How Writing Essays And Journaling Makes You Healthier

Writing activities, be they essay writing, blogging, or journaling, have been popular for years. Some write papers to pass the course; others lead a diary to look at their life differently. After all, people have their reasons for writing.

However, whatever aim they strive to achieve by producing content, they share one similar outcome. Regular writing and journaling make people healthier and emotionally stable. Numerous studies on how writing influences stress exist. They found that people involved in writing and journaling have better health. Experts from, a leading essay writing service, confirm that and explain how consistent writing and journaling can make you healthier.

Lowers anxiety and handles stress


It isn’t surprising that student life is emotion-laden. Students are often anxious because of the number of academic assignments, let alone other responsibilities, like work and extracurricular activities. Chronic stress negatively influences the body and its function. The more we stress out, the worse our health is.

Furthermore, it is hard to remain calm during the academic year, especially in cold seasons, specifically fall and winter, when the vitamin D range drops. Taking supplements can help level off such inefficiency. However, it doesn’t make stress disappear.

Many people report that frequent writing is beneficial in that it helps change the focus and think less about deadlines that are often manageable. Journaling is like a prayer for some people that helps them get rid of tormenting thoughts and start the day well.

Keeps memory fit


Although humans tend to be the most developed creatures on earth, they are still far from perfect. One of our gravest downsides is that we are bad at retaining information. If you think that your memory is different, we are sorry to disagree. We often forget most of what we read, see, and hear. Of course, some people are capable of retaining more information. Nonetheless, we must train our memory to make it sharp because otherwise, we jeopardize our health.

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The most effective strategy toward boosting memory is writing. Whether you write a never-to-be-published book or journal your life, writing activities will positively impact your overall state of health.

When writing things down–during flashes of inspiration or simply when learning interesting concepts–you retain them way better. Even if you never return to what you’ve written, it will still improve your health, leading to brain and memory advancement.

Elevates mood


Being snowed under with various assignments, we forget to be happy. The lack of positive emotions is detrimental to our health. Several research studies have found that not only does journaling reduce stress, but it also improves mood, even if nothing extraordinary happens at the time being.

When journaling, you reduce uncertainty in your life. Writing helps hold emotions and thoughts, allowing you to think clearly whenever anything unusual occurs.

A journal session also lets you release held back emotions that have been eating you up for a long time, detaching from and letting them go away.
Finally, systemic writing empowers you, enhancing your emotional stability and making you more resistant to damaging emotions.

Bolsters emotional timbre


Needless to say that some people experience more potent emotions than others. And such a palette of feelings isn’t always full of the joys of spring. Pulling one together might be a bit of a challenge. Keeping emotions inside won’t help. It’s not only unhealthy but it also keeps bottling up until your emotions explode.

When you are in a flow of intense emotions, try producing content. Writing can help you understand such feelings and learn how to keep them under control. This is why you should consider daily journaling as a good practice for your mental health. When you express and write down your emotions you start to understand yourself better. Next time your emotions will go astray it’ll be easier to control your state and find peace inside.

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Keeping those emotions inside is debilitating. Moreover, there might be issues you don’t want to share with others. An open vent and a fruitful journal session can be the best therapy – making you a better version of yourself.

Increases gratitude


With the number of duties we have to handle, it is no wonder that we often think of worst-case scenarios. Failing to meet the deadline, complete the task, and pass the course are common thoughts when you are a student. Unfortunately, they strongly affect our health.

Writing sessions are enormously beneficial in this instance. They let you shift your mind toward gratitude. Once you start writing what you are grateful for, new avenues open up, making journaling an exciting journey.

Gratitude writing will make you look at your life from a different perspective. It reminds you that you’ve had way more breathtaking moments in your life and that every negative moment will come to an end sooner or later.

Make gratitude part of your writing routine. Reminding yourself of how beautiful your life is will provide you with a positive attitude and make you down to earth. This is one of the most effective methods. You will notice the changes right after you start practicing daily gratitude to the events and people you met and to your close ones.

You could even try to write a gratitude essay to the person you hold dear or want to let go. Psychologically, when you can’t say it to the person himself it’s better to write down all your thoughts and emotions, all of your memories that are important to you. After writing it you can leave it or burn it, some people do this as a letting go ritual and it helps a lot, as they say.

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Keeping a daily journal doesn’t only impact your health. Essay writing can change your life. When writing, you flex your brain muscles, brushing up on your cognitive, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. It also makes you grateful for the life you are experiencing at the given moment.
Among other things, writing optimizes your creative potential, speeds up your thinking, clears emotions, boosts learning, and improves sensitivity. So if you decide to maintain your health, writing papers or keeping a journal will help you achieve that.