6 Great Ways To Give Your Boat A Makeover

If you are bored with the way your old boat looks or if you want to get some repair work done, you can consult a professional boat restoration company. Boat restoration and makeovers can be challenging because rust, fungus, and damaged engines are quite a challenge to deal with.

However, if you really love your boat, it can be a fun-filled activity that you can get involved in. You can find here a classic boat restoration company that will give a makeover to your old rusty boat.

Some Simple Steps That You Can Take To Improve The Look And Utility Of Your Vessel

1. Undertake Major Engine Upgrades

Source: fishtalkmag.com

Old engines can be really troublesome. They get jammed and start making a terrible noise whenever the ignition is switched on. An engine room that does not make a terrible noise greatly improves the aesthetics of a vessel.

The troubles of your noisy engine can be effectively dealt with if you make a few upgrades, like using an engine coolant. Most problems in an engine happen due to overheating. Engine coolants not only improve the longevity of the engine but also prevents the cracking sound that emanates from an engine that has been in use for some time.

You can also make the engine room soundproof to further reduce the noise. Preventing the engine from overheating helps improve an engine’s life and makes the engine slightly less noisy, but it may not completely cut out the noise from the engine.

Hence, you can pad the engine room with acoustic material, so that much of the soundwave does not escape from the engine room. Foam is great as an acoustic material as it can prevent echoes and also prevent sound waves from escaping the engine room. Also, if you use self-adhesive acoustic pads, the engine room can be made soundproof without much effort.

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2. Get A Livewell For The Vessel

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A livewell is often present in fishing boats, and they store the fish until the boat gets to the coast. It is quite easy to make a DIY ( do it yourself) livewell if you have an old cooler with you. The main body of the cooler can be filled with water, and it can be used to house the fishes that you catch.

It is vital to keep the livewell aerated. And the size of the live well should be such that there is enough space for the fish to breathe and release their metabolic waste without making the water toxic. So the size of your live well should be scaled up and down based on the number of fishes that you want to keep in it.

3. Getting A Hydraulic Seat For Your Boat

Source: boatingbasicsonline.com

Your boat seat can be quite fancy. You can get fancy and colorful leather to make the outer cover of the seat. Moreover, you can get a hydraulic chair that can be put on a pedestal. A hydraulic chain has compressed gas filled in it. And when you push the lever, the gas gets compressed or decompressed, in turn, lowering or raising the chair.

4. Paint The Vessel With Bright Colors And A Lubricant

Source: boats.com

The body of the boat can be painted in bright colors. However, it is vital to remember that the color should be applied uniformly while coloring a boat. Most people apply two coats of paint. If you apply more than two coats, the paint will become very thick and start coming off as flakes.

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Once the vessel has been painted, you must coat it with a lubricant. The lubricant will ensure that the paint on your boat remains intact for a long time.

5. Get LED Lights For Your Vessel

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LED lights can be a great addition to your vessel. These lights are long-lasting, and they are eco-friendly. They are cost-effective and look great at the same time. You can use LED strip lights as guide lights to mark the path to the engine room or toward the boat’s hull, etc.

So if you are out in your boat at night, the guide lights can help locate your path. You can also use LED lights on the hull of the vessel. They might make your boat more visible at night and thus prevent any accidental collisions. But it is important to ensure that the light you put on your boat does not disturb the local fauna of the seas.

6. You Can Accessorize Your Vessel To Make It Look More Appealing

Source: yachting.com

You can add accessories like a flag on your boat. You can design the flag yourself. You can use your favorite colors and patterns for designing the flag. However, it is important to note that you cannot use the flag of any country or any other standardized flag which is associated with institutions like the United Nations or any other organization.

Flags of a country can be used only by official vessels like those of coast guards. However, most countries allow small boats to have fun flags for decorative purposes and also because they can help the boat to be identified from a great distance.

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Apart from a flag, you can use other items to improve your time on your vessel. You can carry some games to have a fun time on the boat, or you could even carry a mini fridge to carry your favorite food items with you. And finally, you can add some music to make your time in the sea all the more enjoyable.


Once you have given a modern makeover to your boat, you can even organize a party for your friends. A revamped vessel where the engine room is sound and has good music onboard can be a great place to party. Likewise, a vessel that has cool LED lights and fancy paint on its body is sure to catch the attention of all onlookers. Getting a makeover done can be quite challenging, but once it is done, your journey in the sea will always be fun and worth remembering.