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Samsung Galaxy S21 vs Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Comparison

Does it really worth with the downgrades more than the upgrades?

The Galaxy S21; Samsung’s latest Galaxy smartphone of 2024 has arrived and it follows the easiest naming convention of all Galaxies with the year based numbering since the Galaxy S20 of last year’s. Though the new Galaxy S21 series carries Samsung’s latest technologies, the very first feature you would notice is its lower price tag compared to the Galaxy S20 series. Not the case in Pakistan, continue reading.

Samsung officially announced that it has cut the pricing of its new smartphones by $200 each (Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra) from its last year’s Galaxy S20 series. The latest Galaxy S21 costs $800, Galaxy S21 Plus retails for $1,000, while the top-tier S21 Ultra costs $1,200, all with 5G connectivity.

Looking at the major price cut, it indeed feels like the best time to upgrade. But does it really mean you should consider it?

First thing I want to tell that there would hardly be reason worthy of upgrading your smartphone every time there comes a new model. There is, however, a reason that would make you fall for it every next year. It is to have the newest model in your pocket. This year, there is still no change in that sense because what you will get as an upgrade are a faster processor, a faster display (ah! faster in refresh rate) and the 5G connectivity.

Galaxy S21 Series Color Options

Colour Options – Galaxy S21 Ultra (left two), Galaxy S21 Plus (middle three), Galaxy S21 (right four)

Well, drop the 5G, as an upgrade, because S20 series had their 5G models. So, to have the newest model in your pocket should be the reason to upgrade, mark my words here. But if you do, you also need to take in mind some downgrades as well. Believe me, there are some you are not going to love. Just stay with me as we are going to talk about all the ins and outs right now, right here.

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Galaxy S21 Ultra is the only smartphone among the three that feels like a little improved model from the predecessor. The other two, Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus lack many features that S20 and S20 Plus had last year.

Galaxy S21 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 Plus

If you own a Galaxy S20, you are not gonna get a lot out of S21. Many features remain identical, including the cameras, battery, 120Hz display, and the 8-gigs of RAM.


Except for 5G connectivity and a Snapdragon 888 (Exynos 2100) instead of SPD 865 (or Exynos 990), there is no upgrade for you in Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus. Yes, you will also get a 256GB of internal storage in both devices, up from 128GB in predecessors.

Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21


For USD 800 (or PKR 170,000 in Pakistan) you are going to get only 1080 HD+ resolution in Galaxy S21, down from 1440p (2K/QHD+) in S20 on an identically sized screen. The same downgrades go for $1050 Galaxy S21 Plus that costs PKR 195,000 in Pakistan.

If you are a fan of the glass back on your Galaxy S20, you will need to give up on that as Galaxy S21 features a plastic back. The Galaxy S21 Plus keeps its glass back.

Galaxy S21 Ultra

The new Galaxy S21 Ultra comes with identical display properties as S20 Ultra, except for a smaller screen by 0.1-inch. 12GB RAM remains the same as well as the 5000 mAh battery. 256GB or 512GB storage also is the same.

Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

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Just like the other two models, you get Snapdragon 888 in S21 Ultra, up from SPD 865 in last year’s S20 Ultra. U.S. variants of Galaxy S21 Ultra will get Exynos 2100, up from 990. The camera is the biggest upgrade in Galaxy S21 Ultra. The main 108MP camera remains the same, however, the two telephoto lenses are what makes this phone stand aside.

This is the first time that a Galaxy S series smartphone comes with the stylus. Yes, among the trio, the Galaxy S21 Ultra comes with the support S-Pen.

But before you get excited about the $1250 Galaxy S21 Ultra, that will cost you PKR 230,000 in Pakistan, check out the downgrades below.


A major downgrade is the 25-watt fast charging in Galaxy S21 Ultra, down from the 45-watt fast charging in S20 Ultra. It must hurt your feelings, believe me.

Samsung has moved back from the 3D curved display, to the flattened 2.4D curved display. So if we’re a fan of that dual-curved display on your previous Galaxy S smartphone, you are out of luck.

Last but not the least, the latest Galaxy S21 series do not come with expandable storage options. Previously, the Galaxy S20 series supported the extended capacity microSDXC memory cards.

Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Should you upgrade to new Galaxy S21?

Well, the first thing about the lower price tag of the latest Galaxy S21 series smartphones is only limited to the U.S. Europe or the UK. In Pakistan, you still pay extra and even more than the last year’s Galaxy S20 series. So, as I said earlier, going for the “newest” Galaxy S smartphone, is the only reason for you to get one.

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As far as the Galaxy S21 or S21 Plus are concerned, you really don’t get anything apart from more attractive design. The upgraded camera in Galaxy S21 Ultra is the only factor which you can fall for only if you are into photography.

Why didn’t I include the processing power of the upgraded chip to recommend you buy the latest S21? Well, do you really think you need an even faster phone than your existing Galaxy S20? Sorry, you couldn’t even tell the difference in real-time usage.

Okay, that’s it. I loved the design, did you? Just drop your feedback down below and share your thoughts about the latest Galaxy S21 series.

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