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Asus Aura Download [2023] for Windows 10: Light up your Gaming


So you want to spice up your gaming PC? That’s it! Let’s go. Asus Aura lighting is a current trend, and people are taking advantage of it. We will guide you through the process, from downloading the Asus Aura Sync software to implementing the various functions of the Asus Aura software, such as synchronizing the different lighting components.

We think lighting up your layout makes the game even more exciting.

Now let’s continue with the boot process of the Asus Aura.

How do I download Asus Aura Sync?

There are 4 versions of the software, click on any of the links on the official Asus website to get that version of the Asus Aura installation file.

After installation, proceed to the next section where we will guide you through the installation process.

These links also include a download of Asus Aura for Windows 10.

While downloading aura sync, please note that all the above files are not modified by us. These are all official versions of the software. Please also note that your motherboard must have the latest BIOS firmware installed.

So, that’s all about how to download Asus Aura sync.

After downloading aura-sync, start the installation process.

Then we will talk about the software and its many features.

What is the Asus Aura Sync?

In recent years, there has been a gradual trend to apply different forms of ambient lighting to accentuate the overall look of the system, especially in the DIY PC building community.

Since then, attention has been focused on how to improve and enhance the perception of RGB lighting.

Companies like Asus have been working to develop better software, such as. B. Asus Aura Sync, which allows users to easily manage and synchronize system lighting at their convenience.

The motherboard, graphics cards, LED strip and housing can be synchronized.

All LED components are connected to the motherboard, so we can control all the lights through the Aura Sync software.

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The RGB connectors on the motherboard allow direct control of the LED strips and the housing lighting. In short, various components can be connected directly to the motherboard.

The Rampave V 10th Edition motherboard features nine separate RGB LED backlight zones.

Aura Sync requires compatible hardware.


The Asus Aura software is compatible with a wide range of motherboards. However, the Asus Aura Sync motherboard requires full RGB control and synchronization.

If you look back a few years, that was not the case, the whole process was not as streamlined as it is now.

Users are limited to one color per item. Generally, LED strips come with an adapter because they cannot be mounted directly on the motherboard.

Users also had to purchase third-party sequencers.

Also, it would be a tedious job to coordinate the colors of all the parts, and there was no way to synchronize the lighting.

Once you have downloaded Aura Sync, set it up according to the instructions below.

Installing Asus Aura Sync

It’s a pretty simple process. Go through each instruction one by one and make sure you don’t skip any steps:

First unzip the downloaded installation/configuration file.

Then double-click the files named axlns and atkexComSvc separately.

Then go back and install the application using the installation file.

Now install the application in the recommended folder.

Finally, restart the computer once the installation process is complete.

Good tip: If you have already installed aura sync once, simply uninstall the following applications from your system:

Aura Sync, Aura Lighting Service and Lighting Control.

Watch the video below if you need more help.

Various Aura Sync functions

Now that we know the installation process, let’s take a closer look at the Asus Aura Sync desktop interface and some of the different options that come with the software.

The image below shows what the interface looks like:

asus lighting control

On the left you can see the different lighting options.

Notice how easy it is to sync each item by simply clicking on the sync option in the top left corner.

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All components of the RBG are listed above. At this point, you can see that they are all connected.

You can unlink each component by executing the linking icon under each component.

Once these components are disconnected, you can customize the colors with your own software.

We will now examine some of these lighting modes, shown on the left.

Asus Aura download illumination mode: Static

Asus Light Control : Static mode

The first is static, and as you can imagine, it changes everything to static color.

You can change the individual color of each part, but it will not move.

Asus Aura download illumination mode: Respiration

There’s a reason they call game settings beasts.

This mode offers exactly the same choices as the static mode, except that it inhales and exhales the color.

This is one of the most used modes by users.

In Breathe mode, the user can also change the color of each component individually using the color picker on the right side of the screen.

Illumination mode: Color wheel

asus light control : Color cycle

In color cycle mode, the colors of each part are randomly alternated and there is no way to adjust the individual colors of a part.

Illumination mode: Rainbow

The difference between the rainbow and the color cycle is that it has different colors at different times.

It’s really great for the overall look of the lighting because each color is different for each component at any given time.

Breathing movements are regular.

There is this option in reverse, which means it runs through the color spectrum in reverse order.

You can also change the speed at which the color changes, from slow to fast, and adjust the order of the components.

Illumination mode: Comet

Then there is Comet, which has the same parameters as Static and Breathing.

So the Comet looks at each lighting part separately and only switches on the colour once.

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You can also change the individual colors of each item you want to flash.

You can also set the speed and order of the parts to flash first or last.

Illumination mode: Flash and Dash

The next settings on the Asus Aura Sync list are Flash and Dash. It looks like a comet, but all the lights stay on.

Illumination mode: Strobe

This mode is also similar to Comet mode, but the color of each component disappears instead of flashing. The other parameters of this mode are the same as for Comet.

Illumination mode: Temperature

In this mode, the color change is based on the computer’s core temperature.

If the core temperature is below 40 degrees Celsius, the entire system switches to green.

When the core temperature is between 40 and 60 degrees, it remains yellow, and when the core temperature exceeds 60 degrees, the color changes to red.

This is a mode that can be very useful.

Illumination mode: Music

In this mode, the color changes according to the music being played.

Individual switch

In the top right corner you will see a switch that allows you to turn on or off all the lights in the system.

Concluding remarks

The complexity of system lighting has been reduced to the point where any hobbyist can connect the components and run the Asus Aura software to synchronize each component. In short, this objective has been achieved.

We are sure this article will help you download and install Asus Aura and familiarize you with the various features it offers. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any questions about this topic.

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