What Is the Best Way to Store CBD Oil to Increase Its Shelf Life

Over the last several years, rarely has an industry enjoyed such widespread prosperity as much as the CBD industry has. It seems that it is everywhere and that everyone knows about these products. Compared to other similar consumables, it is more regulated, healthier, it has more benefits, and most importantly it is not illegal to either sell or consume. Cannabidiol is the cousin of THC, but it lacks the psychoactive components that make the marijuana plant infamous. Therefore, it is exactly what the market has been looking for, a safer and more controllable range of products that nobody has an issue with and one that can help on so many fronts.

CBD and Benefits

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Speaking of helping on more than one front, it would be smart to mention a few ways in which CBD helps the human body. Not many natural ingredients have as much diversity in terms of health and benefits as CBD does. First of all, it is great for the mind and in more ways than one. It helps with modern problems like depression, stress, and anxiety, all of which can harm us beyond saving if left untreated for long. There is only so much our mind can go through on its own before the physique starts suffering too. The stress that comes with daily life, the anxiety regarding our problems, and the depression that often comes as a result when we see no way out of the routine are all difficult to deal with. Luckily, CBD helps with all three. Not only that, but it promotes better sleeping habits because it can take off the edge and relax your thoughts.

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Speaking of relaxing, many users consume these products because of its physical benefits and advantages. Since it is great for improving sleep habits and relaxing, it can help with rest and recharging to take on the next day. If you have trouble sleeping or falling asleep, CBD should help. It is also helpful with chronic pains and discomforts as well as when recovering from surgical procedures and injuries. If taken the right way and in right doses, it can also promote healthier cardiovascular system and brain function, or at least lower the risk of heart attacks and cancers. All in all, one does not need to suffer from any kind of ailment of any sort in order to enjoy a quality CBD product. Prevention and feeling good are much better than waiting for the moment when you need a remedy. Therefore, go for it even if you feel well. Learn more about CBD by visiting https://www.bestcbdshopaustralia.com/cbd-oil/.

Storing and Shelf Life

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Now to tackle the titular question of this article and talk about the best way to store perhaps the most popular type of CBD product, the oils. Shelf life of products are some of their most important traits because it allows stocking while eliminating the need to produce more than needed. Greater shelf life benefits all, from the manufacturers and stores to consumers. But how long can CBD oil last and can you make it last longer? Well, this is not such a simple issue and therefore the answer is also not straightforward. There are a few factors that influence the shelf life of any given CBD oil. Understanding each of them could allow you to keep it around longer without it getting spoiled or ruined, effectively giving you more bang for your buck.

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Factors to Know

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First and foremost, the quality of the oil matters dearly. This should not come as a surprise because higher quality products usually last longer no matter what they are. The better the growing conditions and the quality of the plant, the better the end product which in this case is oil.

Next up is the ingredients. What goes into the oil can directly dictate its shelf life because different products last for different amounts of time. If a certain ingredient, like a special flavoring for example, has a shorter shelf life, the oil will also have it. The lasting power of the overall product depends on the lasting power of every different ingredient that makes it. With CBD oils, less is more and the more natural the oil the longer it will last you on the shelf. Read the label before purchasing to learn what makes up the oil you consider buying.

Extraction process also matters. The gold standard is carbon dioxide extraction since it maximizes the CBD and other cannabinoid levels of full and broad spectrum oils. Compounds are also more stable in oil that has been made like this. If you want CBD oil that lasts longer, get the one that has been extracted with the carbon dioxide method.

Obviously, packing plays a big role in the overall shelf life. The bottle should be amber because oil lasts much longer if the glass container is dark and airtight. The less you expose the oil to air and sunlight, the longer it will last. This is something you can greatly influence so make sure to store it in a dark place and keep it closed when you are not using it. Also, you should store it in a cold place because heat and light accelerate the degradation of CBD, as they do with many other products and substances. Proper storage therefore implies cold, dry, and dark areas while the amber bottle needs to be airtight. This can help you prolong the shelf life of your oil considerably.

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Has It Gone Bad?

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The expiration date should give you a good idea when you can expect the oil to turn. However, they are not 100% exact and accurate, especially with oils. If the label has been damaged or peeled and you know not the expiration date, there are ways to tell if the oil is spoiled. If it smells funky and not earthy as it should, it is probably best to discard it. Also, dispose of your CBD oil if it is thick and murky. However, do not do it if it is only cloudy as this happens when it sits in a cold room for long. If the cloudiness does not disappear after a few minutes at room temperatures, it is time to throw it away. Finally, if the taste is rancid, do not consume it. The taste should always be earthy, grassy, or nutty.