10 Best Ethical Hacking Courses [2023] For Cyber Security Professionals

Want to learn about ethical hacking? Here are the best ethical hacking courses for cyber security professionals that will allow you to become a certified hacker.

Data is the new oil that feeds everything in the world. This is the most important motto when it comes to the growth of an organization. This also makes it the most vulnerable asset of any organization, as it is always in the line of fire for hackers and cybercriminals.

According to a recent study, cybercrime will be worth $6 trillion a year by 2024. That number seems rather surprising compared to the $3 trillion recorded since 2015. This makes information security one of the hottest topics at the moment.

The role of the ethical hacker is to understand and fix the weaknesses, vulnerabilities and gaps in an organization’s security walls. To do so, they must be able to understand the nuances and intricacies of cybersecurity and all that it entails.

Cyber security is a specialized field in securing the digital assets of an organization. The study of cyber security involves training people in ethical hacking techniques. There are many ways to become an ethical hacker. We discuss the top 10 ethical hacking courses for cyber security professionals.

Top 10 ethical hacking courses for cyber security officers

1. Learning ethical hacking from the ground up Udemy

This ethical hacking course is offered by Udemy. It covers everything from penetration testing to hacking and other related topics. The course is intended for beginners. It focuses on practical search approaches and provides an overview of information exchange between devices in the same network. In this course you will learn about ethical hacking from the ground up.

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Level: Newcomer

Evaluation: 4.5

Duration: 14.5 hours (approximately)

2.LinkedIn Learning- Ethical hacking course – Linda

LinkedIn is the best platform to advance your professional career. LinkedIn Learning is also one of the best and most popular among professionals for ethical hacking and hacking training.

Level: Semi-advanced-advanced .

Evaluation: 4.5

Duration: 6 weeks / 5-6 hours per week (approximately)

3. Cyber Security Specialization – Coursera

The cyber security specialization is one level above the basic certifications. This Coursera Cybersecurity Specialist course is recommended for those who are already working in the cybersecurity field and want to expand their skills. This course covers important topics such as secure systems and interactions using cryptography.

Level: Intermediary

Evaluation: 4.4

Duration: 8 months/2 hours per week (approximately)

4. Penetration testing and ethical hacking training.

Leo Dregier is a well-known name in the field of ethical hacking. A cyber security expert has created a comprehensive penetration testing course that consists of 19 modules. The course is intended both for professionals already working in this field and for those just starting out.

Level: Beginner-Advanced

Evaluation: 4.5

Duration: 23 hours (approximately)

4. Ethics certification preparation course5. Complete Hacker

This course is also offered by Udemy.com. This is a basic element for certification tests in ethical hacking.  The 16.5 hour course covers important and central topics in cyber security. However, the course requires knowledge of intrusion detection systems, firewalls, antivirus programs and other basic security concepts.

Level: Semi-advanced-advanced .

Evaluation: 4.3

Duration: 16.5 hours (approximately)

Complete ethical hacking course: Beginner to advanced

This course is also one of Udemy’s flagship courses on ethical hacking. The course was organized by Ermin Kreponik, ethics expert and experienced hacker. Because the 24-hour course is led by a leader from the industry itself, it is short, clear and to the point.

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Level: Beginner-Advanced

Evaluation: 4.3

Duration: 24,5 hours (approximately).

7. Cyber security for executives Manual

When it comes to learning, why not learn from the best in the business! The course was presented by industry experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Topics covered include cyber security risk management, the practical implications of data protection grants, and approaches to cyber security management.

Level: Beginner-Advanced

Evaluation: 4.5

Duration: 23 hours (approximately)

8. Fundamentals of Cybersecurity Practical procedure

The Hands-On Approach Ethical Hacking certification course is offered by Carlos III University of Madrid. The course also introduces students to common cyber security threats facing the world. This makes him one of the most popular among the candidates.

Level: Intermediary

Evaluation: 4.5

Duration: 6 weeks / 5-7 hours per week (approximately)

Hacking Specialization for Beginners

The said course is offered by reputed hackers from the ethical hacking industry. The problem-based approach and discrete learning have made this course a success with the students. If you want to achieve maximum results in minimum time, you should enroll in this course.

Level: Newcomer

Evaluation: 4.5

Duration: 2.5 hours (approximately)

10. Hacking and patching course

The Hacking and Patching course is the most comprehensive open online course on ethical hacking. Ideal for anyone interested in team injection procedures. In the hacking and patching course, students will also learn how to open a backdoor on a Linux system, how to hide Trojans, how to define patterns for security design, etc.

Level: Intermediary

Evaluation: 3.9

Duration: 17 hours (approximately)

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What is the best course for ethical hacking?

ethical-hacking-chp-software .

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What’s better? Cyber security or ethical hacking?

The blog on cyber security and ethics….

What is the best university for ethical hacking?

The best colleges for ethical hacking in India are Indian Institute of Hardware Technology in New Delhi and Faridabad.

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