Why You Should Consider Klein Curacao As Your Next Holiday Destination

Every season is a holiday season and the craze for island destinations is ever-increasing. Be it the Amalfi coast of Italy or the serene Andaman Nicobar of India, islands have been one of the most preferred destinations for travel in any season but don’t you think it’s time for some new explorations? Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, same old, same old.

It’s time to unveil a hidden gem of South America. Little Curacao, locally known as the Klein Curacao! This little island has the best experiences in store for you. Let’s take a trip to one of the littlest islands, the Klein Curacao, and let us tell you why Klein Curacao has to be your next holiday destination! Plan your trip now with curacao-trips.com

Pristine beaches

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The number 1 reason to visit Klein Curacao is obviously, the pristine beaches. A rich sea blue going as far as you can see and the arid sands complementing it is probably the best way to relax. The beaches are so pure, undisturbed, and secluded that it is almost anachronistic. It is like boarding a time machine to an era where only nature existed. The calm and the serenity at the Curacao beaches remain unmatched till today. As the island has very few inhibits, you are completely on your own to explore the region as and how you want. Except for a few people here and there, you will have no soul disturbing your vacation.

Perfect climate 24/7!

The climate on this island is just magical. It never leaves from a regular 31 degrees to a warm 78 degrees. Little Curacao is an island with desert-like climates. A traveler described these temperatures to be ‘warm but never hot and that is exactly what makes it the best choice. Being a Caribbean island, the temperatures are not as far apart in the day and night times as you’d expect. So with no extreme climate changes, people from all age groups can easily adapt to the climates here.

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Moreover, this little gem is out of the Caribbean hurricane belt. If you plan a trip from August to October, the major reason to worry about within the Caribbean is the hurricanes. Little Curacao leaves you no room for second thoughts. The little island is very rarely hit by hurricanes and storms. It is a peaceful location where not even nature interferes with anybody’s business!


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Planning a holiday is a dip in savings, isn’t it? Well, not this time! Klein Curacao was listed as one of the 30 Cheapest places to travel in 2017. This destination allows you to witness some of the most wonderful experiences without being a burden on your budget plans!

The accommodations and amenities are all extremely cheap here. The only costs that might go a little over the top are flight and personal chauffeur charges. Once on the island, you can always rent a car or take your own with you so that you can explore everything that you wish all on your own. You can also use public transport as it will also be a bit pocket-friendly than hiring or hailing cabs.

Breathtaking underwaters

You don’t find a lot of rough beach sports like jet skis or banana rides, instead, you get to experience the calm of the Curacao beaches by being one with it! The incredible scuba diving and snorkeling activities here are the major attraction for tourists. Unlike other beaches, one can dive on their own and explore on their own, right from the shore.

For those who can’t swim, snorkeling is your best buddy. Take a peek into the massive aquatic life that lives within. Forget all your stress and explore the sea species. You can see a variety of colorful fishes, big and small, along with sea turtles and seahorses!

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Unique cultural mix

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The culture at Klein Curacao will make you go crazy. It has such a rich history involved with a vast mix of countries, each of which has left an influence over here. The locals here are naturally multilingual. Even though the three official languages of this place are Dutch, English, and Papiamento (a language variation originated from Portuguese), people also speak French and Spanish as there is a lot of tourism from these areas.

Klein Curacao is rich in terms of heritage as well as history as it played a significant part in the slave trade. It also has great religious importance with America’s oldest synagogue in its capital. This unique blend is visible in literally everything you do there. The foreign influences on food, buildings, and the overall lifestyle of Klein Curacao have made it a melting pot for people of all kinds.

Beautiful architecture

Along with its culture, other countries have left a beautiful mark on this island in the means of architecture as well. The architecture of Willemstad, Klein Curacao’s capital, is a mesmerizing amalgamation of dutch and Spanish Colonial architecture. This blended style is then decorated with the popping Caribbean colors which bring you to the final product of amazing Curacao buildings.

The architectural styles here show a great relevance to the countries Curacao used to deal with. It is also influenced by the arid climate and the local culture of Curacao itself. This pastel city center became so popular as to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

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Final words

Islands have a distinct vacay vibe to them that no other destination does. The Klein Curacao is one such island that in itself is a small world away from the real world. It is a dreamland to take you away from your stresses and to get you the best experiences ever. You will find a mix of beaches, adventure, culture, and authentic food here. There is no better combination than this!

Are you still thinking about other destinations? It’s time to stop doubting and start planning. The little world awaits you!