Sex Costumes Can Help Escorts Generate More Income

Sex costumes can help escorts in Australia to generate more income as clients are usually highly intrigued and captivated by them.

Many escorts who work in larger cities such as Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne have learned the value of sex costumes and how they can help you to generate more income, however, there are still plenty of escorts who underestimate the value that sex costumes can bring them. If you are endeavouring to increase your income as a professional escort in Melbourne, then visit this website.

Piquing Interest



Piquing potential clients’ interests should be high on your priority list when it comes to your escort advertising. Your escort ads are your first point of contact with clients, therefore investing time and money into your ads is highly recommended.

Stand Out

You can quickly pique a client’s interest by standing out from other escorts who are advertising in your local area or city, by simply including some photos of you wearing various sex costumes. Include some professional images of you wearing one or two sex costumes in your escort listing, you should also include selfies of you wearing additional sex costumes that you rotate on a weekly basis.

Rotate the Sex Costumes

Make sure you rotate your sex costumes in your escort ads, don’t bring them out all at once. If you bring all of your sex costumes out at once, clients will have you changing your outfit consistently throughout the day and you will end up feeling exhausted!

Include selfies in your escort ads that showcase you wearing one or two sex costumes each week, that way you only need to pack a couple of costumes with you each time you work.

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Name Your Costumes


Many escorts love to give their sex costumes a name in their escort ads as it increases the fascination for clients. Spice things up a bit by creating sexual drama around the costume, and perhaps you can even offer to role-play when you wear sex costumes for clients who especially request them.

Charge Extra

You can increase your daily revenue by charging extra for sex costumes and role-playing. For those clients who are only interested in the sexy costumes, you can charge them an additional fee for your trouble and for those clients who request you to wear a sexy costume, plus role play, then you can charge them quite a bit extra as you are providing an extra sex service.

Maintain Your Sex Costumes

Maintaining your sex costumes is highly advisable as they are going to help you increase your revenue, so make sure that you wash them weekly, repair them if they tear or lose buttons etc.
When clients are paying extra for you to wear sex costumes, then they don’t want to see you in a tatty old costume that doesn’t look anything like it did in your selfies. Professional escorts always invest back into themselves and their attire, by constantly updating anything that is broken, old or in need of repair.

Cost of Sex Costumes


When you initially start off as an escort, sometimes you don’t have a lot of money to spend on sex costumes, so to keep the cost down at first, you can simply use your imagination and shop around.
The internet is a great place to snap up costumes that are affordable, try searching there first if you can’t find anything in your price bracket, then try visiting op shops that sell various costumes and props that can be turned into sex costumes.

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Use Your Imagination

You may be surprised how using your imagination can help you save your dollars, e.g., you may see a mini skirt and crop top that can be turned into a cheerleader sex costume.

Source Out

Mini tartan skirts and netball skirts can be used for cheerleader skirts and a sequined crop top from other costumes can be used to pair with the skirt. You may even be able to source out an ice- or roller-skating costume that would be suitable as well.

Make Your Own Cheerleader Costume

Make your own cheerleader pom-pom’s yourself at home by compiling a handle and some tinsel or ribbons. Wear long thigh-high lacey sexy stockings or socks, with lacey knickers and ankle boots, it’s that easy really, plus you save money doing so!

Professional Sex Costumes


Once you start to make more money from using sex costumes, you can always upgrade to professional sex costumes and charge a little bit more money. There are plenty to choose from online and you can have them sent to your door for your convenience.

Sex Costume Ideas

If you are having a hard time finding ideas for sex costumes, then you may wish to consider wearing a French maid sex costume that always gets clients hot under the collar.
Other sex costumes such as wonder woman, nurses sex costumes, secretary sex costumes and sex kitten costumes are highly popular as well.

Include Props

Including sex props to accompany your sex costume is highly advisable as they help set the scene and pique the interest of prospective clients who are willing to pay more money for you to wear a sex costume.

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Include sex props such as fake whips, chains and fluffy handcuffs in your sex costume selfies. Feather ticklers, kitten masquerade masks and fluffy tails are always plenty of fun and highly requested by interested clients.

In Summary

With a small budget and very little effort, sex costumes are a quick and easy solution for escorts to generate more income. Simply use your imagination and search on the internet for ideas.
You can also visit op shops for inexpensive options and you may even be able to use props that you have lying around your home from previous events.

Have fun!