An Inside Exposure to a Canadian Online Sex Toy Shopping Experience (How to do it safely)

Ordering sex toys online? Say What? I know the sound of that very sentence sounds scary, but in actuality it doesn’t have to be! For some, if you say “Sex Shop” they will blush. But this topic doesn’t have to be taboo any more!

If you have been thinking to order sex toys online Canada then you are in the right spot. Today I will detail some experiences and let the readers know how they can buy from online sex shop Canada.

I personally choose to shop with Cupid Boutique which is an adult toy store in Toronto, Canada. You can use any sex toy shop Toronto. However, I have shopped with them for years and I am completely satisfied every time so I choose to stick with them as we have a great sex toy customer to retail relationship.

However, a simple Google search for sex toy store near me would give you an idea of a local adult toy store Canada nearest you.

Example: Live in London Ontario? Search: Sex Shop London Ontario otherwise you will get listings from London UK. Live in Toronto, Ontario? Search: Sex Toys Toronto Canada or you will get listings from Toronto (worldwide).

So, I am going to answer the number one question I get daily “Where can I buy sex toys online?”

Following this blog will help any new shopper that want to start shopping for online sex toys Canada.

Quality Selections


In order to select a product that you would fully enjoy, this requires the sex toys online Canada site to detail what the products is, what it is made of, the motors and warranty (if any) and also how it functions (buttons, rechargeable, waterproof) these specific details allow you to make a decision without pondering what the toy will do when received. The more information provided to the customer about the product the better understanding between the retailer, the customer and the products.

The second thing I wanted to point out is the high end products versus the disposable ones with sex toys Canada. The reason that there are two types on the market is that some people just one a one night of wildness with sex toys, whereas others will want to durable toy that they use time and time again until the motor dies.

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While searching for buy sex toys Canada, be sure that you know the difference between luxury (silicone) vs disposable (latex rubber) since the latex isn’t very body-safe then it is not meant for continuous uses. Also be sure that neither you nor your partner has any allergies to latex rubber it could be a night of agony over pleasure.

Shopping online for sex toys for the first time can be a bit intimidating if you’re not sure of the terms or types of products. For example searching vibrators Canada will show you all the types of vibrators that are for sale in Canada. However there are many types of vibrators such as G-Spot, Rabbit, Wands, Air Pulse Suction Vibrators and Even Vibrating Butt Plugs. So you need to narrow the search to any one of these categories to get a better idea of what is available. And make sure you add Canada if you want to order in Canada as products from the UK, or USA mostly can’t be shipped here so it’s better for you to shop local.

Materials from an online sex shop Canada are a big consideration when buying sex toys online because if you are willing to spend the money you should get your money’s worth. Most toys on the market today are made with body-safe, Phthalates and latex free materials. A good online retailer for sex toy will list the materials, rechargeable options, and waterproof options in the details. Consider all these options while looking; it will give you a very versatile toy.


This is the biggest deal breaker online sex toys Canada for any purchases, not just sex toys. You always want to shop privately, purchase discreetly and ship in a very fast friendly ordeal with the utmost privacy at state.

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While you aim to shop with a good online sex shop Canada, your information should be kept safe from third party companies, which allows you to search within their site privately. You will also be able to pay and have your purchase shipped with the utmost discreteness. Payment will not show company name on credit cards, and most will offer Paypal as a payment option as well.

The shipping portion of sex toys Canada should be fast and discreet. Most sites will have a bonus of free shipping over a certain purchase amount (but some conditions may apply) always read the fine prints when ordering anywhere online. Also, look for promotions most retailers have consistent promotions and you can find deals throughout their site for percentage off when you reach the cart payment options.

Suit your needs


You want to make sure that the product you are considering to order is something that will completely suit your needs. This is where knowing the products materials and uses can really help the customer decide when shopping with sex toys online Canada.

Consider the price. While searching for a new toy regardless of name or category try to change your search fields to pertain to what you are looking for. Example change the search to “price: low to high” and start with “g-spot vibrators” . This will narrow down your search and help you fine tune what you are interested in rather than going through hundreds of pages searching for one specific thing.

A great online sex shop Canada retailer would put the warranty status from the manufacturer in the details as well. Most toys today do have a warranty for 1 year or longer. These warranties are granted from the manufacturer not the retailer but it is great information to pass on to the customer.

Lubes, Lotions and Cleaners

Always get things to boost the play time! You will definitely thank me later for this tidbit. I know your excited for the new toy purchase and just want to hurry so it gets there faster. But! You should always purchase lubricants and cleaners when you buy adult shop Toronto. Toss in an enhancer or an arousal gel to add an extra boost during play time!

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Believe it or not lubricants play a big part in pleasure with sex toys. Since we tend to build rubbing motions during play while rubbing against our skin we can cause some friction which doesn’t feel good at all. So I have noticed that using a good water based lubricant while playing with your partner or the sex toy make it much more satisfying.

A cleaner is a must for sure. Before and after playtime the sex toys must the cleansed. If you skip this step it could be dangerous as we leave harmful bacteria on the toys when we pleasure ourselves. So cleaning your toys with toy cleaner and warm water is an absolute must.

Note: Most sex toy retailers in Canada carry a great selection of lubricants and enhancers. Be sure to understand the materials and lubricants mix. *Some lubricants cannot be used with silicone toys. Always research information prior to purchase of sex toys and lubricants from an adult toy store.

Relationship Sex Toy Shopping!


I know this is another topic, but if you in a relationship or married to your partner you should always discuss sex toys prior to introducing it to your bedroom pleasures. For some, they are not completely comfortable and this is not their ordeal. So always discuss prior to shopping. Once they are cool with it, include them in the process of the purchase. If you think it would be a fair game you can always get a set of his and hers toys or you can get sex dolls for sale in Canada so you both can play comfortably.

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