The Innovation of Technology to Casino

The advent of technology changed the way we live and our lifestyle. The creation of the internet, smartphones, computers, and gaming PCs. Gone are the days when one had to look for a phone to make a phone call to a paging company to relay a message or be billed pretty high for mobile calls.

The sophistication of technology created a big change including the world of gambling. Before the boom of the internet world, punters usually go to conventional land-based casinos and wagers. It was unimaginable back then that one can place a bet anytime, anywhere at their comfort. Casino online institutions like in Canada paved their way in the market as well and though the competition is great, still a vast number of decent casino online operators made their breakthrough. One of these Canadian casinos is (ABC) – click here to check them out. ABC guarantees players for its security and fresh from the market online games which would surely delight gambling enthusiasts.

Brief history

Microgaming, a company from South Africa claimed to have started the first online gambling company back in 1994. Then in 1998, Betfair and Betdaq launched an online bingo and online poker site. In the middle of 2000, some online casinos started to open publicly but were discreetly turned down by conservative punters who were used to the classic land-based casinos. The malware was also one of the fears of most bettors before that’s why online casinos were not that famous.

Lately, before the covid-19 pandemic rocked our world, online casinos started to gain a good reputation and more people started to wager online. When the pandemic reached its full scale in 2024, more people were confined in their homes, even the conservative punters, thus marking the turning point of the online casino to reach the highest peak. Learn more here.

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The transition of casinos thru technology

From the traditional bricks-and-mortar type of casino to online casino gaming and mobile technology. Technology is the main role in the advancement of online casinos thru the following:

• Upgrade Smartphone Experience


Since the ’90s, mobile phones have always been competitive from their phone features to their apps. Nowadays, smartphones can already be used as a tool in betting using gambling apps whether virtual or live.

In Virtual Casino, a player can wager thru their smartphone, tablet, Personal Computer, or laptop by downloading the casino app that the player has chosen or simply going to the casino site, make a deposit and start playing. Players can enjoy casino games such as poker or baccarat thru virtual casinos.

Live casino on the other hand copies the real casino ambiance with a real croupier, an IT, and a camera person. Dealings are done thru chatbots and customer support. Players can communicate thru chatbots to the croupier and if they have other concerns, clarifications or queries, they can coordinate with customer support thru online chats or they can call.

A player can also wager in sports online with the aid of an online bookmaker, they place bets ahead of time while waiting for the result of the real game.

• RFID or Radio-frequency identification chips

This is used mostly in land-based casinos because it does not only ensures the security of the casino but also helps track the activity inside the casino. It is used to monitor the game track chips and keep robbers at bay.

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• Artificial Intelligence


Facial recognition has been very helpful to land-based casinos. This type of surveillance system helped casino employees spot gamblers who have doubtful gambling history in the said casino establishment. It is considered as one of the most dependable systems next to CCTV to protect the establishment.

o ID verification

Many young people or even minors tend to get curious about gambling and they opt to indulge in gambling at a young age. Such as the case in some European countries wherein one can play slot machines in some public places such as the rain station, convenience store, or inside the mall. These slots have ID verification and it will reflect on the machine your personal information and if you’re allowed to play or not. Some slots have features wherein it can detect if the player is eligible to play according to their means or if they have issues with regards to gambling. Some also have time limits.

o Poker Bots


The Deepstack AI is a server that authorizes the developer in the real world to the cloud. This type of Bot was able to master the poker game as well as its strategy which makes the game more challenging to the human player against the AI for a non-biased decision.


It is an Artificial Intelligence computer designed to play poker. It specializes in the heads up no-limit Texas hold ‘em. According to its creators, it is a built-in algorithm that computes strategy therefore, it does not have a built-in strategy.

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Another computer player poker bot was built by Facebook’s AI Lab and Carnegie Milton University. This poker bot plays the poker variation no-limit Texas hold ’em and is considered as “the first bot to beat humans in a complex multiplayer competition”. Pluribus plays offline to build its strategy and continues learning and absorbing new ideas and information online.

• RNG Software or Random Number Generator

By definition, it is a mathematical system that is responsible for the appearance of one number instead of another while playing online roulette, or one symbol or another in online slot machines, or even one card or another in online blackjack or baccarat. Simply put, all the final results of the games played online depend on the outcome of the Random Number Generator or the RNG. RNG is a mathematical system that is causative to the outcome of the number while playing online casino games. This is non-bias, fair, and strictly according to the game that is played.

• Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality


These types of technologies have a big advantage in the world of online casinos for the players to fully enjoy the game thru its superb graphics and sound.

Final Insight:

The casino has gone a long way and is now a big part of the modern era and it will continue to evolve.