A Guide to Buying the Perfect Ottoman

Are you in search of a stylish and functional piece of furniture to add to your living room? Do you want to complete the room’s look with additional storage and seating? An ottoman would solve both problems. Most think of ottomans in their most basic form; a footrest with padded cushioning. However, countless variations of ottomans exist to support any function you need in the home. We’ll go over the different types and how to find the right one for you.

What shape of ottoman would work best in your home? Round ottomans are especially good at packaging a lot of coziness and adaptability into a small frame. Place a circular ottoman in a tiny conversation nook to produce a shared focal point. Or you can combine the ottoman with a round sofa for a genuinely unique, modern look.

Square ottomans are great at complementing the upholstered furniture in the space by serving as an accent or matching patterns. Do you believe your room needs a longer ottoman to fill the space, but you’re concerned the bulkiness of a rectangular ottoman will overwhelm the space? Try using two or three slim square ottomans instead. Place a long tray across the top to unify them, or use a table runner. When they’re separated, the ottomans can provide personalized comfort for guests.

Many use rectangular ottomans in place of coffee tables due to their substantial surface area, storage, and display potential. Use rectangular ottomans to round off a warm nook or become the centerpieces of the living room design.

After choosing an ottoman shape, it is time to consider the best material for the household’s lifestyle. Who will be spending time in the room? Do you have kids or pets? If so, you’ll want to consider leather or faux leather ottomans.

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Leather ottomans have a number of advantages over fabric options. For one, they are stronger and much more resistant to stains, tearing, and bunching. But next to all of that durability is a soft quality that makes leather a comfortable and relaxing material. Black leather is classic and if you really want to make a statement in a large space, try a large ottoman in this timeless textile.

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Because black furniture tends to shrink smaller spaces, it may not be the best choice for an apartment or small room. Instead, a proportionate beige leather ottoman would work better when working with limited space.

Leather or faux leather is also much easier to clean, so if you have pets that regularly climb on the furniture, you won’t have to worry about pet dander settling into the fabric. Anything your child spills can be easily wiped away and likely won’t leave a stain. Your leather ottoman will also be easy to maintain by dusting with a soft cloth and giving it a nice coat of polish to maintain its sheen.

If leather is not for you, a fabric ottoman offers a wider range of options. You can choose from an array of vibrant colors, patterns, prints, and textures. Microfiber is one popular material because it’s also easy to clean and pet-friendly.

If you’re searching for ottomans for sale, 1StopBedrooms has a large online selection. There are hundreds of styles that offer features you and your household members will find useful on a daily basis.

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Ottomans aren’t just for the indoors. Rattan and wicker ottomans are the perfect accompaniment for wicker seating. These lightweight pieces are durable and have many versatile styles. Just be sure to keep your rattan pieces out of the extremely hot and humid conditions to maintain their longevity.

Memory foam has become a very popular material in the furniture world. It’s not just for mattresses anymore. Over the past few years, memory foam has become commonly used as padding in the ottoman cushions. Those with chronic foot pain find the supportive qualities of memory foam beneficial.

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Living room storage is always needed, and an ottoman can help keep the area organized. Storage ottomans can hold those extra throw pillows and blankets you take out for guests. If you host game night, you’ll find these ottomans can store board games, cards, dice, betting chips, and more. Storage bench ottomans provide excellent depth and are roomy enough to fit several items.

Lift-top ottomans have replaced the traditional coffee table due to their adaptability. Putting your feet up on this piece of furniture won’t be frowned upon. And, when you want to have a bowl of soup while watching your favorite show, a tray lifts toward you, giving you an eating surface.

The Braxton Studio Indy Ottoman Table is an example of this multi-functional piece of furniture. With two lift-top trays, you can share a snack or meal with someone you love.

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The Kaitlyn is another coffee table ottoman with a few cool features. Not only does it provide storage, but it’s also large enough to fit two to four additional guests, and it has four removable trays. Because these trays are mobile, they can be used in other rooms. For instance, bring your significant other breakfast in bed with one of these trays, or use it as a laptop stand.

If you aren’t looking for storage, seating, or trays, but need an ottoman for its original intended purpose, then we’ve got you covered. The Sarin Ottoman has a curved, comforting design that adds sophistication to your space while providing attractive foot support.

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Tufted ottomans are elegant and classy, but the decorative stitching also serves a functional purpose. Tufting stops the ottoman’s filling from bunching and shifting, which happens after repeated use. For this reason, stay away from tufted coffee-table or tray table ottomans.

Another great feature modern ottomans offer is bedding. If you don’t regularly have overnight guests but want to be prepared just in case you do, a Sleeper Ottoman will give unexpected visitors a twin mattress to sleep on. Its unassuming design allows it to fit well with your other living room furniture.