Is WiFi Radiation Harmful To Animals?

We are all surrounded by various types of electromagnetic fields, especially frequencies that come from Wi-Fi and mobile networks. The volume of these waves is increasing with the development of new technologies where everything is connected on the internet. However, some researchers are stating that there is a possibility that a certain amount of electromagnetic frequencies might affect animals.

There are some results that might be an indication that some frequencies indeed are affecting the wildlife and plants. The main issue is related to the combination of various frequencies, such as radio, TV, mobile network, Wi-Fi, electricity installations, appliances, microwaves, and more. If the volume is too high, it can have a negative effect on insects, plants, and smaller animals. The problem is that there are not enough studies related to this topic.

When it comes to potential influence on human health, there is also the same problem, which is the lack of data and research. There is a great debate where one group is claiming that these frequencies are completely harmless to both people and animals, while another group thinks that there could be some risks. When it comes to a wireless network, which is the most common type of connection today, it is using electromagnetic frequencies, and the speed and quality of the network depend on the strength of these waves.

Some analyses are showing that the increased volume of these waves could cause certain issues in the brain where it will create more free radicals, which are directly linked to various health issues. There are some analyses made on animals as well, where it is shown that animals could face stress and changed behavior when they are surrounded by high volumes of these waves. The great thing is that you can buy a product that can protect your dog from these frequencies, the EMF Harmony, which is a simple device that you can attach to the necklace of your dog.

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Animals Exposure to Wi-Fi and other Waves


As we already mentioned, there are some profs that animals might face some behavioral issues when they are surrounded by a high volume of EM frequencies. Besides the behavior, it can affect health, cause issues with hormones, the balance of vitamins in the body, and even some more serious issues like cancer.

You need to know that it is not possible to get away from these waves since they are emitted by smartphones and other devices, while appliances, TV, and all other electrical devices in your home emit some form of electromagnetic frequencies. In that matter, the only way to reduce the exposure is to avoid using all of them at once for longer periods. The best solution to protect your pets is to keep them away from devices in your home. Also, you can turn off the Wi-Fi during the night.

Can Animals Hear These Waves?


The main problem is that there are only researched based theories related to this topic, and experts are not sure whether dogs and other animals could hear some wireless frequencies. The fact is that dogs and most other animals have much better hearing than people. Some tests showed that certain frequencies that we cannot hear could even harm dogs, cats, and other animals.

In that matter, if you notice the strange behavior of your pets where they might be avoiding some part of the house, and you see that they are nervous while being near some devices, you should keep them away. Since we cannot be sure whether they hear it or not, the only solution is to follow their behavior and try to help them by keeping them away from smartphones, Wi-Fi emitters, PCs, and other devices connected to the internet.

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Is Wi-Fi Dangerous?


You can find a lot of articles related to this topic, and find out there is a great debate, especially when it comes to the latest 5G technology. We are all connected with either 4G or 5G today. The biggest concern is related to claims of some people that exposure to these frequencies might lead to serious health issues. However, current tests provide no proof that there is any connection between cancer and other diseases and Wi-Fi. Still, that is only related to the standard network.

On the other side, increased exposure to a higher volume of these waves could cause different types of cancer, but only in case that you are exposed to the same volume for a long time. Some tests involved rats, where they were exposed to higher amount of wireless frequencies, and it resulted in different types of diseases, especially cancer.
Even though any of these tests are only proven in labs under certain circumstances and by using more powerful frequencies, there are indications that exposure to them could lead to many problems. For example, it is proven that it could lead to significant decrease of testosterone in males, which can eventually lead to infertility.

Also, it is affecting the brain to be more sensitive to stress, along with cardiovascular diseases, and more. However, you should keep in mind that they were using much more powerful radians’ during these tests, and there is no reason to fear that your phone might cause some serious health issues.

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An even bigger problem is related to misconceptions of many people, which leads to false claims, where you cannot be sure what are facts and what are only misinterpretations. The most common false claims are that Wi-Fi can cause headaches, mental issues, fatigue, pain, and more. When it comes to animals, you can try to keep them away from devices in your home, which is the only way to protect them from increased exposure.

On the other side, if you have a pet in your apartment, along with few smartphones, TV, PC, and a couple of appliances in the kitchen, chances that it will somehow damage your dog are very low. You can get the extension for a necklace like EMF Harmony, and follow the behavior to see if there are any changes that might be caused by EMF.