The Smartest Way to Make a Food Menu!

Time management is very important for any kind of business. It doesn’t matter having your own factory or just cafe! All things should be optimized enough and be ready for quick implementation into daily working process. If we discuss food business we will talk mostly about marketing, service and certainly food quality. But the main question is: How to present your food and also impress all your customers? The key to sucess is design. Well – designed things always impressing people and pulling their attention from prices to the dishes! They should always see a perfect food and be ready to make an order of any positions. You should tell them that you have only tasty and perfect served food in your cafe or restraunt. They should wish to eat the things you offer. Looking through a menu shouldn’t be fluent. It should be only focused for better income conversion!

If you are looking to get into the food business, you must be looking for ways to prepare a fancy and good-looking menu card. To create a nice menu card, you must make sure that you remember the following things.

1. Visual strategies


For years, restaurants have tried to arrange their menus by placing the higher profit items on the menu’s right-hand side. But new research suggests that customers tend to read the menu from the upper left corner. You may try to make an experiment, but in my opinion food industry always should follow the rules of currency at a local or world market.

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2. Divide the Menu Correctly

Ensure that your customers find it easy to search for the items on your menu by arranging them in logical groups, starting with appetizers. All groups should be relevant to your type of restraunt. Chose the specialization before planning your perfect menu.

3. Use good quality photos


If you are looking to use photos on your menu, then try to use professional high-quality photos so that your customers can imagine the food because the photography will be highly appealing.

4. Consider using illustration

If you want to use illustrations instead of photography, then that can be extremely appealing as well.
You can make it by your own. Using you own food photos is always much better than downloading samples form the internet! It will be good for ilustrating by using special software such as Correl Draw or Adobe PhotoShop.

5. Choose appropriate brand colors


Try to select colors based on your brand and colors that will be appealing to the customers. Don’t make it too bright or dark. Colour desing should be unified.

6. Try using boxes

Boxes are known to draw attention to a certain group of items that the restaurant may promote and the food items that might have the highest profit margins.

7. Effective typography


Good typography would be amazing for a restaurant’s brand. Use more than one typeface that can distinguish the names and the description of the menu items. Don’t try to save money on typography because customers won’t be happy to see pixelized images and bloomed text at all!

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8. Try to avoid currency signs

Studies have shown that customers tend to spend more when these currency signs are omitted from the menu.

Now that you understand the basics of designing a fancy and great-looking menu, you must consider how It must be made.

Try to use a PDF maker that will help you create a perfect menu for your business. You can use for this task as it is one of the best platforms out there that will help you create the perfect menu. Creating a PDF menu will ensure that it stays stable as it will not be prone to any damage, and nobody will be able to edit it without your consent. It is also easier to send a PDF file rather than sending pictures or other forms of documents to your customers.

It is a great way of having a menu, especially if you have an online business or a cloud kitchen service. Your customers will be able to access your menu and choose their favorite dishes in order easily.

This also gives you the freedom to design and create a menu of your liking and then turn it into a PDF file so that most people can access it, and you can send it without any hassles to any number of people you like.

PDF is very suitable format for printing and placing both objects and texts. It could be formated by any way you want! Just think how suitable it could be for time management and business optimization! Because you will always have an opportunity to add all changes you just want by the moment! Just open pdf file and edit it, or you may always use special services, such as mentioned above to do this stuff faster without losing the quality. Don’t forget about it because quality is the most important issue for making a good good content, especially for cafes and restraunts.


This is one of the best ways to create a menu that would be good for your business and will also surprise your customers. They can also store this menu to open the PDF file and order the next time they choose to order. Or it could also be enchaced by different positions during scaling your business up to the top! Make a face of your brand and be sucessful. The best name will be always represented in a good context by other people and companies. So, just keep in mind all advices mentioned in that article and you will be happy of running the best place, where all people will be able to take a rest and also eat something tasty and good looking. The will share your dishes on social media and who know maybe they will also think about showing something creative!

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