have internet access you can work from anywhere in the world.

This is a plus for both the employer and employee. This is because the employer chooses the best employee suited for the job without going through the hustle of finding a visa for them. On the other hand, the employee can save themselves from the hustle of changing their lifestyle for the new job. This, in the long run, ensures the productivity of the company or institution

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Cost Saving

The cost of running an office is generally high for employers. A normal office must provide internet, printing materials and at-time meals for their employees. Thanks to technology, working from home is an efficient cost saver.
The employer cuts on very many costs of running the office, which can, in turn, be reciprocated to the employee’s welfare. The employees, on the other hand, are saved from the cost of buying official clothing, lunch, and transport costs as they work from home.

While employers should invest in more advanced and secure business systems such as software programs for a seamless work-from-home work setting, employees reap the cost-saving benefits. In the long-term, employers will also benefit from the cost-savings, creating a win-win situation for both parties. Of course, ongoing efforts must be considered to ensure overall long-term success.

Improved Time Management


The time taken for the delivery of information or products should be as minimal as possible. Thanks to technology, it is easier for employees to send documents to their employers for approval via email. On the other hand, employers can approve the documents remotely and authorize the movement of information or products.

This is unlike in the physical offices, where paperwork would pile up in the event of absence or lateness of a manager waiting for their approval. On the other hand, it is easier for clients to file their paperwork online instead of physically coming to the office. This minimizes the time spent on product delivery

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our way of life drastically with measures such as working from home. No one has a clear forecast of when the pandemic will end; hence, working from home has now been embraced.

Existing businesses have to be more creative as internet users are looking for specific services such as secure payment in casinos. Thanks to technology, working from home is proving to be an efficient tool in helping people work from home.