How To Pay Taxes On Gambling Winnings From Online Casinos In New Zealand

Do you love gambling online in New Zealand? If yes, you might want to know how to pay taxes on your earnings. Well, many people often get confused about the same due to a lack of knowledge. They don’t bother to gain some information first before participating in gambling. Sometimes, they suffer from irresponsible behavior. If you don’t want a similar situation to happen, you must know some essential things about gambling. We have prepared this article to help you with the same.

The gambling industry is gaining a lot of attention from people around the world. There are many reasons behind the same. These games are convenient to play as one doesn’t have to travel anywhere. You can play online with a device. The best thing about betting online is that there are various websites to help people regarding it. You might get confused while selecting a suitable one. But you can visit to clear your every doubt. They provide reliable information about the most popular betting websites to make your task of selecting easier.

You might already know that casinos are not legalized in New Zealand. However, players still have many options to play, especially online. You should read some rules and regulations about betting online in this country before proceeding with the same.

What are the current tax laws in New Zealand?


You might be surprised to know that this country doesn’t ask people to pay taxes on their winnings. So, even if you earn enormous money through games, you don’t need to pay taxes. It means that betting games in New Zealand are considered acceptable for all adults.

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You might not find land casinos, but online ones are doing well in the industry. It doesn’t matter if you won in sports betting or casino gambling. Nobody is going to ask you for a single penny to deposit as taxes.

However, there are some exceptions to the fact. We will discuss all of them in detail in the following points-

  • If you have made money by playing poker, you might have to face the taxes. You should never forget to report your income if you didn’t get massive money as winnings. If the case is the opposite, you should deposit some taxes on your earnings. Still, it is not mandatory to do the same as some platforms do not bother about it. In other words, you can save yourself by not informing the higher authorities regarding the winnings.
  • There won’t be any problems if your source of income is not only gambling and betting. It doesn’t matter how much money you have made from playing or jackpots. You will get the fully-fledged amount without restrictions or taxes. As New Zealand encourages young people to participate in gambling games, they have not made strict rules and regulations.
  • This country’s government and higher authorities don’t care much about the taxes when you are just a beginner poker player. If you are a professional one, it is more likely that you will make more money through your continuous winnings. In this case, you have to maintain a report of your primary source of income and the amount won after winning the games.
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How to pay taxes on gambling winnings in New Zealand?


You need to consider some things while you are giving some amount of money as taxes. They are as follows-

  • Report all the earnings:

You don’t need to do the same if you have just started your betting journey. If you are playing at online casinos for a long time, it is compulsory to report all the earnings on the tax return. Otherwise, the department will take legal action against your irresponsible behavior. You have to put the amount in the other income category. As for non-cash prizes, you can mention the market value of that thing.

  • Report the losses:

It will be beneficial for you to mention the losses as well. In this way, you are giving reliable information to the government. Also, you can save your money on taxes when you do this. Some people often forget to report the losses due to which they have to pay a higher amount of money to the department.

  • Keep a diary to note down important things:

It is crucial to record how much money you have earned or lost because of gambling activities. You can maintain a diary or notebook to write down every necessary detail like the casino’s website, date, type of game, and more.

When you have a diary with yourself, it might work as proof in the future. Sometimes, the higher authorities ask for evidence about your winnings and losses from online gambling. Then, you won’t have to face issues as you have maintained a proper record. ‘

  • Check all the necessary information about taxes:

Every gambler must have enough knowledge about them. You may ask, why? Well, it is pretty apparent that in some time, you will become a professional player if you are a beginner now. So, you might have to pay taxes whenever you earn some money. But if you don’t know anything about the tax laws, you will have to struggle a lot. You can quickly gain some knowledge on the same through various websites. All you need to do is do a little research.

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What are the advantages of playing at online casinos?


Playing at online casinos in New Zealand are beneficial in the following ways-

  • Choose from a variety of games: Online casinos provide plenty of options to gamblers. So, one can choose a suitable game according to their preferences.
  • More convenient: Traditional casinos are not as convenient as online ones. You can gamble anywhere and anytime. All you need is a device and a stable internet connection.
  • Gain profits: Many professional gamblers have become successful just by gambling online. After some time, you might become one.

The Bottom Line

We have concluded that taxes on gambling are not an issue in New Zealand from the above information. We hope this article helped you in understanding everything about them in detail.