Is It Better to Play High or Low Volatility Online Slots

Gambling comes in many different ways, shapes, and forms and no matter what kind of games you prefer there will be something to suit your needs. It is actually one of the most diverse forms of modern entertainment, especially the online variety that is not the most dominant type of gambling. Online casinos are rich in games and features and it has never been easier for gamblers to spend time doing what they like most and playing their favorite games.

Speaking of the available online games and the most favorite choices by the players, those would definitely be slot machines. Both in the traditional sense with brick and mortar casinos and in the web-based world with online casinos, it is the slots that are not only the most popular but also the most common and the most numerous. The combination of simplicity, ease of access, and the fun and wacky gameplay elements has allowed them to become the most widespread and played iteration of a casino game on the planet. While the classic casino games like poker, roulette, and blackjack are still very popular, they are still played less than slots.

In the grand scheme of things, slot machines have a special place in the hearts of gamblers. For many they are the first gambling game they tried. For others, it is the type of game they play more for fun than to actually win. And then there are those who play slots religiously with little else in their daily gambling session. But which type of slot machine is best to play and which makes most sense for the players? Is it better to play a high volatility online slot, or a low volatility one? How about a medium? If all of this is new to you and you want to get better at slots, stick with us as we explore this important topic. Only a small request to change the link in the article to our HP instead of the online slots page:

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What Is Slot Volatility?

In terms of online gambling and especially slot machines, volatility is used to describe the risk of losing your bet. You can think of it as how much chance you have to win money from a game. When slot machines are concerned, there are three main levels of volatility. There is low, medium, and high volatility. The various risk levels that online casinos offer put the slots in one of these three subsections. For the best chance to win from a slot machine you will want to play a low volatility slot. Volatility refers to how much chance you have based a few factors which will be further described before. The question of whether it is better to play high or low, or even medium is entirely up to you.



First and foremost, let us talk about the easiest slot machines to win money from. Also known as low variance slot games, they offer more chances for the players to win. However, the jackpots they pay are quite small. They only range from 250 to 500 times of the bet you place. Still though, they are the safest option and therefore the best one for those who want to have fun while playing and not worry about spending too much. Also, it is great for gamblers who do not want to risk and paly high stakes versions of casino games. The payouts are steadier and the chance to win higher. For many gamblers, this is exactly what they signed up for. If the spending is less, the playtime is longer, which also benefits the gamblers’ bankroll management. But if you want a chance to play for those huge jackpots, you will not find them here.



Although the title implies the existence of only two types, the high and the low, there must always be a middle ground. And best believe that medium volatility slot machines exist. Not only do they exist but they are the best option for a certain type of gambler. These slots dance on the fine line between high and low volatility, and offer a fair compromise between big and small payouts and chances. Players who want to play for fun but still win decent amounts will find these slots the best option. There are also big jackpots here and there, not the biggest but still bigger than what you will find with the above mentioned, safer option. Mind that they can be a bit frustrating to play because they do offer lower chances than what you may be used to.



Finally, here is a type of slot for the big boys, for the thrill seekers and those who do not mind spending a little bit more. Or a lot more. If you want high stakes slot machine gambling, look no further than highly volatile slot machines that offer the lowest chances to win, but if you do it is an instant life changer. If you want to be a millionaire and like slots, this is the place for you. However, remember that the risk is also much higher and best believe you have to be ready to pay up. The machines on the other hand rarely pay up, but when they do, oh boy… If you are a big time gambler with big bankrolls and enough time and patience to go after the biggest of jackpots, this is the place for you. At these slots you can expect to win anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 times your wager. It is the dream of every slot fan to win at one of these.


Determining the Type

If you are wondering how you can judge whether it is a low, medium, or high volatility machine in front of you, know that there are different ways to tell. First off, you can play it for a bit, which is not ideal because it takes hundreds if not a thousand spins to get the right idea. It is much easier and financially better to determine the RTP rate of the slot, the return to player rate. The higher the RTP, the higher the chance to win, which means the least volatile will be the ones with the highest RTP ratings. With slots, you should be able to easily find the rate as it is usually written somewhere. Last but not least, games that have many bonus features are usually highly volatile. Bonuses tend to start with upper medium volatility, which is when you know the slots will not be paying up that often.

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