6 Reasons Furnished Apartments in Paris Are Quickly Overtaking Hotels

Over the past few years, furnished apartments have continued to attract a lot of attention, especially from business travelers, and deservingly so. Their popularity soared during these pandemic times following the drastic changes in international travel and travelers’ preferences.

Some of the reasons behind this change of fortune is that furnished rentals provide more privacy and space than hotels. What’s more, they’re more suitable for people traveling with their loved ones or pets, and those who want to replicate the feeling of being at home.

So, what standout features make furnished apartments better than traditional hotel rooms? In this article, we look at six reasons why these flats are quickly overtaking hotels.

Spacious rooms

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Let’s face it; curling up in a hotel room for a few days can feel suffocating. It’s even more intimidating when you have to share the room with your buddy or partner. This is even truer in Paris, where hotel rooms are nearly always small.
Furnished suites, on the other hand, are more than the usual 300 square feet of most hotel rooms. This extra space can make a huge difference, as you have the freedom to stretch out if you want or spread out a few things. Those who travel with children prefer to rent an apartment to get enough space for them to roam freely.

If you’re worried about a bed hitting your knee when sipping your preferred cup of coffee, or bumping into each other in a shared bathroom, a furnished apartment is probably what you need!

Better amenities

A furnished apartment is – well, just fully furnished. It comes with the necessary furniture you need to make your stay more comfortable. From a spacious lounge, to an outdoor garden, BBQ and even a dog run, these apartments offer a variety of amenities that most hotels can only dream of.

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Blueground serviced apartments in Paris are fitted with highly advanced laundry facilities and well-equipped kitchens. These facilities are extremely difficult to find even in most upscale hotel rooms.
When staying here, you can rest easy knowing that you can cook your favorite dishes, store your foods and drinks in a refrigerator, and do laundry any time you wish.

Having access to these top amenities also means that you have the freedom and resources to do more with the space. A full kitchen means you can decide what to eat and when to eat. Besides, having your own living room gives you more options for entertainment. Even better, you don’t have to sacrifice your sense of style in your new home.

Increased privacy

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Having your own apartment translates to more privacy, autonomy and the feeling of owning your space.
Just think about it. You don’t have to share a bathroom, reading room and sometimes even the stairs. Your very own home will exclude you from other people for a personalized experience and peaceful vacation.

And should you want to indulge others, these rentals offer a perfect option for group vacations or entertainment.
Having your own apartment also allows you to make your own rules such as when to wake up and when to eat and what to do on your holiday. Besides, you can befriend your neighbors to learn more about how Parisians live, where the restaurants are located and practice French.

You can personalize your space

The hues and interior details of your rooms can make or break your stay. You may have heard that themes can affect your mood, and so can other factors, such as availability of light.

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In a hotel, your choice of hue is limited. You can’t customize the themes and colors of your wall or change the wallpapers. On the other hand, most furnished apartments now allow you to customize your space to a certain degree to make it feel warm and homey.

You can slap some pictures and sculptures on your walls, add floral arrangements, and even change your curtains. And should you also want to change your lights, there is no limit to it. Some apartments even have a garden, backyard or balcony which can truly feel more homely than staying in a hotel.

Cost curves

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This may surprise you but hotels can be quite expensive, especially if you stay for a long time. For instance, the cost of staying at hotels in top cities can go up to 300 euros per night. Assuming that you stay here for three months, the total cost will be a whopping 27,000!

Additionally, you can visit the market and bring your own fresh groceries instead of eating out in a hotel all the time, which can really save the cost of life when staying abroad. Being able to prepare your own dinner away from home can really help keep your budget in check.

In such scenarios, furnished apartments are more pocket-friendly and can save you several thousands of dollars in rent alone. Another way in which these rentals can help you save money is through the availability of in-house laundry facilities and cable TV.

Added safety

Hotels are often crowded with all types of personalities, some of whom won’t hesitate to reap from your sweat. And since you share amenities such as stairs and pavements, your chances of being robbed or losing your valuables can be quite high here.

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Renting a furnished suite helps to add that extra layer of security. The seclusion that comes with these houses significantly reduces risks of falling victim to robbers and other prying eyes.

Furnished apartments are the future!

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Finding a place that feels like a home away from home is never easy, especially when planning a getaway for your family, partner, friends, or even just for yourself. The good news is you can get closer to enjoying that experience if you choose a furnished apartment over a hotel. These facilities are more secure and spacious, not to mention more affordable, if you’re staying for a few weeks or months.

What do you think? Do you prefer staying in a hotel or renting an apartment? Let us know in the comments section below.